In her first post on the official Favre family blog, the wife of Jets quarterback Brett Favre addresses the recent report that he spent time helping the Lions plan for their Week Two game against the Packers.
She says it hasn’t been easy for her husband.  “It is very hard to watch the daily toll this has taken on Brett,” she writes.
Mrs. Favre also asserts that reports of “questionable phone calls to other teams, are hurtful, distasteful, and . . . still untrue as they have been reported.”
Um, the reports (from Jay Glazer of FOX and Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal) have never been “reported” to be untrue.  Brett Favre has denied the reports, first by calling the story “total B.S.” and later by staking out a middle-ground position that involved conceding that portions of the matter were indeed accurate.  Everyone else in a positon to confirm or deny the story have opted to take the “no comment” route.
Mrs. Favre also seems to say that the report/rumor of Brett putting a dead animal in a teammate’s locker also was untrue.
And why does she say any of this?  “I know the truth behind the rumors,” she writes.
Her source, of course, is her husband.  And so unless she was standing there next to him when he didn’t put a dead turkey in Eric Barton’s locker and/or unless she was sitting there listening to Brett when he didn’t tell the Lions what to expect from various formations, she’s simply parroting the same stuff that we’ve already heard from Brett.
So why is any of this relevant?  Because if it truly is taking a “daily toll” on Brett Favre (and we doubt that it is), then it possibly could affect his preparation for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs and/or his performance in it. 
And if Favre and the Jets lose to the 1-5 Chiefs a week after falling to the 1-4 Raiders, Brett’s next call to the Lions could involve asking for a job.


  1. More anti-Brett stories I see. Well, we all know that the Jets are not going to let go of Brett Favre after all the hoopla they went through to get him. What’s funny about this story and every other posting put up is that it lacks any mention of the current/former players and coaches that have come forth and stated that what Brett said about the middle ground talk does actually happen. So for Brett to say that he was contacted by the Lions isn’t saying that he told them indepth information about the team.
    And truthfully, who are you going to believe? Matt Millen or Brett Favre? Or did you get your information from Sal Pal again?

  2. Florio, I don’t think what she was saying was that it’s been “reported” to be untrue. What she said was that as the facts are “untrue as they’ve been reported”, in essence repudiating the reports.
    That being said I agree she’s just covering for her husband, who happens to be a diva.

  3. perhaps she meant the reports aren’t accurate instead of people are reporting they are untrue when she says ‘still untrue as they have been reported.’ just a thought.

  4. awwww…is it really?
    well maybe he should’ve stayed retired, or maybe he shouldn’t have made the call to Millan, or shouldn’t have talked to Millan if he called him

  5. Florio give it up. Glazer’s story was nothing but BS. Brett said he talked to Millen very briefly while driving home in his car. You and Glazer are grasping at straws when you say this is confirmation that Brett gave information to the Lions. Glazer has no additionals evidence that backs up the claim of ” extensive 90 minute conversations” with Detriot’s coaching staff. You guys are blowing up nothing to get a big sensational headline all the while trying to tear down a guy’s reputation. Deanna has a right to be upset when certain writers are trying to smear her husband’s integrity.

  6. As a longtime fan of Brett’s former team, let it suffice to say that I’m just all Farrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvved out! Enough, please, I can’t take anymore.

  7. Jeez, wasn’t Kurt Warner’s wife, calling into local sports radio shows, bad enough? The only thing worse than an aging, cranky superstar? Apparently, the wife of an aging, cranky superstar.

  8. “still untrue as they have been reported.”
    “Um, the reports (from Jay Glazer of FOX and Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal) have never been “reported” to be untrue. ”
    In my opinion, “still untrue as they have been reported” means that the facts reports are untrue – not that it’s been reported that they are untrue.

  9. Funny thing is that Favre is loving the spotlight on him now. This guy just loves himself to death. Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

  10. Like the good little liberal in the media that you are Mike, you took her words and twisted them into what YOU wanted them to say.
    The sentence might have been poorly written, but what she is saying is that the reports on the so called “Lionsgate” story, aren’t true. What she meant should be OBVIOUS to anyone with a 6th grade education, but, perhaps not to someone with an agenda.
    As to the dead turkey story, the only people that care are you, and perhaps the nutjobs at PETA.
    Favre has committed the unforgiveable sins of changing his mind on retiring (good thing that has never happened in sports before) and making a phone call. Good god, someone better contact the FBI. If anyone had an undeniable evidence on this damning phone call, it would have been cited in the report, but all we have is unnamed sources. In that same vein, “unnamed sources” say I spent the entire evening with Angelina Jolie last night. Since it would be hard for her to “prove” that I wasn’t with her, then it MUST be true.
    It’s really sad to see you, Glazer and Wilde go out of your way to try and shi- on a legend like this. The lengths to which you’ll go, say more about you, than it does about him. I feel sorry for you.

  11. Why does everyone have to focus on the negatives here? Let’s talk about some positives! For example, I was born and raised a 49er fan, and they’ve had plenty of legends come and go, and none of them went out of their way to help division opponents beat their old team. Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, even Charles Haley. Just think about your own team and all of the guys that could have been classless like Favre. How many players have finished out their career in another uniform without pissing on their reputation in the town that made them?

  12. Ahhhhh, locker pranks. I remember Junior High football well. Back then, the classics were shaving cream or flour. Of course, we were 13 and 14, not a grown man. Does point to a certain mentality, though.

  13. Seriously, Florio, everyone, WHO CARES?????????????? The fact that you are still going on about this makes you look like a salacious d-bag.
    Shackman is right… ENOUGH ALREADY, no one cares… Glazer said, she said, he said, ENOUGH

  14. I think it’s possible she was stating that the reports were false in their content when she said they were “false as they had been reported.” In stating they were false as reported, I read that as saying the reports, as they have been written, are erroneous in their content, not necessarily that her beau’s semi-denunciation was considered a report. Hope that makes sense. I read the quote in a different context, but think I could very well be right.

  15. Mike Flori, learn to read for comprehension. You were in such a rush to post this story through your foaming at the mouth Favre hatred that you misinterpreted about every statement she made.
    Also, once again you spin his “this is BS” text. When he sent that text the only part of the story that was out was that he called the lions, spent 60-90 minutes with the coaches going over their game plan against the Pack. THAT WAS BS! Nowhere in his text did he say “Matt Millin calling me about going hunting is BS”. You can fool some of your lackey on this site with your spin, but most of us know how to read through your BS.

  16. “Where’s the actual proof that it’s true?
    Anyone, (especially with a grudge or jealousy) can say anything about anyone and it’s truth until it’s proven false. Florio, you suck! Prove that these allegations are true or get off it!!
    First off even if this was true, it’s not against NFL rules. Jay Glazer says unidentified people say this happened. Brett Favre, who goes by his own real name says it didn’t.
    Cowards trash someone’s reputation anonymously. You are supporting this Florio and breeding it. You should be ashamed of yourself. Would your mom be proud of you and your choices?
    BTW, Watch Favre tomorrow. He plays his best in difficult times.

  17. The burden of prove is always on the accuser.
    If the allegations cannot be confirmed then accuser suffers the consequenses, loss of manhood. The word “tesify” comes from the long tradition that if a man’s word is invalid then his testes are cut off.
    Jay Glazer cannot support his rumors, allegations, and slander. Those who did not previously consider Glazer a eunuch should certainly do so now.
    Wherever your little scorecard is Florio, -2 for Glazer.

  18. Do you really think Favre would lie to his wife about this stuff? IF Favre is lying, I think it’s much more likely Deanna knows the truth as well and is covering for her husband. But I still think the story is a bunch of BS. Favre was contacted by Matt Millen and the thing got blown out of proportion. Why is this still considered newsworthy?

  19. Deanna is supporting her husband due to reports by Jay Glazer
    that can not be substantiated with direct source quotes. The
    direct sources would be Millen or the coach of the Lions. They
    will never comment on this nonsense so let it die. What Bret’s
    wife Deanna is doing makes sense. What I can not understand is
    with Glazer’s lack of substantiated reporting on this story
    your continued spin in support of Jay Glazer. Who is neither
    your husband or wife. I’m sure that the overrated Sal Pal will
    have more to say on the matter. In the interim Mike please get
    back to your excellent reporting on football issues that matter.

  20. She said: “still untrue as they have been reported”
    Florio says: “Um, the reports (from Jay Glazer of FOX and Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal) have never been “reported” to be untrue.”
    Florio, I thought you had a better grasp of the English language than that. She didn’t say they were reported to be untrue. She said they were untrue as they have been reported. Read it again slowly, out loud. What she said is the way they have been reported is not accurate. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know you apparantly need to take some reading comprehension courses.

  21. This is why MANY Packer fans sided with TT and MM on whether he should come back or not. The guy cried his eyes out at his retirement press conference and ADMITTED he couldn’t handle the pressure especially in the BIG games. He’s burnt out and can’t or won’t admit it. Bottomline, when MM and TT said they wanted to protect his Legacy I think this is what they were talking about. Look how far he has fallen.

  22. A giant media firestorm over every little thing? Umm…welcome to New York, Brett.
    Honestly, what did he expect after his “if they won’t let me play in Green Bay, let me play against you” tantrum landed him with the dysfunctional Mangini Jets?

  23. My first reaction to the ‘sharing info’ story was – big deal, I’m sure there’s always talk among players and coaches (but less likely GMs) who are friendly about ‘how did you play them?’ That said, I’m getting tired of the Daily Favre.

  24. Brett has consistently sought the spotlight this summer throughout the whole un-retirement saga, then talks to Millen and has the balls the size of Texas to complain about this, not directly to the press, but through his wife.
    I think it is sad and getting sadder (is that a proper word?) as Brett spins like a turd going down the toilet. Just STFU.

  25. at this point, she’s just another operative in the bee-effing operation.
    he could have saved himself a lot of trouble by just cutting the cord re all things packer-related a long time ago. he wont let go.

  26. Florio reveals his true self as a National Enquirer-style lowlife. You disbelieve Deanna Favre because she wasn’t next to her husband when he was on the phone. But you BELIEVE Jay Glazer, who darn sure wasn’t next to Favre, or Matt Millen, when the phone call occurred. That’s called hypocrisy, Florio. You have no standards, you are no journalist, you are nothing but a rumor monger.

  27. Welcome to the New York media fishbowl.
    Favre retires after this season.
    Media continues to piss and moan about the NYJets.
    Mangini gets fired. (He was never the genius the media made him out to be).

  28. Kane says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 7:53 am
    A giant media firestorm over every little thing? Umm…welcome to New York, Brett.
    Exactly. Favre had the benefit of playing in GB, where more stories are buried than reported (as it is in many sports markets). The difference now? Reporters covering GB have no incentive not to talk about, discuss, or otherwise hinder themselves from reporting anything negative about Favre, so he and his PR machine (Deanna) should have seen this coming.
    Good God man! I understand being loyal to a player, even after he isn’t wearing the Green and Gold, but your defense of Favre betrays your hatred of TT more than anything else. If you truly live in PackLand, you know that Favre isn’t the Golden Boy he’s been portrayed to be. The only difference between last year and this one is that he is no longer being protected by the media (other than ESPN).
    Whether by design or sheer stupidity, Favre has repeatedly squelched any opportunity to remain beloved by the vast majority of Packer fans. He hasn’t said the right things; he hasn’t done the right things, and like it or not, those types of ‘Midwestern values’ are important to most Midwesterners.
    Favre is digging himself a huge hole. And this time, running out his wife isn’t going to fix everything.

  29. Brett needs to go back to his plow he is a washed up has been
    His ego could not let go of the fact that he lost the NFC championship game due to his interception
    He is done over old news
    Get over it Brett the better team won in GB that cold day and it was not your team the better QB won and it was not you the best damn team in football won and it was not the pack which rimes with sack and that is what you are a sad sack now go home give your wife back her panties and plow your corn
    The JETS SUCK SUCK SUCK And you will not change that #4 all you did was help the team sell a bunch of useless #4 Jerseys that will all be on e-bay soon

  30. “Do you really think Favre would lie to his wife about this stuff?”
    I find it hard to believe to even think that a pro athlete would lie to their spouse in order to protect themselves, or that the spouse would lie for them. BTW, I have some great real estate in Florida I would like to sell you.

  31. Not sure who is the funniest here?
    The people that trash Florio and his site but still post in all the threats. Meaning they spend a ton of time on a site they must dislike
    Trash a reporter who is good and say he should bring his sources forward (yeah that is what reporters do).
    Or the Favre fans (some who also fall into the last group) who continue to hang on what ever straw they are given.

  32. If it wasn’t true, Marinelli would have said “That’s ridiculous, don’t ask me about it again.”, but if he wanted to say “Well, you know…it’s really not as bad as it sounds.”, he chose not to, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to put that genie back in the bottle. Either way, who gives a F what Deanna Favre thinks, of course she’s on her husband’s side and would lie for him if she thought it would help.

  33. Old news Florio! Get with the future, dude. What people really want to know is has Brett ever considered using Just For Men. I’m sure Deanna can really help us out there. This blah blah football he said she said Matt Millen needs to tell me his secret I really want to know I think it’s awesome yadda yadda junk is boooring. What’s next Woodward?

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