Josina Anderson of FOX 31 in Denver reports that there has been a “rash” of positive tests under the policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances.
Citing a “highly-placed NFL source,” Anderson reports that there have been as few as six and as many as ten positive results, resulting from players taking water pills in an effort to lose weight.
Per the report, three or four play for the Saints, including running back Deuce McAllister and defensive end Will Smith.
The substance in question is Bumetanide, which apparently can mask the presence of other substances, such as steroids.
Under the league’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances, a first offense results in a four-game suspension. 


  1. do they even release the list of banned substances to these players? no way McAllister has been using steroids.

  2. So what does this mean? Does this trigger an instant suspension? Is there some kind of an appeals process?

  3. Does Josina Anderson take the lead in the scope tracker?
    Josina Anderson 1
    Glazer 0
    King 0

  4. Whether they were using it for “weight loss” or to mask steriods, it doesn’t matter. They will all get a four game suspension.
    I am willing to bet that they got ahold of a cheap drug masking kit without realizing that Bumetanide is also illegal under the NFL rules.

  5. “Per the report, three or four play for the Saints, including running back Deuce McAllister and defensive end Will Smith.”
    And it’s powered them to that awesome 3-4 record they have.

  6. Mortimer Spice confirmed it according to ESPN or the Emmitt Smith
    Punkeduating Nglish channel.

  7. TCLARK – you’re forgetting.. the Saints have to win something first before we can start asterisking them.

  8. They probably were on the juice in school.. and snuck it into their systems since.. but seriously, they were thinking about back to being legit during the upcoming bye week, just ask Ricky.

  9. “this reminds me of how merriman’s confidentiality was breached back in 06 ”
    Screw Merriman’s confidentiality. Dude hasn’t done anything since he was forced off the roids.

  10. Vox Veritas
    Not bad.
    Maybe they will add astriks to there paper sacks they wear over their heads. I hope saints fans never turn to plastic bags over their heads. It would be mass suicide by suffication.

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