This week’s Pro Football Preview takes on even greater significance that usual, since it’s the first episode of the show since host Jay Glazer got himself embroiled in a three-way catfight with Brett Favre and ESPN. 
Co-hosts Eddie George and Shawne Merriman share their views on the situation, and it’s also one of the three topics that yours truly gets to discuss with Glazer during the PFT minute, give or take a few seconds.
The guys also take up the issue of injured players going beyond the confines of the team-provided doctors, which became relevant this week in light of Tom Brady’s decision to have his ACL repair conducted by a non-Patriots surgeon.
The show airs on most FSN regional affiliates on Friday night, Saturday morning and/or night, and Sunday morning.  Check your local listings, and then check out the show.

4 responses to “IT'S PFT ON PFP TIME

  1. I saw PFP earlier this evening. Our little Andy Rooney type with all the dirt on the NFL feuds was kissing up to Jay Glazer rather smartly. Jay even called you on it. I still enjoyed the show.

  2. Did PFP change your picture for your segment? It looks like your smiling now in that picture.
    I am beginning to wonder if Merriman is going to be the one that is re-signed by the Chargers and that Cromartie might be the one that is let go. It is pretty obvious to me that Cromartie isn’t as effective as he was last year and that is either because of the lack of pressure applied by the defensive front seven forcing the QB to throw the ball early, or that offensive coordinators have figured out Cromartie. Cromartie is definitely not the same player he was last year.

  3. I posted this on another thread but I can’t say it enough:
    Okay, so first the Commish is pussifying the league with his fines for complaints against officiating and for hard hits THAT ARE LEGAL (e.g. London, Ward) and for ANY celebration of a touchdown; coaches are whining when a player gets hit (Harbaugh re: Jones/London); and now the PR staff? Not that players aren’t whiny little b*tches too but COME ON! What the hell is happening here? It’s almost like this league is made up of a bunch boys who’s testicles haven’t dropped yet. Good Keeerist I miss the likes of Brian Cox – he was old school: One of the few in the last fifteen years. I even miss Gastineau’s sack dance (and I’m a Fin fan). The way this is going Roger Goodell might as well issue Tutus as uniforms next year.

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