Bush administration officials will be looking for new jobs soon, and there’s another report out today that one of them could be headed to the NFL.
Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning that the San Francisco 49ers want to talk to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about a high-level position within the organization.
Per Schefter, the 49ers’ ownership believes that Rice would make a great team president and that she would be likely to help them get financing for the new stadium they want.
Rice was already planning to return to the Bay Area when her work in Washington is finished. She previously served as provost at Stanford.
Rice has also been mentioned as a potential candidate to become either the commissioner of the NFL or the head of the players’ union.


  1. Actually, I had her pegged as going to the Chiefs. I think she and Larry Johnson would get along swimmingly!

  2. How could she become commissioner of the NFL if Goodell just got started? Nobody is going to oust him in that position, especially so early in his tenure, so why are you even reporting that kind of crap?

  3. why do people want Condi for the NFL?! I don’t understand this at all? I mean she was great at helping ruin this country for the past 8 years, but the 49ers are already ruined so what could she possibly change there? I guess Bush was great at running a Baseball team into the ground, so why not grab someone off of Bush’s team to keep the trend going. Karl Rove (the real life embodiment of the pigs from Animal Farm) is already available; so if for some reason it comes out that Singletary has illegitimate white babies, you know who wants that job.

  4. Great idea, she’s close to lots of people that are good at ramming huge expenses the taxpayers don’t wanna pay for down their throats, and it sounds like the 49ers could really use one, especially in today’s economy, but why worry about good faith with the fanbase, you don’t need their approval to spend their money on a pretty new stadium and then charge more for tickets, which they’ll pay for anyway.

  5. God if this is true…
    What a joke the niners have become. They’ve replaced Arizona as the worst team in that division. Congrats!

  6. Lot of hate for Condi in here. She’s actually a pretty good Secretary of State. How many of you hating on her even know what the Secretary of State does?

  7. This is clearly the logical thing to do. The on-field product is so good that all the focus should be on a non-football person, in the front office, working toward a new stadium!

  8. I know what Sec. of State does… buries her nose deeply between the cheeks of GWB’s heiney. I’m right, right?

  9. In other news Al Davis has hired Baron Rothschild as Head Scout and G. Gordon Libby as his personal assistant and tissue box shoe handyman. Noone gets the jump on Big Al. Noone.

  10. I love it, a bunch of dorks on a football website insulting Condi Rice.
    The woman has more education than many of us could hope to get in three lifetimes, as well as being a musician and a sports fan.
    The administration she serves in has prevented any large scale domestic terrorist attacks since 9/11.
    But hey, don’t let your dailykos talking points get in the way of the facts……..

  11. Unfriggin real, she’s about as qualified for the job as Sarah Palin is for the Vice President’s job.

  12. Wow, so much hate for a female minority with a ton of education and advanced to a high position in our government. Fact is, she has done a very good job and has nothing to do with taxing citizens. If you think this administation taxed us alot. Just wait. You haven’t seen nothin yet.

  13. All the academic accolades in the world won’t hide the fact that she’s a horrible diplomat and public servant.
    dont ask me, ask Richard Clark.

  14. Also, Mortensen is saying that Joe The Plumber is on the short list for Offensive Coordinator.

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