Before the other day, we used to receive on a semi-regular basis e-mails from ESPN’s P.R. department touting upcoming shows and other assorted stuff that they wanted people in the media (and us) to know about.
On Friday, another ESPN P.R. e-mail was distributed.  But, this time around, we weren’t on the list.
A member of the media forwarded to us the e-mail hyping the next episode of ESPN’s E:60, which will include an exclusive interview with Mrs. Brett Lorenzo Favre.
Hyped as the “first national television interview by Deanna Favre (wife of NFL legendary quarterback Brett Favre) since her husband was traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets,” it’s the first item mentioned on the list of show subjects.
So did ESPN’s handling this week of the controversial story regarding the subject of the interview’s husband had anything to do with the exclusive access ESPN received to Mrs. Favre?  Though we think the truth is much more complex than that, we wouldn’t be shocked to learn that it was at least a factor in the business considerations that should never arise when making journalistic decisions.


  1. Just the latest example of the self serving ESPN.They are such a joke now..All sizzle no steak..They have no credibility any more..I saw stuart Scott at gillette monaday night and you would have thought 68,000 people came to see him the way he was acting.

  2. I thought Favre himself had “exclusive access.” LOL.
    Many Packers/former Favre fans believe that Deanna is the one behind all the drama. Not so sure myself. Reggie White’s wife was more like that, but I’m not sure about Deanna.
    I’ve never been big on her, myself. If I wanted to look at someone with a thicker mustache than I can grow, I’d go to a gay bar.

  3. Atta boy Lord favre…when the legend starts to unravel…send in your wife to take a few shots. At least Romo hasn’t shoved Jessica in front of the camera when the heat starts to warm up the kitchen…
    Make sure she wears Wranglers, Brett.

  4. Haha, ESPN seriously took you off their mailing list? Look out dude, youve been blackballed! Let us know if you see any suspicious men in suits outside your house.

  5. You seriously got left off the distribution list? Sounds like the suits running the show up there were the same kids who regularly got noogies and wedgies all through high school. Pretty thin skins up in Bristol.

  6. Who has less integrity; Brett Favre or ESPN? Its tough to say but my vote is on ESPN not because I have any respect for Brett Favre but because ESPN has thrown what little credibility they had down the toilet and they have to operate their business for the next 20 years. At least Brett is just a step away from disappearing into obscurity the rest of his sorry life so for him, there’s almost nothing left to lose.
    As for Nerdman’s low blow, I suspect he has already been to a gay bar more times than he wants any of us to know. Nice try at deception pecker breath.

  7. Well with Brady out, I guess we can start calling them Favre-S-P-N. And since they don’t give other networks credit for their scoops, it stands for Favre-Sucking-Plagiarist-Network.

  8. I would leave you off the list too. You’ve driven this Favre thing into the ground. So – let me get this straight – a journalist who needed a scoop, created a story with ‘reliable sources’ but no one has presented the reliable source(s). In any court of law (Mr. Lawyer) the accused is entitled to face his accuser, but in this case, the story gets legs because the supposed source must be protected, but he’s so reliable all the pansies believe it. I sure hope Patriots fans aren’t on this bandwagon, because the same thing happened with Spygate and everyone cried foul over that. Did that story turn out to have some merit, yes. Will this one? Possibly. But it’s pretty crappy of you to attempt to ruin this man’s legacy without a “source” who isn’t too cowardly to step up and speak.

  9. If ESPN is blackballing you, it will only backfire on themselves.
    You are leading the “alternative media” in sports, and in general, I’d say. The alternative media is the new medium for the new millenium. ESPN once was the new upstart. They aren’t anymore.

  10. “more complex than that”?
    why would it be more complex than that? They’re a huge company (Disney), and he’s a cash cow. That’s pretty ****ing simple, Florio.

  11. I see ESPN’s delima with PFT…just when it get’s close to being a credible media property, Florio shoots himself in the foot with his wacko fan perspective that make PFT just another Joe the Blowhard with a blog…

  12. I care less about Deanna Favre than Brett Favre. Who cares. ESPN is now an entertainment network and not a sports reporting network. Who cares. ESPN is a joke anyway.

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