In an interview with Michael McCarthy of USA Today, FOX’s Jay Glazer repeats his recent calls for a scoop-by-scoop scorecard comparing his body of work and the reports generated by ESPN.
“It’s disappointing,” Glazer said of the internal ESPN memo that described his report on Brett Favre’s contact with the Lions as not accurate.  “What we should do as a result is start keeping score.  If they want to talk about credibility, let’s keep score, starting from Week One of last year, and see who broke what, who was right and who was wrong.  I don’t think they’d want that.”
Frankly, we’ve thought about doing just that, but then we realized there will always be a certain degree of subjectivity and ambiguity.  As to the Favre story, for example, the question of whether Glazer’s report was right or wrong is a subject of debate.  Though we firmly believe Glazer was right, there’s no way to prove it unless and until Lions coach Rod Marinelli says something other than “no comment.”
It also would be virtually impossible to spot each of the scoops, and to distinguish the big ones (like Matt Millen getting fired) from the minor stuff (like the Broncos trying out several kickers and punters . . . I mean, who in the hell cares about that?).
But we like the idea of paying attention to who’s getting the stories right, since a reporter’s track record becomes very relevant when attempting to, as in the Favre case, figure out whether one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history is full of something that Millen’s bulldozers and tractors might encounter from time to time.


  1. I think it is quite obvious at this point that Glazer heard that Brett talked to Millan and took that story and embellished it into the inaccurate report he gave Sunday. Glazer should just go back to telling us if Brian Westbroke will be active or not 10 minutes before game time.
    Glazer thought this would be the story that propels him out of his 30 second weekly spot on a sports show into a real sportscaster. Sorry, find a real scoop next time.

  2. I hope Glazer knew he was going to hang himself out to dry on this one. Too bad ESPN has been so spineless.
    I had the ESPN Radio pregame for the World Series game on in my car today, and they break in the middle of a commercial break to play a blurb from John Anderson to denounce Glazer’s story as a “farce.”
    Huh? During a non-football related show, John Anderson out of nowhere declares the Favre story a “farce,” and then just as quickly it’s back to commercials. Is ESPN that desperate not to piss Favre off? Desperate enough to insert random propaganda messages into non-football programming? I can’t recall any other story being treated this way. I have to admit I was a bit shocked.
    Whether you believe Glazer’s story or not, I think you’d have to admit that the Favre denial and ESPN’s ham-fisted attempts to discredit the story have had mostly the opposite effect.

  3. Just report the stories and stop trying to BE the story.
    Nobody gives a damn about this pissing match.

  4. I care, Mike. If I didn’t care about the Broncos trying out kickers and punters, I wouldn’t check this website 6 times a day, 5-6 days a week, while at work, risking termination for misusing the internet. Keep breaking your stories, no matter how pointless and minor others call them. Keep up the good work Florio. How bout a new website dedicated to practice squad players? That sounds exciting!

  5. I love how Jay scooped the story…..GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! Seriously, can anyone brag anymore? Who gives a sh*t who has more breaking news? I dont care if Favre calls every team on the pack’s schedule so lets stop wasting space on this great site w/ chants of “Scoreboard….Scoreboard”….

  6. Mr. Florio, did Brett Favre kill one of your puppies when you were a little girl? Why cant you seem to get off of his nuts man? Maybe you wanna bite them.

  7. Scoops… How stupid. Does Glazer feel like his in grade school here or something….
    And for the life of me, I can’t figure out how a dude gets a call in his car and talks about hunting and football for a half hour becomes a story. How the hell does something like this get to Glazer???? Sheesh… And who really cares.
    As Mort said.. THIS IS ALL VERY SILLY…

  8. I wrote PFT on this Favre Glazer nonsense two days ago stating
    that Glazer would be left blowing in the wind because nothing
    Favre did was illegal and Rod Marinelli can not be compelled
    to talk…and so it goes. May I have a scorecard too? (joking)
    Glazer should move on to the next scoop. This is not about him
    verses ESPN. We will never know if Favre initiated the call
    even though Glazer’s media friends all back him up. Perhaps it
    could be said that ESPN took the more intelligent route knowing
    that the story could not be completely verified. Therfore Jay
    Glazer will forever be the loser on this one.

  9. Footballguy:
    Its obvious that more must have been said than Brett is letting on. Otherwise there is no reason for Millen to run back and tell people in the organization. If you work at your job, and someone that works at a competing company calls you up to hang out, you don’t go tell everyone you work with. If they call you up and give you info that could help your company perform better, THATS when you run and tell people.

  10. Glazer is acting like a little girl. Get over yourself! Glazer, you have again believed your story to be worth much more than it is. No one cares about you. You break a story every now and then so what. You and Florio should start a support group for those who cannot deal with their emotions regarding how ESPN is wronging you. Grow up.

  11. C’mon Florio,
    We need a scorecard. You’re just the man to do it.
    Don’t worry about pissing your friends off at TSN, because they haven’t had a NFL scoop since the late 1980s. 🙂

  12. Mort was so tired from fellating Bus Cook and Favre all summer that he didn’t have time to properly report this story.
    Many props to Glazer, who has kicked everyone’s butt on the two biggest stories of this year.
    ESPN is a disgrace.

  13. I’m surprised anyone actually cares about who “scooped” whom. It’s such a non-issue to me. I can honestly say I would pay LESS attention to Scoop Watch than I do to PFTV.
    I just want to know dirt — I really don’t care who gets credit for it or who was right or who was wrong. Whatever. Just serve up the dirt.

  14. ESPN is all about entertainment and not sports.
    They have stolen the business model of another very succesfull Connecticut based entertainment company called the WWF created by a media genius named “Vince MacMahon”.
    If you break it down it is very similar. They sensationalize a storyline and then they play good cop/bad cop.
    So as you can see they start with a sport and then they prostitutionalize it for money. Same as the WWF in my mind. They should pay MacMahon a royalty. Who knows MacMahon has more money than God he might own a very big stake of ESPN.

  15. The carcass of the dead horse is gone and yet this site keeps beating the bones.
    1) Glazer has no evidence.
    2) The Lions have enough trouble of their own and no comment on the former GM is wise choice. Any comment hurts them.
    3)’s obsession has lowered its reputation.
    4) How much concentration and detail discussion is going on while driving, discussing hunting, and a less than 1/2 hour call.
    Now if you are going to conitue with this beating a dead horse obsession here are some suggestions:
    a) Was Brett Favre driving or was he a passenger? Driver, bodyguards entourage, what kind of vehicle he was in, did he own the vehicle etc. Why does Brett Favre have to answer his own telephone? Look for the next tangent.
    b) Was Brett Favre using a hands free device? They are required by law in some states. Throw in references to your Sprint sponsor’s products. Was using the cellphone itself illegal?
    c) Go off the deep end with conspiracy nut stuff. Glazer has secret government sources involved in “domestic spying”. His sources are no good if not directly involved in the conversation have no credibility unless there is a big whopper of story to add.
    If your going to beat this dead horse daily, at least beat it in a fresh way. Aim your harpoons better Captain Ahab Florio! Your nut job obession will ruin you yet.

  16. Here, too, is one point I have yet to see you (Mike)or Glazer consider very closely: the brief convo that Brett had with Millen did not and COULD NOT include anything in the way of new data, as would be the case if Brett had been in Packers TC and went, “Oh, here is the game plan, Matt, now kick their cans!” At most, Brett provided a brief (and apparently not very helpful) HISTORY LESSON/memory jogger of detail Millen could easily obtain himself if he were less lazy. How on earth would this rise to the level of OOOOH! Espionage! that Glazer, various jealous anti-Favreans and you are trying to imbue it with?
    The fact that the Lions couldn’t apply what they gleaned from the call on the field in a way that prevented them losing bears this out. Now if the Motor City Kitties really had wanted to do some damage, they could have offered Brett a job this summer as assistant offensive coordinator. I question whether Packers could have blocked it if they had, as they would be hiring him NOT as a player. And if Brett really wanted to stick it to the Packers, he could have found an easier, sleazier and more effective way. It’s not like he is broke or without connections.
    Your hound just don’t hunt, guys.

  17. subjective?? Favre said on Sunday it was “total b.s.” and then on Wednesday he said the opposite. That’s proof.

  18. Once again this news is getting quite stale. Who cares if Favre talked to the Lions that was like what 5-6 weeks ago. Packers still kicked the Lions rear so this actually makes no sense to bring it up now.

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