Tight end Vernon Davis famously cried after the 49ers picked him with the sixth overall pick in the 2006 draft.
We’ve got a feeling that Davis is whimpering again after being on the receiving end of the Mike Singletary crazy eyes during the former Bears linebacker’s head-coaching debut in San Fran.
Put simply, Singletary kicked Davis out of the game on Sunday. 
And, in so doing, Singletary sent a clear message to the team about what won’t be tolerated under the new regime in San Fran.
“It’s something I told players at the beginning of the week,” Singletary said after the game.  “I will not tolerate players who think it is about them and not the team.  We can’t make decisions that cost the team, and then come off the sidelines and it’s nonchalant.  I’d rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we have to do something else.  Rather than play with 11, when I know that right now, that person is not sold out to be part of the team.  It’s more about them, than it is the team.  You can not play with them.  You can not win with them.  You can not coach with them, can’t do it.  I want winners.  I want people who want to win.”
(Um, we don’t want to disrupt you, Coach, but it’s not a penalty to intentionally use only 10 players.  It’s stupid, but it’s not a penalty.  Carry on.)
“I told him he’d do a better job for us right now taking a shower and coming back and watching the game than going out on the field, simple as that,” Singletary said.
Singletary wouldn’t commit to including Davis in the starting lineup for the team’s next game, on Monday, November 10 at Arizona.  
He also wouldn’t commit to when he might be ready to even speak to Davis again.  When the tight end tried to approach Singletary after the game, the coach told him, “You don’t want to talk to me right now.”


  1. Somebody has to do it, and its Singletary.
    This might jack Vernon Davis up, and we’ll see what he’s made of.
    Delanie Walker is the better threat.
    I think Singletary found that Hill is probably worth looking at very closely this season. He is under contract for 3 years, and JTO just one. See what your investment is, see how the future looks with a guy you know will be there.
    I think Mike is going to do a fantastic job calling out the wimps on the team. Yanking O’Sullivan at the half showed that it is Singletary’s team, and not Martz’.

  2. So we now know why Nolan asked Singletary to talk to Ray Lewis in that little episode that made the two of them famous. Nolan used to shrug this type of stuff, but Singletary wont. I think the bye comes at a perfect time as singletary will now teach the d-coordinator what it means to blitz and get pressure. Seneca Wallace practically went untouched.

  3. What was Singletary thinking when he went for it on 4th and 4 with 44 seconds left in the half and only down 10 points?

  4. As I recall, Vernon Davis was the only player trying to chase down Josh Wilson on his 75-yard interception return. Mike Singletary is full of crap and should shut up.

  5. Great man, will be a great coach…..I am not a Niners fan, but I am a Mike Singletary fan….he “gets it” about football and life!

  6. lezmaka says: “What was Singletary thinking when he went for it on 4th and 4 with 44 seconds left in the half and only down 10 points? ”
    A first-down maybe?

  7. the 49ers are screwed until they can get a good gm and make better personel decisions you could resurect bill walsh and he still wouldnt take this team to the playoffs

  8. Good for Singletary. If Vernon Davis doesn’t want to be part of a team, he might as well just play for the Raiders.

  9. The penalty Singletary was probably referring to would be the negative result from playing 10 on 11 football. Not an actual penalty.
    Either way, I am all for him cracking the whip. This league would be a far better place if there were more Singletary’s on and off the field.

  10. I’m a die-hard 49ers fan and am supporting Singletary 100% on everything that happened today.
    JT O’Sullivan is the problem and ultimately cost Mike Nolan his job because he put faith in Martz’s guy. (O’Sullivan is responsible for 17 of the team’s 20 turnovers this season) which has continually killed the team and was instrumental in the past 5 straight losses.
    Singletary made the call to yank O’Sullivan after 2 fumbles and 1 INT (a critical pick 6) and did what Mike Nolan could never do: have the balls to put Vernon Davis in his place! Nolan could not/would not because that was “his” 1st round pick.
    As much as you never want to lose a game, the 49ers needed this loss to allow Singletary to take control of the locker room and make the personnel changes and adjustments that Nolan was too afraid to make.
    The team is 2-6 and only 2 1/2 games back of the 4-3 Cardinals with 8 to play.
    The talent is there, they just need someone to pull it all together and Singletary WILL be that man…

  11. Wish more coaches would do this, and that owners would back them up.
    Too many spoiled brats playing the game…
    Hopefully the kid makes better choices down the road… and in life.
    Otherwise, he can just sit on the bench and think about how to piss away his bonus $ from his rookie contract

  12. Love the passion Mike Singletary brings but he’ll soon learn the players today could care less what the coach thinks as long as they get paid. Davis was a bust from the git go.
    Mike will be hard pressed to find a handful of players on that team that understand what it takes to win.

  13. this has been missing from alot of coaching for years. Big mike singletary has my vote for coach of the year now.

  14. What was the underlying incident? Because in college and the pros, VD has been a great effort guy. He never gives up on a play and especially after the catch – it takes 3-4 guys to bring him down.
    If VD wanted to talk to him after the game, it was probably to rectify the situation. If Singletary wants to let a void form between him and his players, he won’t be a coach for long.

  15. VD (now THAT’s a pair of initials) gets to stop taking stupid penalties.
    Frisco wont be run by the inmates anymore, apparently.

  16. stugots I guess you dont get it.
    Guys like Vernon Davis care about one thing… themselves.
    Singeltary has finally gotten to the spot he has been working towards since the day he started coaching.
    Today he sent the message things are going to be done his way. Martz and VD and who ever else that has there own agenda can leave during the bye week.
    To think I wanted the Packers to draft VD over Hawk.

  17. All of the idiots defending Vernon Davis in the talkback need to keep in mind this all started when Davis picked up an idiotic 15 penalty after making a basic catch and then proceeded to deny he did anything wrong on the sideline.
    I cant wait till some team signs Vernon Davis after the 49ers get rid of them. Nothing like a tight end that cannot make a difficult catch. Delanie Walker has outclassed Vernon Davis easily, Vernon even struggled staying in to block today, which is his only redeeming contribution he usually makes.

  18. Even though, as a Maryland Terps fan, I want Vernon Davis to do well, I can’t agree with CrazyEyes Singletary more. I sure hope he sticks with the 9er’s past this season. The NFL needs more people, not just coaches, active in the league in this day and age of spoiled gazillion-airs.
    Good for you Mike.

  19. When are people going to start to talk about how Vernon Davis is a bust? He has done NOTHING in the NFL. He has great athleticism, but maybe he should play basketball?

  20. JimmySmith: Davis didn’t play at either the University of Miami (aka Miami, FL) nor Miami University (aka Miami, OH), but rather the University of Maryland. Thought I’d help you get your Miami’s straight. Appropriately, and unsurprisingly, he’s a DC native.
    Stop snitchin’.

  21. according to the press democrat Vernon Davis took 1 snap AT LT and Joe Staley linedd up at TE teaming with Adam Snyder who was at RT

  22. press conference of the season, i was sitting at home and
    I even got motivated to go out and tackle somebody. Mike
    Singletary is the truth, he has proven himself as a player
    and as assistant coach with linebackers such as suggs,lewis,
    thomas, pat willis, and so on. This guy gets it, the owners
    need to find more ex-players that “get it” and stop hiring
    these boring bookworm coaches that wear hoodies.

  23. @Tyson Lamp: JT O’Sullivan isn’t the main problem. He sucks, but Martz’s system leads to more turnovers, sacks, etc. His system just doesn’t work anymore.

  24. Missed the game, but saw the presser. Great stuff. Hope MS gets a true chance to turn this organization around.

  25. vernon davis is a first round bust, im sick of these
    new-school tight ends acting like they run things,
    you got diva davis, soldier winslow, crybaby lj smith,
    and that naked fool cooley.

  26. I’ve never seen Davis play (though I can tell you he sucks in fantasy football), but moves like this are a good way to assert control of a football team. Jimmy Johnson coached like this. Heck, Johnson once cut his second string RB one day after he fumbled twice in the same game.

  27. God bless Coach Singletary. A true coach. This country needs more Mike Singletary’s. As fathers, as coaches, and leader of men. He is the real deal and I could not be more proud to be a true NFL fan than to watch him lead men and set examples.
    PS I hate the niners but pull 100% for Coach Singletary.

  28. I’d like to see T.O. on the 49ers now.
    The NFL needs more Head coaches like Singletary .
    Too many bitch ass players that do nothing but talk crap, and don’t show up to play on Sunday.
    Players getting paid so much money and don’t have basic football skills like proper tackling technique or can’t catch a ball thrown right in their hands.
    I am tired of watching these guys get paid so friggin much money and not earn it .
    Good for you Mike !

  29. Maybe I misunderstand what an illegal formation is, but I’m pretty sure you can’t have a legal formation on offense with only 10 people.

  30. I do agree with the coach making the play, but Davis did show effort trying to chase down the int thrown by JTO earlier in the game.

  31. florio should allow singletary to have his own segment on PFt,
    heck espn and nfl network should be giving this guy props,
    at least singletary has the background and is legit,
    im sick of the media sticking microphones in players faces
    that haven’t accomplished jack, too much talking in today’s
    nfl and not enough action, coach singletary is the truth.

  32. Legal formation is 7 on the line 1 in a position to recieve the snap.
    So you would be pretty wrong.

  33. There was a sign of hope last pre-season when then Guard Larry Allen threatened to go Steve Smith on V Davis.
    I’m glad to see someone in authority is putting him in his place.
    As far as high profile TE’s go, Vernon Davis flies under the radar too much while Shockey and Soldja Winslow get the majority of the flack.
    Vernon Davis is as big of a failure as any of those two, and has accomplished far less.

  34. “Maybe I misunderstand what an illegal formation is, but I’m pretty sure you can’t have a legal formation on offense with only 10 people.”
    You do and you’re wrong.

  35. Give me a break. This was just a cover for his idiotic 4th down call before the half. At least this way, nobody asked him about that.
    Go Mike! We Seahawks fans are gonna love ‘ya baby!

  36. Mike S glad you got the team when you did gave us an easy win the week before
    Another cry baby TE Shocky K2 VD all talk little action now as for a good TE his name is Kevin Boss he keeps his mouth shut and nose clean he is a good team player and does as he is told and yesterday he was told to get in the endzone and catch the winning pass and he did not BS just does his job

  37. Too many comments to read thru moron, but while it may not be a PENALTY to play with 10 men on the field, his team would be PENALIZED by doing so!

  38. I LOVED watching this the other day. More coaches need to adopt this type of take-no-shit approach with players. I was glad to see Tomlin sit Santonio Holmes and Coughlin bench (for a while anyway) Plaxico yesterday, too.

  39. This was obviously building for a while. Come to think of it, I wonder what Old School Singletary thought about Nolan wearing a suit? I am enjoying the hell out of this story. If you haven’t seen the NFL Total Access piece on this – you really need to.
    [Singletary: native Houstonian and Baylor Bear]

  40. Now we will see what Vern Davis is made of. From the reports it appears he has been a diva since he “arrived” in SF. As has been written many times, it is a privilege to play in the NFL not a right. Being in an Under Armour commercial before playing in his first game was obviously a sign something was up with this guy.

  41. I’m pretty sure Singletary knows the rules, he’s been around football a little bit. I think he means penalized figuratively, playing short-handed with 10

  42. Good for Mike.
    He can come back to Chicago and replace Lovie “Forrest Gump” Smith any day.
    This is what is missing from the NFL. Saying that the players will tune him out is bullshit. You have to start some place and if he sets the example for not letting the players run the league any more then everyone should be kissing his ass for this.

  43. I could be wrong but I don’t see why you can’t play with 10 players? I know you can’t with more than 11 and as long as 7 men is at the line with one at the ball. I have seen few plays where defense had 10 men and still stopped offense without being penalized (pretty positive!).
    Anyway, I’m glad Mike Singlestary was able to set a tone and example of what he expected from his team. The 75-yards that VD chased was probably the best money he ever earned in the NFL and hopefully it will be his turnaround if he can put his drama aside and start being a man.

  44. After talking with my friend, he pointed out two interesting facts concerning 10 players on the field without penalized.
    1) Last year, Redskins start first play of first defense series with 10 players as a tribute to late Sean Taylor.
    2) Tony Dorsett set NFL record 99 yards rushing TD with 10 players (including himself) on offense. This is the most feat in NFL history. Youtube it up.

  45. Too bad Florio didn’t get the penalty of playing with 10 remark. I think everyone who’s played organized football should have gotten that one.

  46. There are an inordinate number of comments about 10 players – I hope Florio is happy about that.
    “You know what I mean Vern!” is how Singletary will end his closed door talk with Davis this week.

  47. Singletary did an excellent job of focusing the attention on one of his players rather than the fact that his entire team just got destroyed by one of the worst teams in the league.

  48. Bring VD to philly hell show everyone his true skills not like in coney ass san fran where his QBs suck and dont even get the ball!

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