So we’re watching this weekend the highlight show on NFL Network.  And Rich Eisen is narrating clips from the Redskins-Lions game (which was played in windy Ford Field).
And Eisen mentions Redskins running back Shaun Alexander, the 2005 NFL MVP.  And then Deion Sanders barks out his pet name for Alexander.
Deion calls Alexander the “Tiptoe Burglar.”
It’s funny.  And it’s arguably right on the money.
But Deion is the last guy who should be poking fun at anyone for being averse to physical contact. 
In Deion’s world, “run support” means possible procedures for controlling diarrhea.


  1. me says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 8:01 pm
    Deion’s run support was… ‘you cant throw the ball against me so everyone else will concentrate on the run’… bitch.
    I don’t understand how somebody wouldn’t want to put their name to this.

  2. This story isn’t worth mention, but Mike Singletary is awesome. That was a great rant during his press conference.

  3. Remember when Sanders and Bad Moon Rison were supposed to be mad at each other? It looked like a dance off when they got together on the field, rather than a fight.

  4. Just out of curiosity….what would happen if Alexander was running full steam ahead, and the only man he had to beat was Deion? Would they both run full steam ahead at each other, then make a 90 degree turn out of bounds?

  5. Yeah, the Deion and Bad Moon catfight was pretty funny, but I have to disagree with saying Deion didn’t play run defense. Being bad at something and not doing something are two different things. Prime Time definitely holds the record for making jersey tackles/pulls/tugs/tears/attempts.

  6. I saw the Deion v. Rison game at the dome. We got there about 15 minutes late and it was already 14-0. Everyone was holding up signs that were handed out that said “Deion who?”.
    It was funny when he picked off a pass and ran it all the way back high-stepping all the way down the Atlanta sideline…then pulled his hammy and was out the rest of the game!

  7. It’s funny how short people’s memories are. As far as avoiding contact, some of you are right on. But, to me, Deion was the best Shut Down or Cover corner that ever played the game. You don’t have to like him, but don’t forget his skills.
    In his prime, you couldn’t throw on him.

  8. I almost pooped on myself when I heard Deion use that last week. It’s only half ironic as he was never a bandit but he neven pressed a hole in his life.

  9. You mean Deion’s “Business Decision” (his words) to go out of bounds with the ball in his hands ?
    Of course, how sad is it when the best highlight show has both Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders on it ?

  10. I hav one thing too say…did anyone understand what the hell mike singleterry was saying in the postgame press conference??? It made no sense too me

  11. that was a hilarious nickname, carry on primetime, keep doing your thing, also shaun alexander’s other nickname, should be “ken lay” cuz this guy stole more money than enron.

  12. Want to know why a guy like Deion can make a “business decision” like that? Because he found all six ways to score a TD in his career. INT return, punt return, kickoff return, fumble return, reception, rush.

  13. The funny thing is that Deion was a pretty good tackler in BAL for the 2 years he played nickel. It doesn’t make much sense to finally become a good tackler………when you’re 37.

  14. Another infamous Deion quote when it came to tackling, “I don’t get paid to tackle”.. hilarious, but i agree, best shutdown corner ever. He literally took away half of the football field. Name one other corner who’s done that?

  15. Hmm, If deion was playing in his prime now how many people do you think would shit on him for his lack of everything on defense except coverage? I personally like have good tackling, physical corners when it comes to the run game. Deion definately would drive certain d coordinators crazy if he worked for them.

  16. “Hmm, If deion was playing in his prime now how many people do you think would shit on him for his lack of everything on defense except coverage?”
    Probably many in the media. Nobody that matters. The guy did log over 500 tackles in his career so he can obviously tackle.

  17. What blows my mind about Deion is that up until last year he was runner up only to Wayne Brady for “Black White dude of the Year”. Then all of the sudden he starts talking really loud and is trying to throw a gangsta personna down. When I watch the Prime Time section on NFL network it makes me laugh harder and harder every time. Mike, i would love to see a write-up or a video section with the difference between the two years. Outrageous

  18. Why does Rich Eison scream like a woman when he summarizes the highlights?
    He raises his voice like little girl who has been out in the cold too long.
    What a wussy.

  19. I loved how Mooch called him out after he described the rugged hard hitting game highlights and turned to Sanders to say something like “you know, oh wait, you were a cover corner, nevermind”
    +10,000 Mooch!

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