As expected, Titans running back Chris Johnson has been fined $10,000 for his post-touchdown visit to the conga-bongo drums stationed near the end zone at Arrowhead stadium, per Adam Schefter of NFL Network.
Johnson ripped off a 64-yard run, dove into the end zone, and the got up and raced to the drums.
The fine arises from the fact that Johnson used a prop for his touchdown celebration.  He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

21 responses to “CHRIS JOHNSON'S GIG COSTS $10,000

  1. The Human Fund warchest gets a little heavier…
    Johnson may have crossed the line, but the NFL isn’t fooling anyone with its secret list of approved, non-original celebrations ranging from the dancing, to spiking, all the way up to the chest bump, with special exemptions from “prop” and “leaving your feet” rules for the lamebau leap and the goalpost crossbar dunk.

  2. “What’s the fine for kissing the commissioner as your touchdown celebration?”
    You have to go play for the Bengals

  3. No Fun League. Thanks for nothing. Yeah, it’s about football… who pays for it? We want more entertainment value.

  4. Maybe if they are going to fine the players for this stuff they also need to send out a memo to all their “authorized” media partners to NOT hype the action during highlights. I bet I saw this replayed a million times on ESPN, seems to me they glorify it so if the NFL actually wants to put an end to it tell your broadcasters to stop encouraging it…..

  5. that may have been the most harmless touchdown celebration ever. roger is softly killing this league.

  6. I wonder what the record is for league ‘fund raising’? It looks like Goodell is out to make the league office self supporting from player contributions.

  7. I love how the Commish is blamed for creating policies that existed before he took office and is doing what his predecessor wouldn’t do…enforce them. Classic!
    In any case, I don’t like this policy and think it’s a bit ridiculous. Long as it doesn’t hold up the game I have no problem with the celebrations. Kind of like spiking the ball after a first down. That one I’m alright with, so if they limited the TD celebrations to something like that, I’m cool with it.

  8. You guys are all not smart, jumping in the stands is the dumbest thing yet, but you cant play bongos? UNREAL

  9. this is crazy. he wasn’t menacing anyone. he wasn’t preening around in some kind of “dancing on the star” moment. he was playing … *the bongos.* this fine reeks of mindless bureaucratic button-pushing, not a thoughtful regulation. i’m halfway tempted to put together a fundraiser to cover this stupid, stupid fine for mr. johnson.

  10. “‘What’s the fine for kissing the commissioner as your touchdown celebration?’
    You have to go play for the Bengals”
    I’m pretty sure the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, so that one wouldn’t stand up in court.

  11. As much as anyone wants to complain about this, a rule’s a rule. At least this is one they actually enforce.

  12. Meh. Well worth it.
    Don’t worry so much about CJ’s ability to pay this fine. I’ll be Jeff Fisher took up a collection and had it covered before he hit the showers.

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