T.J. Houshmandzadeh has guaranteed victory.
But it says something about the Bengals’ 2008 fortunes that when Houshmandzadeh, the Bengals’ wide receiver, guarantees victory, he’s not guaranteeing it for any specific game — he’s just guaranteeing that at some point this season, the Bengals will win.
“If the season ends and we don’t win a game,” Houshmandzadeh said, per Adam Schefter of NFL Network. “I will walk from my house to the NFL Network studios.”
According to Schefter, Houshmandzadeh was referring to his house in Cerritos, California, 27 miles from the NFL Network studios in Culver City, and not his in-season home in Cincinnati. So that walk is doable, although he would have to do most of it along the 405 Freeway. (Of course, given the traffic on the 405, Houshmandzadeh could probably walk that trip faster than he could drive it.)
Houshmandzadeh also said that 0-16 hadn’t occurred to him.
“I never thought about if we will go 0-16,” he said. “It never crossed my mind until you said it and asked me the question.”
The Bengals are eight-point underdogs Sunday against the Jaguars and will likely be underdogs in each game until the season finale, at home against the Chiefs.


  1. They should beat the Chiefs. My guess is if they are somehow winless by then Carson Palmer would start that last game in hopes of avodiing the dreaded 0-16 mark. Its the NFL and any time could win on any given Sunday. I dont see this team as being worse than last years Dolphins team that managed to win 1 game

  2. Wow. He sure has some lofty expectations of his team. Nothing says confidence like guaranteeing one win a season. Way to reach for the stars. Good luck with that T.J.

  3. 27 miles???
    If he left after breakfast, he’d be there before lunch. Not much of a guarantee.

  4. He should walk to the NFL studios if they only beat the Chiefs, if they go 0-16 he should walk to Bristol…way to go out on a limb there TJ, it’s commitment like that that earns you a season like you’re having right now…

  5. Funny that Douchemandzadeh, one of the locker room cancers on a team with carcinomatosis, would be the one to say something like this. Well, maybe not.

  6. “I will walk from my house to the NFL Network studios.”
    Yes, that will fix all Cincys problems

  7. With that kind of confidence no wonder the Bengals suck. One game? You guarantee you’ll win one game? I would stop short of a guarantee to win the rest of the schedule but I would at least show you’re aiming higher than 1 game. The attitude in Cincy is the problem. Mike Brown needs to back off and Marvin needs to be replaced with someone like Singletary. Marvin would have been a great coach with another team but he’s been undermined to the point where he’ll never recover in Cincy.

  8. Actually, headlines elsewhere suggest he guaranteed two wins. That would make sense. They’ll be two touchdown favorites against the Chiefs which gives them all the rest of the games to find their other win.

  9. TWO Titan fans weighing in on the Bengals troubles?? Go back in the woodwork you front runners.
    ClevelandSucks – your team hasn’t beat a good team all year. Yeah, Cleveland sucks and so does Cincy, but so does yours.
    Thanks for jumping on every Bengals topic and giving your opinion you steelhead.

  10. We Bengals fans are not-so-secretly hoping we WILL go 0-16 in the off chance that this motivates Mike Brown to hang himself.

  11. You are ALL idiots!!
    tgay said that they would not go winless. And that they WOULD win MORE THAN ONE game. he didnt say i guarantee that we will win one game. Learn to read.
    But on a lighter note…
    “I will walk from my house to the NFL Network studios.”
    Honestly…? Well, that’ll show them… Whoever they are.
    If you’re smart, you WILL go 0-16 and try to beat Detroit to that number one draft pick. And next season try not to drop a 5-time pro bowl lineman and your ONLY running back a week before preseason.

  12. Will the league allow ocho stinko to wear the 3 digit number 016 and will the courts allow him to change his name to Cero Un Seis?

  13. suckit,
    So I can only weigh in on Titans’ topics? Huh. I thought I made a valid point.

  14. Pirates pitcher/broadcaster once made a similar guarantee and wound up walking from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.

  15. Michael David Peter Paul Raul Smith,
    The Lions have a better chance of going winless than the Bengals. If there’s a team that is capable of 0-16, it’s the Lions. However, neither of them will go 0-16. They’ll both win at least one game and probably two.

  16. Housh and Palmer are all the Bengals have. The bad thing is the Bengals are going to let Housh walk after the season. It’s going to go from bad to worse (if it can get any worse) and I am unfortunately a Bengals fan. I just cant stand Mike Brown.

  17. titans_fan,
    Good point indeed.
    Haven’t seen many Titans fans on here…but now since the big win
    on Monday…
    TitanPride and Clevelandsucks need to be knocked back into place.

  18. Gotta love it. Bengals and Lions fans arguing over who sucks more. Is it quality of sucking or quantity of sucking thats the tie breaker.

  19. I hope he doesn’t have to walk through the gang neighborhoods on his way – he might not make it 27 miles.

  20. of course we’ll get a win… they play cleveland again! no matter how bad the bengals are they are still better than the sh*tty browns! they wont lose to them 2 times in one year….
    DOWN WITH HINES WARD!!!!! i would chip in on the bounty if someone knocks him out!!!

  21. suckit,
    I’m not being a douche. I’m not on here gloating. Hell, I never even mentioned the Titans. I’m just talking football.

  22. Somewhere Mike Brown, upon reading this, is saying “see, I AM a good owner!”
    Low expectations, indeed.

  23. Have to agree with BradysACL and Titansfan. There is a losing attitude in Cincinnati, and it trickles down from Mike Brown to the rest of the organization. It ruined Marvin Lewis’s coaching career and has bunglized Carson Palmer, TJ, Chad, and a lot of other players who wanted to win, and now just want to collect a paycheck.
    A football team is like any other company. If your boss is incompetent and the organization is completely screwed up, the employees won’t be motivated to give it their best.

  24. How about any team that goes the entire season with 2 wins or less plays the NCAA National Champion instead of the football viewing public having to suffer thru another pointless and spectator-less Pro Bowl?

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