There’s a troubling dynamic in our modern society, which we’ll call for lack of a better term the “People Tell Me I’m Pretty So I Want To Be On TV” phenomenon.
As a result, we’re forced to tolerate plenty of stooges whose presence on the air is premised not on a genuine passion for the subject matter about which they’re speaking, but because people tell them they’re pretty.  So they want to be on TV.
And before you fill up the comments box with accusations of sexism, it’s no gender specific (e.g., Stone Phillips).  On Sunday, however, the “People Tell Me I’m Pretty So I Want To Be On TV” phenomenon unfolded during the Seahawks-Niners game as a result of the efforts of a female sideline reporter.



UPDATE:  Apparently, she’s the same person whose career at ESPN was marred by this relatively minor blunder.



  1. Well Mike, eye candy is really important to sell advertising. Soooo real sports fanatics like your followers unfortunately will have to put up with the scenarios as you exemplified.
    I can still remember when one of the early female announcers, I think it was Phyllis George, commented on a play by saying, “Boy his bell ws really rung!!!” I doubt if she EVER had to pull as a guard and ram someone head on to make 4 or 5 yards (deemed a successful play). Lost something in the translation.

  2. Pam Oliver was full of brilliant insight during the Giants- Steelers game as well. She told us once that Justin Tuck was ‘pepping up the offense’ which was obviously why they were so flawless inside the Red Zone- then just after halftime, she needed 2 takes within a live broadcast to get through her useless babble. These are the most pointless positions in sports and the next time one of them describes how down the losing team sideline looks and how excited the winning team’s sideline is, I think they should be given the Singletary treatment and sent to the showers immediately…

  3. Not only is she a complete idiot, but she was rude about it too. Sticking the hand in front of Coach Singletary’s (god I love typing that and I was 49er fan when he played) face then blowing him off while she listens to her earpiece was just rude. Thankfully, the I’m Pretty reporters don’t usually go far. Stone Phillips being a notable exception.

  4. that is really really embarrassing and she should be fired if it was her fault. How do you say something that bad?
    Either Fox screwed up or she has no idea what she is talking about. terrible!

  5. Wow. That’s an all time classic. Anyone that charges sexism for making fun of her is an idiot.

  6. Hahahahaha, I wouldnt have believed that had I not seen it. THat was a riot, looking at Mike S. trying to figure out how he was going to answer that question, prior to her “hearing that she was a buffoon” through her ear piece. I watched it twice, just to watch Mike say “uuuhhhhh, aaahhhh” before she puts her hand in front of the camera, lol

  7. You guys are cold. Ms Pretty did not mean to say Bill Walsh was his mentor, she meant to say Vince Lombardi and ask Mike what Vince told him when he called. She stopped the broadcast because someone in her ear piece told her Vince was not Mike’s mentor, Abe Gibron was.

  8. Reporter- ‘Oh wait. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What did I say?’
    Voice in ear piece- ‘Bill Walsh is dead you stupid beatch!’
    I love it…this is an all time classic

  9. Not only did she blow that, but a producer had to be feeding her the questions, so whichever moron was in the truck talking into her earpiece should be turfed as well. I doubt she even knew who Bill Walsh (or Singletary for that matter) was to begin with. Not as bad as the weather lady IMO.
    And really, is “Stone” his real name? I mean c’mon, maybe if he’s a porn star or something…

  10. All that was missing was the pretty girl. I mean, trust me, I don’t discriminate (Halle Berry, anyone?) but that chick is not exactly hot. Add in the extreme level of flooziness and you have a human trainwreck. I remember she was on ESPN before getting fired for a series of mistakes (one of which was cussing when she thought they were on break, but they were live on ESPNews). Danielle Sargent puts the Looz in floozy.

  11. Florio – You have NO idea how common this is. 21 years in the business and counting and I long ago lost track of how many times, me – the camera guy, had to correct the on air talent and/or the producer. You rarely even get a “thank you” for your efforts (Some guys won’t help out. They figure let the talent cut their own throats. I’m still embarrassed when garbage goes on the air, so I still speak up.). SOME people just refuse to their homework. There are those that are outstanding and always prepared. But their numbers are small and getting smaller. The others – we just shake our heads, do our jobs, and wonder what the hell the network suits were thinking. What’s especially maddening is, occasionally, some one will come in for an audition. They will be smart, personable, and talented. Yet, everyone in the studio knows they won’t be hired because they don’t have the “look” and/or the “name”. Emmitt Smith is a prime example. He has NO business being on air. But, he has the “name”. So, he gets the gig and, sadly, gets to keep it. This young woman has the “look”. So, she got hired for a job she is woefully unprepared to do. Don’t look for common sense in TV. It died out years ago.

  12. She’s not the only one who got debacled.
    Brian “The Mouth” Billick repeatedly referred to Santana Moss as “Santonio.” Maybe it was the windy weather at Ford Field that threw him off.

  13. That is sad. It just shows a complete lack of knowledge about what your job is supposed to be. Male or female if you don’t know the product you shouldn’t be talking about it.
    I do like the reaction of the guy after wards, “Bill Walsh didn’t call Mike Bill Walsh is dead.”

  14. Sideline reporting in football has gotten pathetic. During the Eagles-Cowboys Monday Night game, Shawn Andrews was out for almost a whole quarter before they made any mention of it, but in the mean time, I heard plenty of stories about how Tony Romo playing with his dog helped him prepare for this week. The NFL should not have national people reporting on the sidelines. They should have the local media journalists because they truly know about the team and have a good relationship with the team. As big as a jerk as Howard Eskin is, he is a phenomenal sideline reporter for the radio. He is able to find out who is calling the plays, injuries, and just other tidbits that 1) the national sideline reporters wouldn’t know 2) they would never even think of asking.

  15. To Quote my Wife: “I hate women sportscasters, they don’t what they’re talking about”. For once, I agree.

  16. How embrassing for Mike! I ould never take a question from her again if I where Mike.
    I hope the news whore is on her knees some where right now asking for second chance. Just a pathetic example at look at me ” I’m pretty”. Some one else like a producer or at the studio screwed up too!

  17. Williamsbros,
    You’re 100% correct. It’s sexist to say a woman is a dope because she’s a woman. It’s not sexist to say that someone’s a dope if they’re a dope. Exhibit A: Palin.

  18. Pam Oliver is looking very chunky lately. I don’t think she is eye candy anymore. She starting to look more and more like Fat Albert. The Chargers could use some defensive line help. Maybe she ought to give them a call.
    Danyelle Sargent used to be on Cold Pizza, that ought to say enough about her talents, IMO.

  19. Nice work by Florio of digging up the old ESPNews clip that I mentioned. Just great stuff. What a total floozy this broad is. After she gets canned from FoxSports, what’s the next step down? TBS? BET?

  20. Florio,
    Thanks for bringing up this topic which does parallel Emmitt Smith in his lack of preparation and talent behind the camera yet is allowed not due to any merit to make us all less intelligent for watching them.
    And by the way, women obligatorily appearing on the sideline IS sexist. No two ways about it. And not a single damn one of them have any playing credentials, no insight, and women like this disguised dumb blonde, no preparation and on top of that, no cooth, waving her frickin hand in front of a patient, understanding Singletary.
    Take these screeching airheads off the sidelines and let us escape the fairer sex for just three hours of the week through the short football season.

  21. What a snotty moron.
    Her job responsibilities:
    1) Memorize some simple facts and questions that someone else had to prepared for her (because she doesn’t have a clue or any interest in sports).
    2) Regurgitate what she was supposed to “memorize” and ask a few canned questions on camera.
    3) Look pretty.
    4) Don’t make an ass of herself and her network on live TV by insulting the interviewee.
    If you can’t do 3 out of those 4 important job functions, you should not be allowed on camera or in front of a microphone.

  22. You tube pulled the link.
    Anyone got a live video link for Danielle Sargent
    Did she get shitcanned from ESPN?
    That was more entertaining than most of their stuff.

  23. I remember her most for that Syracuse incident on ESPN. I still to this day laugh when I think of that moment in Syracuse highlights. Poor girl she will never dodge these moments.

  24. NFL sideline reporting is terrible, with one exception: Tony Siragusa. And he ain’t too pretty.

  25. The dudes and dudettes at The Weather Channel (TWC) kept reporting the “windy conditions” at Ford Field all morning long … it wasn’t any one-time blunder (not sure if that was mentioned anywhere else, but just wanted to catch-up if it wasn’t). Apparently, NO ONE (or only a few) of the high-paid, low-wattage light bulbs working in television knows enough to take a damn red pen to any of these scripts … like red-ass monkey baboon robots, they just keep reading the teleprompter. TOO FUNNY.

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