Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that, two weeks ago, the publicist for Kellen Winslow was poised to annouce that Winslow got his staph infection from a car door.
We assume this means that Winslow cut himself on a car door, and that the cut developed a staph infection.
(Hey, at least he didn’t get it from a tractor.)
Mort also reports that owner Randy Lerner made the call on rescinding the suspension after the text messages instructing Winslow not to talk about his staph infection came to light.
Meanwhile, a league source has opined to us that the manner in which the Browns handled the situation paints them as “inept.”
We agree.  And if coach Romeo Crennel is on the hot seat as his team’s high expectations have melted into a 2-4 reality, G.M. Phil Savage should be right there next to him.