Robert Littal of BlackSportsOnline has harvested the video of the Mike Singletary press conference after the 49ers lost in his debut to the Seattle Seahawks.
As a reader pointed out last night, portions of it ultimately could be destined to appear in a Coors Light commercial.
Basically, he is who we thought he is.



  1. I think his penalized comment was more directed at giving up multiple yards due to only playing 10 guys…not breaking the rules

  2. “Coach, Coach.. What do you think of these new bottles with the color changinf labels?”
    “It will change”
    “Right.. as soon as the beer gets cold.”
    “It will change because they want it to change.”
    “By they.. you mean the brains at Coors Light? You think we could do a better job?”
    “Right now, we got to figure out the formula.”
    “Coach, how can you improve on the Coors light formula???”
    “Our formula is this: We go out , we hit people in the mouth.”
    “That… that doesn’t sound like much of a formula.”
    (Singletary stares him down.)
    “Coach, my buddy here says that you punched him in the face right before this press conference for not drinking Coors Light.”
    “I do not apologize.”
    “I didn’t think you would.”

  3. And this was his first post-game conference. He’s a man, he’s 40. He is who we thought he is. Playoffs?!?!?
    Let’s hope he gives us alot more.

  4. A Hall of Fame’er with a ring has the credibility to say what he said and do what he did. Whether it gets across with today’s millionaires is another question. Coughlin’s old-school style was second-guessed constantly, until the Giants won it all. The style gets old fast if there are no results or the players believe that the coach will be gone next year.

  5. “Hey, hey coach. A couple of the guys coming over are low on cash. You mind letting them share some of our Coors Light?

  6. I’m sorry to be so cynical, but I just can’t shake the phoniness of this whole thing. I mean, he made some idiotic moves in his coaching debut, and this little rant neatly covers that up. Going for it on 4th down in easy FG range just before the half was stupid. Instead of going in down just 7 at the half, he lets himself get Martz’ed and winds up being down 14. Stupid. Then he panics and benches the only QB that has made a play for this team all year. Yeah, O’Sullivan fumbles, but that’s because MM runs a high-risk offense with no protection, and his OL was getting chewed up by the Seahawks defense. I mean, how about telling your offensive coordinator to change his protection schemes first before you disrupt the team and bench the QB? Then, he kicks a player off the bench and sends him to the locker room while the game is still on. Um, did you notice that Davis was the only guy who really tried to catch Wilson on the interception return? I’m not sure how publically berating a guy who makes that kind of effort sets a good example Mike.
    As a Seahawks fan who was at the game, I just hope they keep this guy in SF long term. He sucks as a head coach right now.

  7. “Hey Coach, what do you think is going to happen when we put these Code Blue Coors light cans on ice?”
    “It will change”

  8. I don’t know if Singletary will be a great coach. I have immense respect for the way in which he played the game and handled himself, and right now he is what the 49ers need.

  9. “Who is he yelling at? The reporters didn’t lose the game. ”
    Reporters always deserve to be yelled at.

  10. “Going for it on 4th down in easy FG range just before the half was stupid.”
    Wouldn’t have been so stupid if they had gotten the first down. Execution is often the difference between a boneheaded call and a genius call. Can’t blame Singletary for trying to create a spark.

  11. I will root for him,but my gut tells me he might be a huff and puff. Maybe a different team will lead him to sucsess.

  12. It looks like he is falling into the Herm Edwards trap of giving the same talk to the press that he gives to his team.
    He needs a lesson in what to tell the press. Starting off with an apology works when talking to a cop when pulled over for speeding or to your wife/girl friend when coming home late and drunk (well it has for me anyway) but as a new head coach, not what you should be doing.

  13. Who gets paid for the Coors commercials…the team or the coach??? Seriously, an interim coach cannot make that much coin, so MS is smart enough to know his charisma effect on people and he is just starting on the right foot in case his career is a disaster. There will twice as many reporters at his next press conference.
    As a die-hard who recently suffered trough Erickson and Nolan (who I liked and tried really, really hard to keep liking and finally gave up), I just can’t wait for the rest of this season…should be a fun ride.
    As for the above…I see both sides. VD had it coming for a while, he just hasn’t performed. The pick six should have been played with the percentages having beat Seattle last time. Missed the game so I’ll stop there.
    And BozforPrez, you have a new career waiting for you out there 🙂

  14. Its almost certain that Vernon Davis was drawing Singletary’s ire before he became the HC, guy is an overpaid underachiever.

  15. I made the mistake of reading the posts before watching the video. It didn’t sound nearly as bad as people were making out. Kinda odd that he starts out saying he won’t apologize and then at the end… he apologizes.

  16. As a long-time 49er fan, I’ve gotten a big laugh out this clip. While many people seem to think the bellowing is a positive spin, considering the pre-game fan-expectations that the 49ers would play hard under Singletary because he’d command respect and intensity were, well, if Sunday’s game was any indication, completely delusional.
    That was the flatest game of the year. The 49ers suffered their worst loss of the year. All by a team that was the weakest team we’ll play all year. And one lead by a mediocre back-up.
    At home.
    Really, the bellowing and yelling might make for good TV. But if the results are indicative of Singletary the Head Coach, then coaching was even more of a nightmare than under Nolan.

  17. As a Cardinals Season Ticket Holder –
    Your team just got spanked and your new head coach went off in the press conference.
    Vernon IS a problem, but throwing a player out of the game is foolish. You’re letting the player know that you don’t care about them and are setting up barriers.
    Singletary was going off not because of the one play but obviously months of observation of Davis at practice.
    While some will say it was a ‘bold’ statement that should have been done. I disagree.
    Next time focus on what the heck happened to your team in a game that they should have won.
    Over emotional coaches DON’T LAST IN THE NFL.

  18. “Over emotional coaches DON’T LAST IN THE NFL.”
    Yeah, Dennis Green, Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka, Dick Vermeil, those guys never did crap in the league.
    You you what doesn’t last in the NFL? Coaches that coddle players and let them walk all over them without any repercussions. Working great for Wade Phillips right now.

  19. My goodness me. Is he a coach or a preacher? I guess I’m more used to hearing this kind of talk on Sunday morning, not Sunday evening…

  20. Perhaps the Niners need to be emotional! Does it seem like anyone in San Fran actually cared about winning? No. It doesn’t. About time someone got fired up in the Bay Area. Let’s hope he can turn it around.

  21. I’m an NFL fan that lives in the Bay Area and have been to several Niners games and to be honest I can understand why the SF fans would be shocked by Singletary’s behavior because for the most they are a bunch of wine and crab cake front runners. They want Bill Walsh’s quiet assurance and professor like demeanor while they comfortably sit and golf clap as Montana and Rice pick apart the next victim. Sorry folks those days ended long ago. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of great and rabid Niner fans who make noise and get behind the Niners, they just aren’t most of the dot-commers and trust fund babies that fill the stands at whatever Candlestick-is-called-this-week park. This franchise needs an awakening badly and a motivator who might be able to get the most out of his players is not a bad start. Will he make some strategic mistakes? Of course but being aggressive isn’t a bad thing and they are freaking 2-5 so who cares if they go for it on 4th down? More NFL coaches need to grow some and be more aggressive instead of taking a cheap figgie just to pad the resume and put some lipstick on a loss. Before we say Mike is a failure how about we let him coach, oh I don’t know more that one game?

  22. BozforPres – A+, very funny stuff. Coors Light should pay you to write the next commercial.

  23. Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka, Dick Vermeil never did crap in the league?
    What are you smoking?
    Besides every one of them winning a Super Bowl try looking up their W-L records for their careers.
    How about Lombardi, Halas and Madden?
    Saying that emotional coaches do not last or win is idiotic.

  24. He’s not at all who I thought he was. He’s an idiot who doesn’t even know the rules of the game. You don’t get penalized for too few players on the field. I didn’t know Mike Singletary was this stupid.

  25. Now why hasn’t he gotten a head coaching job….he must be a hell of an interview! Like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy on those sales calls.

  26. Singletary I believe has been a preacher….
    And you know he got his point across in the locker room with not one swear word being spoken…..
    This is what leaders do….They lead….and get the heck out of the way if you do not believe it….
    Vernon Davis is gone….and should be….
    Maybe he can put in an Under Armor commercial….
    We need more Mike Singletary’s in this world….
    Actually I wish I was voting for him next week!

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