In a Monday morning interview on WEEI radio in Boston, former NFL quarterback and current WFAN radio host Boomer Esiason said that Jets fans currently are “not happy with Brett Favre.”
Esiason described some of Favre’s recent interceptions as “horrendous,” and that he looks like he’s struggling in the Jets offense.
In a few cases, Esiason believes that Favre was “completely just throwing the ball up and hoping” that a teammate would catch it.
Boomer cited the fact that Favre is older than his head coach as a reason for Eric Mangini’s difficulties in controlling Favre.  At one point, Boomer suggested (jokingly, we think) that Mangini might not have had a job on Monday if receiver Laveranues Coles hadn’t made a bobbling, one-handed catch on a fade-stop-style route for the game-winning score.
Here’s something that isn’t a joke — if the currently 4-3 Jets don’t make it to the playoffs, neither Favre nor Mangini are likely to return in 2009.


  1. Why is this a surprise? Farve has been just throwing the ball up and hoping someone on his team catches it for years now.

  2. shoot…isnt that why favre wanted randy moss? how many quarterbacks did he make look good because they could just throw the ball up there and moss would catch it?

  3. Being a Packer fan Farve’s whole career that throw he made is what we call in Wisconsin “Brett being Brett”…enjoy NY

  4. Be careful Boomer.If you say things like that about St Favre the Favre manlovers will come after you..They dont want to hera the truth and the guy has been doing this crap his entire career..The guy has blown more big games than he has won that is for sure and to hear his fan club at ESPN say he is one of the best ever is laughable..He has ONE ring and that ties him with dilfer and Doug Williams..He isnt even the best QB in Packer history.that was Starr..

  5. Okay so the Jets cant trade Farve, because of the 3 1st, what happens if the Jets simply cut Farve and fire mangini? Farve could play for the Cowboys, Vikes etc. Or are the Jets prohibited from even cutting him?

  6. Maybe Mangini would deserve to get fired, but calling it “likely” is just inaccurate. Jets fans know better. He’ll get one more season, unless the finish with under 6 wins.

  7. Why is this even news? I don’t think Boomer was “calling out” Favre here, but more like stating the obvious. Favre isn’t struggling with the offense as much as Schottenheimer’s play calling blows.

  8. Agreed with shadowman. This is nothing new for Favre. He’s always thrown the ball up for grabs. It took Mike McCarthy reigning him in last year like Holmgren for Favre to be really successful.
    Apparently he just gets more attention now that he’s in NY instead of GB. And as for Favre, those NY fans aren’t as forgiving of the stupid throws like GB fans are they, Brett?

  9. Mangini will be assistant coach at Wesleyan in 2009. It’s the only football job available to him. O wait, Billy O’Belichick is an alum as well, so he can’t work there either.
    At least wearing a headset will come in handy for his next position: Would you like to supersize that, sir?.

  10. Favre is gonna suck right up until people lose faith in him… then he’ll put together a stellar performance and ride it out for a while… then he’ll start to suck again… then the cycle will begin again.
    Its the way he’s done the last several years. I honestly don’t think he tries until he absolutely has to.

  11. Oh NO! A bad team from a year ago with a new QB has a 4 – 3 record. Its time to fire everyone!
    Florio needs to recognize that if the Jets were going to be successful with Favre, it would be in 2nd half of the season. 4 – 3 is a good record after 7 games. If they can’t put it together and go 6 – 3 in the final 9, then it would be a failure.

  12. It will sure give Florio the Favre hater, heartburn if the Jets do make the playoffs. The Packers will get a 2nd round pick and everyone will look like a winner except the sideline pipsqueak lawyer.

  13. Why?? The jets NOT making the playoffs is status quo…Without them, who else will waste a perfectly good top 10 pick???

  14. favre has always played that way, watched that turd lose so many games cuz he thinks he can do it all . last time i checked theres no i in team.

  15. this whole situation is a joke, i hope they both go down
    honestly, this team isn’t going to stumble into the playoffs catch fire and win a Superbowl
    Fortunately, the only way they get to the playoffs is by stumbling in
    J-E-…..oh who cares anymore

  16. Ridiculous. Brett Favre has ALWAYS played the same way. It got him to 2 Super Bowl’s and multiple Pro Bowl’s. He’s on a new team with new players and clearly he’s hurt. But it doesn’t stop him from winning games which he always does.

  17. I hope they dont make it to the playoffs – and the chances are slim. I dont see them beating the Pats or Buffalo. It would not surprise me to see them finish behind Miami and I cant wait to see Mangina walk out the door.

  18. His comments might mean more if he was anything in the NFL. I was a fan of his as a Terp but as an NFL QB he was average at best, so comments about a first ballot HOFer don’t hold much water.

  19. Favre already won’t return. He’ll be costing Brad Childress his job next year. If Childress lasts that long.
    I say again: Mangina can’t bench Favre. The Streak is more important than Mangina’s coaching career.

  20. that’s why Brett “greatest jump ball thrower ever” Favre has always wanted Randy “greatest jump ball WR ever” Moss on his team. They were made for each other…

  21. It isn’t surprising to see Favre throw 3 picks and get the win. And when in doubt he won’t hesitate to throw a long pray pass that has a good chance at getting intercepted (or caught for a long gain/TD). Jets fans should maybe question the high priced and high draft picked offensive line that isn’t giving #4 enough time….against the Chiefs to name a few.

  22. Sounds like we are hearing a few things we knew all along:
    1)Brett doesn’t have the talented recievers (Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Donald Lee) around him to make up for his inabilities.
    2)He is having a hard time adjusting to a new offense even after 7 weeks into the season.
    3) He is getting old.
    Nothing new here.

  23. Get used to it, Jets fans. The only reason that Brett had such great success last season was because he had so many good WR’s to throw to. And he still managed to throw up his fair share of wounded ducks.

  24. ditto what shadow said. As a Packer fan, I watched the game Sunday and started laughing at how sad it was to watch. Thank god he’s gone.

  25. Well, this is refreshing. After years of unrequited love from the media, Favre is suddenly getting judged for his play instead of his grittiness and gunslinger abilities. It’s about time.

  26. mangingi is an idiot. he needs to realize this is just who brett favre is, and gameplan accordingly. do NOT tell, or even let brett think, he needs to go out there and win the game. the jets are obviously not as talented a team as the packers, but this was the risk that came in the trade for favre. he, at this point in his career, needs to be managed more than ever. and without a coach who can realize/do that. favre will not make a very glamorous exit from the NFL.

  27. hutch… You’re saying thank god he’s gone… Yet you were clearly better with him. Dont be stupid.
    The jets were awful last year. Brett Favre Wins you more than he’ll lose you. If the jets can win 9 or 10, than they’re both fine.

  28. My first memory of Favre was in a Detroit vs. Green Bay game indoors. Brett kept heaving the ball up trying to hit the ceiling and it always came down in Sterling Sharpe’s arms or a defensive back’s arms way downfield. Favre has always done this and I think that was like in the early 90s?

  29. The only way to settle this is to stop Favre’s starting streak and sign Boomer immediately!

  30. Please check your anti-Jets bias at the door. It undermines your otherwise great site’s cred to be so in the tank for the Pats. Everybody knows Mangini is coming back, unless they won their last game yesterday. I’m sure such upheaval would please the haters, but to ignore the reality of Woody’s confidence in Mangini is just irresponsible or downright delusional.

  31. Jets and packers have equal WR’s.
    The Jets offense has no balance at all
    1st-10 – pass
    2nd -10 – pass
    3rd-1 pass
    3rd-2 (in the red zone) – pass.
    Give the ball to leon washington and thomas jones more then 7 times a game…jesus, leon washington had a 60 yard td run in the 2nd quarter and didn’t get another touch…… please explain.

  32. Hey Florio, what if the Packers don’t make the Playoffs, are Rodgers and McCarthy going to get canned? Why not, they have the same 4-3 record, after Favre led them to 13-3 last year?

  33. VBG
    You better check your history again. Esiason was right up there with the Jim Kelly’s, Dan Marino’s, Joe Montana’s, and the John Elway’s. He played during the golden age of quarterbacks. Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, Bernie Kosar, Jim Everett, every team during the late 80;s early 90’s seemed to have a damn good quarterback and Boomer was in the elite. The only reason why Esiason and several other Bengals are not in the hall of fame is because they are in such a small marked, and blowhards like Peter King, who know nothing about football, consistently screw them over.

  34. That’s the difference between NY Media and the GB media. In GB, they wouldn’t dare say a word, Brett might get offended. In NY, they will run him out of town at the end of rail if Brett continues to throw 3 per game.
    Maybe Brett’s wife can call in to defend her man.

  35. The Jets have already won as many games as did all of last season. So obviously Favre is doing something right. Favre is a gunslinger, we all know that. If they didn’t want that kind of QB, they shouldn’t have traded for him.

  36. Esiason ??? You mean the lifetime 57 % pass completer ??? You mean the guy with a lifetime winning percentage of well UNDER .500 ??? You mean the guy who played 3 seasons himself for the Jets at the end of his career and had 16, 17, and 16 TD passes respectively, in his 3 seasons as a Jet qb ??? You mean the guy who averaged a whole 5 wins per year he was there ???
    So THAT GUY is bitching about Favre completing almost 70% of his passes, and has 15 TD passes thru 7 games, and is on pace to throw for 34 Touchdowns ??? The Jets won 4 games and had 15 TD passes, TOTAL last year in 16 games. Favre has matched both marks, in just 7 games.
    Those that can’t do, criticize. Maybe Norman Esiason should just shut up.

  37. Re: cincykid “VBG You better check your history again. Esiason was right up there with the Jim Kelly’s, Dan Marino’s, Joe Montana’s, and the John Elway’s … The only reason why Esiason and several other Bengals are not in the hall of fame is because they are in such a small marked, and blowhards like Peter King, who know nothing about football, consistently screw them over. ”
    Hey cincykid, they must sell good crack in Cincy. Do you realize how preposterous those comments are ??? Esiason was an average to good qb. Those guys you mwention were GREAT.
    PUT … THE … CRACK … PIPE … DOWN !!!

  38. The Jets spent $120 million in the offseason, brought in Brett Favre, and are playing in a division against the 1-15 Dolphins and a Tom Bradyless Patriots.
    If MangIdiot didn’t win more games than last year with all that in his favor he’d be tarred and feathered – not just fired.
    The bottom line is that the players don’t respect MangIdiot and don’t want to play for him… the only ones that will know they can push him around in contract negotiations to force a trade or a lucrative salary extension… MangIdiot’s made it clear he’ll cave.
    It’s now or never for MangIdiot – especially given the NY Times article illustrating that he really IS among the least respected Coaches in the game

  39. “Being a Packer fan Farve’s whole career that throw he made is what we call in Wisconsin “Brett being Brett”…enjoy NY ”
    Yes, and they also called 15 out of 16 winning seasons “Brett being Brett”. Wisconsin fans are so spoiled.

  40. “This Packer fan is rooting for Favre to do well and the Jets to make the playoffs…so we get a higher draft pick ”
    So TT can fail once again on a high draft pick?

  41. Norman E went on record at the beginning of the season that Favre would not work in NY. Norman E has the air time to help show that he was right. Wonder if Norman E ever says he is wrong?
    It was a bad throw. Not the first or last that Fav-ray will make. Wouldn’t call it article worthy.

  42. 1 int was Favre’s fault. The other two not so much.
    What is NOT being stated is that in crunch time, Favre drove the team down the field and they won. All that matters is they win.
    The play calling from the coaches was odd; after all, the Chiefs allowed a ton of yards last week. It appears that Brett is doing what he is asked to do; run those plays.
    By the way, how many super bowl rings or appearances did Boomer have? I can’t remember…

  43. Btw, how’s that Vernon Gholston pick working out for you?
    If the Jets don’t make the playoffs, someone has to answer for that. The team spend a lot of money on Free Agents and brought Favre in this year to win, not win in a couple of years.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if they finished below the Fins.

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