As legend has it, Jets coach Eric Mangini refuses to acknowledge hamstring injuries.  So when a player has a hamstring injury, it’s described generally as “leg” — which is only a half-click above simply referring to the injury as “body.”
Mangini has been using the “leg” label on kicker Mike Nugent, who has yet to play this season.
And so, on Friday, Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential opted to press Mangini, and Jets P.R. guy Bruce Speight opted to try to make a cameo appearance once the softballs turned into splitters.  (We know a little bit about baseball, unfortunately.) 
And it went a little something like this . . . hit it:
Leberfeld:  “What exactly is wrong with Mike Nugent?  What’s the specific injury?”
Mangini:  “He’s got a leg injury.”
Leberfeld:  “But specifically, what is it?”
Mangini:  “You know, I don’t talk about the specifics of injuries, and I think you know that.”
Leberfeld:  “Is it a hamstring?”
Mangini:  “It’s a leg injury.” 
Leberfeld:  “Because most teams in the league will mention a hamstring.  Why are you against that?”
Mangini:  “You know, I think we’ve discussed this quite a bit, but it’s something that I believe in philosophically, and I hope you can respect that.”
Leberfeld:  “Because even New England lists hamstrings, and I know you have a background there.  You might be the only team in the league that doesn’t list hamstrings.  Why philosophically do you go down that road?”
Mangini:  “It’s something that I believe in and something that we’ve consistently done, and I don’t anticipate changing any time in the near future.”
Leberfeld:  “What about toe related to foot?  Like [defensive end Calvin] Pace says he hurt his toe.  Can you verify that?”
Mangini:  “I can verify what I put on the injury [report].”
Leberfeld:  “Once again, why can’t you say ‘toe’?  What’s the philosophical reason for that?”
Speight:  “Dan — Dan — Dan.”
Leberfeld:  “No, Bruce, you don’t dictate the question.  What can’t you say ‘toe’?” 
Mangini:  “Dan, were two-and-a-half years into this process.”
Leberfeld:  “No, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.  I mean, I read injury reports around the league and they list these things.”
Speight:  “Dan.” 
Mangini:  “I appreciate your opinion, Dan.”
Leberfeld:  “Yes, but you can’t tell me what to ask, Bruce.” 
Speight:  “I’m not, I’m not.” 
Leberfeld:  “You’re interrupting my question.”
Speight:  “I am.  You’re right.”
Leberfeld:  “All right.  I won’t ask — what can I ask, Bruce?  Give me a head’s up.”
Making the exchange even more interesting is that, in the transcript of the press conference circulated by the team, here’s the only reference to the exchange:
On K Mike Nugent’s injury…
He has a leg injury.
On what specifically is Nugent’s injury…
I don’t talk about the specifics of injuries.
Amazingly (and, frankly, impressively), the Jets didn’t splice the awkward moments between Mangini, Leberfeld, and Speight out of the video of the press conference that is posted on the team’s official web site.  The fun starts at roughly 6:15 of the clip.


  1. … and this is why I hate the NFL sometimes.
    They fine Hines Ward for perfectly legal hits. Ditto for D-Lineman who sneeze on a QB after he releases the ball. But Mangini and other coaches/organizations around the league (::sneeze:: Colts ::sneeze::) pull this BS with the injury reports all the time and there are no repercussions. It’s a disgrace.

  2. Who cares if Nugent played this year when this report says he din’t… Dont get in the way of a faggy reporter/lawyer when hes on a rant.

  3. Anyone else smell an “example”coming? That’s breaking the rules, blatantly and openly for years now. The Patrio-cheats would certainly get a kick out of it…

  4. squad: why is such a thing a “disgrace?” i’m not down with ambiguities either (people here must really love the new nhl policy where everything can be an upper-body or lower-body injury) but in a league where the latest big thing has to do with bounties you want total disclosure of where a guy is hurt? you’re looking for something like “sprained right knee — surface bruising on the outside of the quadriceps, with a circumference of around 6 centimeters”? how stupid would a coach be to give the specifics of injuries to another team? we don’t complain when coaches don’t spend their weekly media sessions talking about which downs and distances they’re planning to blitz on… give me a break

  5. Leberfeld:  “Would you consider yourself a large C-cup or a small D-cup?”
    Mangini: “I don’t comment on things of that nature.”
    Leberfeld: “Answer this: who breast feeds your newborn baby?”
    Mangini: “I don’t feel like I need to answer that question.”
    Leberfeld: “Will you at least acknowledge that you have some massive manboobs?”
    Mangini; “No comment.”

  6. So, wait. Mangini has been playing games with the injury report, but you’ve been bashing the Dolphins and Bill Parcells (who doesn’t write the reports) for the same?
    Once again, the Jets are revealed to be the focus of evil in the NFL.

  7. Newsflash every injury report in the leaugue is a crock!
    They should abolish them.
    Besides as a huge Pats fan RATGINI learned from the best!

  8. What I find funny about the deal is that the guy kept pressing on something that’s really a non-issue. If you listen to the entire press conference, at the tail end the guy starts trying to hammer Mangini again. For what reason? He says it’s hard on the media to write an accurate story on whose injured and won’t play if they don’t know the specifics.
    Hm, specifics…if the guy has a leg injury listed on the report and he’s listed as doubtful or questionable for the game, what’s it matter if it’s a hamstring or a pulled calf muscle or anything like that? If the guy has an “injury” that he can’t play then obviously he can’t play. It’s not the team’s responsibility to make sure the injury report is conducive to what works best for the media. The injury report is intended for the league to inform the league of who is injured and whether or not they’ll be playing. Whether it has all the tid bits that the media wants on it or not really doesn’t matter and it’s hilarious that this guy thinks the team should bow down to him or anyone else with a note pad. He obviously just wants his 15 minutes of fame and, thanks to non-story publishing sites like this, he got it.
    Regardless of what people in the media think, the world does not revolve around them. NFL teams and their staff do not exist to service the media and their unending, ridiculous wants. There is no law or understanding that exists that states that the media is entitled to the kind of information this guy was griping about not having. If he wants it “his way” then maybe he should try Burger King.

  9. Mangini is a fat loser, who thinks he’s Belicheck, but in reality he’s accomplished less than Ray Handley.

  10. @MIBucs1982
    “Whether it has all the tid bits that the media wants on it or not really doesn’t matter and it’s hilarious that this guy thinks the team should bow down to him or anyone else with a note pad.”
    While it’s easy to blame the media for everything, the fact is that without the media, you wouldn’t be reading about your favorite teams and players, you wouldn’t be watching your favorite teams and players play, you wouldn’t have a fantasy football team, you’d have no super bowl spectacle, you’d have, in short, a very different league.

  11. Well put MIBucs, the reporter is obviously just trying to stir shit up, and what’s the point of continually asking the same question when there obviously is not going to be a response? I can see why they cut him off. I don’t think it’s made “more interesting” by the lack of all the B.S. in the transcript though, it’s left out of the transcript because it has nothing to do with football and it’s just the rants of a butt-hurt beat-writer.

  12. Damn, renters! Pathetic that they are allowed to hang a few banners in Giants Stadium and call it a home game. It is like they are the Saints after Katrina for the past 30 years.

  13. OK Jets fans – let’s see some consistency here… is this gamesmanship, cheating, or does Mangini just have a “different interpretation of the rules”?
    I’m pretty sure the NFL even sent out a “clarifying memo” about injury reporting at one point.
    Will Goodell fine the Jets and maybe take away a draft pick? Or will they just leave it up to Coaches to decide which rules they want to follow or how they want to interpret them?
    I’m pretty sure the NFL wants ALL their rules followed the way THEY want them followed – not just the ones Mangini wants to follow and how he wants to interpret them.

  14. Dan should have just said to Mangenius, well since I can’t get the answers from you, then I will ask the commissioner about your injury reporting policies.

  15. Someone needs to cold-cock Leberfeld. Isn’t a hamstring part of a leg? So if a guy’s got a tweaked hammy, what’s the problem with saying “leg” in the injury report? It’s not inaccurate – they don’t say “arm” when it’s the hamstring. That reporter reminds me of another “member of the press” who keeps beating dead horse topics when nobody else really cares. That’s probably as close as Leberfeld is going to get to any sort of glory.

  16. Mangini tries so hard to be like Belichick, but he is so over the top with it that he fails miserably. It is pretty funny actually.
    He probably should have spent more time learning how to coach like Belichick, rather than how to deal with the media and the injury reports like Belichick.

  17. I agree with MIBucs. Who the hell is this Leberfeld guy and why does he feel it’s ok to brate PR people and chronically push an NFL coach about the “specifics” of an injury in public? From the transcript alone he comes off as just another reporter trying to get his name out there by being pushy and obnoxious. Seems to work for other reporters so why not be an a-hole when you can hide behind your little press badge?
    Maybe I’m ignorant, but I don’t see why it matters if the exact area of the injury is revealed or not. If someone pulls a hamstring and the coach says it’s a leg injury, who exactly loses here? Maybe the other team since they can’t target a sore spot? Or is this obnoxious guy just looking for a ‘scoop’?

  18. He should have answered Leberfeld with something like this,” well, Nugent’s got a dislocated hip, a torn hamstring and a completely shredded quadriceps but we’re going to list him as questionable.”

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