A league source tells PFT that Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork will be fined but will not be suspended after meeting Tuesday with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Per the source, Goodell had suspension on his mind heading into the meeting but came out of it convinced that Wilfork understands the league’s focus on player safety.
Wilfork was summoned to the league offices because of several incidents in which he appeared to be trying to injure opponents, most recently a late hit on Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.


  1. As a Pats fan, I’m surprised he’s not getting suspended for at least 1 game. He’s a great player, but does go overboard after the play sometimes. I thought that the Losman hit on top of the couple other incidents he’s had would have made him a prime candidate for a league imposed sitdown.

  2. So Rogie won’t suspend you if you act like a good boy in the meeting?
    I think Goodell is hurting the league. His “headmaster” routine is just as foolish as Tag’s let ’em play policy

  3. Of course he won’t be suspended, he’s a freaking Patriot. He tries to injure players and gets a lousy fine that will be nothing to him considering how much this thug makes.

  4. Just another indication of Goddell’s partiality toward the Pats’ Robert Kraft – who helped get Roger the Commissioner’s job. Wilfork has consistently shown a willfulness to injure other players – especially QBs – and if Godell is consistent in his new policy, it IS Wilfork who is the type of player who should be suspended. Goodell has suspended first time offenders, but not a multiple offender like Wilfork? That’s just pure BS, but Florio the wimp says nothing about the inconsistency.

  5. Hopefully Wilfork now understands that continued cheap shots will get him suspended. That will impact the rest of his team. I wonder if Seymour was paying attention too?

  6. RG: What do you have to say for yourself?
    VW: I’m a patriot.
    RG: Okay, don’t do it again. You guy are the best. :::kiss kiss:: NOW BACK TO WORK!!! Tell Bill I say hi.

  7. More like “after being told by Bob Kraft to shut up, Goodell decided to give Vince yet another fine (as if the 4 he got last year really proved the point to him).” What a joke. Didn’t Roy Williams get a suspension last year for less? Spin this one Pats* fans about how the League doesn’t favor you, but as you’re increasingly seeing (just look at the recent game vs. the Rams for further proof), you’re the only ones buying that Kool-Aid. Seems like the NFL needs to make sure that Big Bob, with his new Patriot Place financing needs in a desperate credit market, doesn’t have a down year….

  8. Haynesworth got 4 games for stepping on Gurode’s face. Wilfork tries to injure Cutler, successfully injures JP Losman, tries to eye-gouge Brandon Jacobs, has a myriad of other penalties, late hits, and personal fouls, and he gets fined. At this point I sorta wonder if Haynesworth was suspended because it made the league look bad – not so much because of the injury itself.

  9. Bad news for Colts fans. I guess its not Christmas in Indy yet.Personally, I am beginning to believe that clp where Marv Levy calls out an official as an overofficish jerk. Goodell is alittle over the top with the fines & suspensions on incidents where there are no penalties called on the field. Not just as a Pats fan because I strongly disagreed with the suspension & fine of the Jets safety from the Arizona game. It is becoming the National Pansy League.Let them play unless it is a blatant penalty!!

  10. Dear Mr Commish
    Could you please re-think this – the patriot player’s play too rough and they must be punished.
    After all this is football, it’s not supposed to be a violent sport. I suggest that when teams play against the patriots it should be a flag football game. Vince should be suspended and from now on should have to have to wait to a Five one thousand count before advancing to the quarterback. Our players are getting hurt out there.
    The wives and mothers of the other 31 NFL teams.
    P.S. – Chop Blocks should be Legal only when the Broncos do it

  11. Oh well, we always have karma to make things right, just ask Tom Brady.
    Whats there record again?

  12. bwnyc
    has a myriad of other penalties, late hits, and personal fouls, and he gets fined.
    Name one.

  13. “we always have karma to make things right, just ask Tom Brady”
    Yeah, “Karma” has been so bad to Brady, just look at his life. Get a clue.

  14. There is only one way to get Wilfork to clean up his act and that is through retaliation. I would love to see his reaction, if he was engaged with one offensive lineman and another plowed into his knees. It would be great to see someone put Wilfork on IR with this type of play. Of course, it would be no more of a cheap shot than what he has consistently been doing for the last four years or so.

  15. Since the following argument was stated so often in the Hines Ward threads… It is ridiculous that Wilfork is even getting fined since the play was not flagged.
    Wow, it amazes me how different the direction comments take based on the team. So far if it is Pittsburgh, football is a rough game and if it is not flagged the player should not be punished. If it is the Patriots there is obviously a vast conspiracy if Wilfork just receives a fine.
    With that said please continue with your hypocrisy.

  16. “bwnyc says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 9:52 am
    Haynesworth got 4 games for stepping on Gurode’s face. Wilfork tries to injure Cutler, successfully injures JP Losman, tries to eye-gouge Brandon Jacobs, has a myriad of other penalties, late hits, and personal fouls, and he gets fined. At this point I sorta wonder if Haynesworth was suspended because it made the league look bad – not so much because of the injury itself.”
    The losman hit was late, the jacobs eye thing wasn’t a gauge he just pointed his finger in his face and the Cutler thing was an elbow and not an attempt to injure. Listen to all you freakin pansies. Haynesworth stepped on someones head!!! and your trying to justify an elbow to the helmet is the same. Also clearly you dont watch the pats bc there are no “myriad” of late hits and personal fouls with Wilfork. You guys are pathetic. Wilfork is a good player and he plays with a mean streak. It is a contact support ya know and hey injuries happen. Just ask Tom Brady. Also clearly Haynesworths was out of line and I thought he should have been suspended longer. It was the brutality of the incident and it looked bad upon the league so in that case your right.
    “Let the haters hate” – Randy Moss

  17. How many teams had a first rounder taken from them…………
    Oh yeah one. yup the patrs always get off easy. Dumbasses.

  18. It’s not about favortism, it’s about consistancy. Sure, Wilfork is a dirty player, I’ll admit that, BUT there are dirty players on every team in the league. If this were any other player on any other team, all you people would be whining about how this is a full contact sport and how Goodell is taking the hitting out of the game.

  19. Why do I get the feeling that if this was caught by a TV camera then it would’ve been a suspension

  20. Jimmy Smith – you only got one thing wrong: the hooker wasn’t a teen ager. On the other hand, it wasn’t a girl.

  21. You guys don’t even know what happened, you can’t possibly judge this situation. Oh wait, sure you can, you guys aren’t Patriot fans, which means you obviously know everything about everything. But by all means please keep crying about how awesome the Patriots are, your tears sustain me.
    I’m starting to think that maybe Football isn’t your sport. Football is a man’s sport. You can’t go crying about every little thing. Grow a pair, seriously. Maybe you should start watching baseball, all they do is stand around. Little girls cry about cheating, men go back to their business and work twice as hard knowing the odds are stacked against them. No one wins a football game without making plays.
    up up down down left right left right A B select start.
    Uh oh guys, I just cheated, the Pats are going to win every game now.

  22. Goodell’s favorite team catches a break? ..Shocking! ..Roger probably asked Vince to autograph his Cheatriot hat before he left …

  23. Just another example of the blatant racism in the league. If Wilfork was black he would have been suspended for su- wait…. what?

  24. (RobJH says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 9:05 am
    Suprise, suprise, Pats getting off easy again.).
    Dude, GFY. Ok. How many times do the Broncos get flagged for “Chop Blocking”? So kiss my ass. The fact is that you would love to have either BB Coaching your douchebag team or have Wilfork playing on it. So enough of the bullshit of the Pats getting off easy.

  25. Goodell seems to be intolerant of off-field malfeasance, but penalizing a player who has demonstrated his desire to intentionally injure players on the field is obviously not a priority.

  26. They should suspend Cutler for getting in Wilfork’s way. He could have injured his finger on that helmet.

  27. My gosh….So much hatred and jealousy.
    You know you want what we have. Tony Romo breaks a pinky and the Cowboys are in disarray.
    Ho HUM, The Patriots are in first place…………..Again!!!!
    I LOVE MY PATRIOTS……Say what you want, I don’t care, we just keep on winning

  28. The Pats can’t win unless they cheat. UHHH… I mean….They can’t win with out Tom Brady…Uhhh….I mean….They have dirty players. Keep grasping haters. Next week it’ll be something else.

  29. this is such bull, the patriots get away with murder, but its ok, karma will blow that fat ass’s knee out, and then him, rodney harrison, and brady can run up the score and late hit in madden

  30. Yay!! Let’s all cry about a hit none of us saw that may or may not have even happened!! Lets continue to cry about a team that got the harshest penalty in the history of the NFL for something completely trivial and useless not getting penalized enough!! Yay!!!

  31. In the end the football gods always make it right.
    Belicheat’s legacy is disgraced, unless of course you’re part of the hypnotised sheeple in NE.
    Brady got his for cheating 8 years straight.
    Harrison gets his every year
    Wilfat’s time will come soon enough.

  32. I’m a Patriots fan and I’m glad we will have him against the hated Colts.
    That said I hope he smartens up before he is suspended but it seems when a pattern of behavior has been established it tends to continue and I would be disappointed but not surprised if there are more incidents that do result in suspension.
    Roger ‘Swinging Dick’ Goodal gets very upset when you break your promises to him.

  33. “Let the Patriot Hate/Jealousy begin in 3….2……..1”
    I love this built in excuse Pats fans have. Tom Brady could get arrested with 3 pounds of coke and an underaged prostitute, and all of the criticism would be explained away as being “Patriots Hate”.
    Yep, Wilfork has done nothing wrong. Hasn’t been fined numerous times, nope, just the victim of those who hate New England. All of the non-Pats fans should feel ashamed of themselves.

  34. Has anyone even seen the tape? I’ve heard it’s a coaches tape that showed the incident and I’ve also heard the Patriots saw the tape and commented that the elbow didn’t hit Cutler. What’s next? Flagging a player for trying to block someone in the back or trying to commit pass interference? As soon as people hear a problem inside the Pats everyone shouts CONSPIRACY!

  35. Yes, Roger Goodell who is a lifelong Jets fan and former Jets employee is also a Patriots homer. He lives and breathes Jets green, but he just can’t help bending over backwards for the Patriots. Why else would he deal the Patriots the harshest punishment in league history if wasn’t a Patriots homer. If it was any other team, he would have banished them from the NFL.

  36. I love supporting the that everybody cries about. And as for Vince Wilfork trying to “gouge Brandon Jacon’s eye out” give me a break. The guy weighs 325 pounds I’m pretty sure if he tried he would have succeeded. Brandon Jacobs has a reputation of mouthing off to people. As for Wilfork, it’s obvious he has some conduct problems and I’m sure a big reason that Roger Goodell let him off the hook with a fine is that the Patriots, as an organization, have their stuff together when it comes to conduct. You never hear about fights in training camp (Panthers) players going to jail (Falcons) or even players stepping on people’s faces (Haynesworth). I think Goodell realizes that Bellichick doesn’t put up with anybody’s crap and the situation will be taken care of behind closed doors.
    And anybody that celebrates Brady getting hurt is not a real football fan. I, as a Patriots fan, would never glorify Peyton or Eli blowing out their knee and missing an entire season. That’s just bad character.

  37. Karma hates the Pats. 5-2. Maybe it’s Karma that we are 5-2 with a complete unknown at QB. I for one, don’t think the taping helped very much if at all. All aspects of the game. Just like Bill said,”It was just one of hundreds of things we used to game plan.” Most franchises think Game Plan is a movie. Think what you want but Bill IS a genuis.

  38. How can anyone on this board be so outraged over a play that has not been televised to the public nor was flagged for it during the game? Yet, based on history, Wilfork should be suspended. Really?
    Goodell’s favorite team is the Patriots? Really? That’s why he levied the largest fine in NFL history on them and stripped them of a first round pick. I’m sure the Pats could have used that first round pick right now for their depleted secondary.
    You can hate a team but don’t let it cloud your football sense (if you have any).

  39. (The Pats can’t win unless they cheat. UHHH… I mean….They can’t win with out Tom Brady…Uhhh….I mean….They have dirty players. Keep grasping haters. Next week it’ll be something else.)
    All these comments are so funny, obviously you’re a fan of some crappy team and are just jealous that the Pats have a winning team.
    5-2 – enough said

  40. WHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH The Patriots beat up my team wahhhhh the Patriots are still beating us up even without Tom Brady. Wahhhhh Why can’t our franchise be as dominant at the Patriots. Oh My god they cheated……but still they went 18-1 with no tapes! Wahhhhhh We blog from our mother’s basement

  41. Hey wait a minute – Bronco’s coaches VIDEO? And just where was that video taken from? Was it really a video or did John Tomase tell you he knew someone who told him? Where’s Sen. Sphincter? What does HE have to say about it?

  42. Haters….The Pats are 5 and 2 and the haters are all looking for any reason to keep hating their success even without the best querterback in football. Spy gate is old news JimmySmith so shut the f up already! Besides most if not all teams did a veration of the same thing the 3 time super champs did. They just were told on by the little fat guy in NY now. Oh well i guess the small minded will never let go…Karma that haters

  43. For all you haters out there, talking about Goodell’s love for the Pats, you have it exactly backwards. Goodell hates the Pats and they hate him. Why is hard to say–maybe it’s the New Yorker in Goodell, maybe it’s his past with the Jets, who knows. Goodell’s punishment of the Pats for their videotaping explains why the Pats hate him.
    Consider it from New England’s point of view: Jimmy Johnson gets up and talks about learning how to tape signals from the Chiefs, how he later taped with the Cowboys, and about how the Dolphins organization showed him how to get around the coach to quarterback 15 second radio cutoff (so you could steal signals and tell the quarterback the defense last second) but the NFL never speaks to Johnson about it. Isn’t that amazing? Goodell, who wants to protect the integrity of the league, never spoke to Johnson. Also, when Matt Walsh mentioned he saw another team taping, Goodell never looked into. Perhaps even more curious–neither did the press…. That shows Godell’s not interested in “integrity,” rather, he’s interested in the Patriots. (Same goes with the non-sensationalist press.)
    Or, maybe, Goodell learned too late that the taping by the Patriots and things of that ilk ran rampant in the league. If Goodell brought any of the other stuff to light, the entire league would be in shambles. Every Super Bowl winner would be suspect. That’s what happens when you make a mountain out of a mole hill. Anything bigger than a mole hill shows up again, and you are doomed.
    By the way, remember when the NFL used to be a man’s league. Now it’s a tattle tale league. Thanks Florio!

  44. Jealousy and Hate…. Hate and Jealousy!!! Takes too much energy.
    You Would Love To Have What We Have!!!!
    I LOVE the New England Patriots

  45. Jealousy and Hate……Hate and Jealousy!!! Takes too much energy.
    You Would Love To Have What We Have!!!
    I Love the New England Patriots!!!

  46. You Patriot apologists are absolutely pathetic. Keep your blinders up or you might actually get a dose of reality. Here’s a few truths you losers need to deal with:
    Wilfork is an extremely dirty player and has gone out of his way to try an hurt player numerous times.
    Belichick is barely a .500 coach without Tom Brady
    You lost 1 First Rd pick after cheating for 6 years and several Super Bowls, so don’t act like you got screwed over.
    You have the easiest schedule in the NFL and in your 2 losses you were OWNED.
    The Dolphins & Bills are improving while you continue to get older and slower.
    Thanks to his infection, Brady won’t even be back until halfway through next season, at the earliest.
    Looks like it’s time to hop back off the bandwagon you’ve been riding on for the past 7 years…

  47. “bwnyc
    has a myriad of other penalties, late hits, and personal fouls, and he gets fined.
    Name one”
    Off the top of my head, he was also fined last year for a late hit on Witten IIRC. I believe he was fined 4 times last season, so yeah, that obviously worked to teach Fatso his lesson. He’s a POS, no doubt about that, and if he played for anyone else he’d get suspended (see Roy Williams one-game suspension last year for far less, for ex.). Come on, folks, if this was any team other than the Pats he’d be out of the League for about a month (and/or would have missed the Jags playoff game after that Jacobs incident).
    Is it just me or did anyone else like it a lot better a few weeks ago when nary a word was heard from the Patriot* “faithful”–I see they’ve loaded up the bandwagon again, just in time for the Colts and then the Bills to knock them all back off…..

  48. where is all the “you shouldn’t be fined if there was no flag thrown” supporters at? or does that only apply to the 31 other teams?

  49. RobJH: Thank you for proving how little you know about football. Let me dumb things down for you just a little…
    -Wilfork does nothing that any other player in the NFL doesn’t do. If he played for any other team, no one would care, and further proving the point is the fact that nitwits like you are crying over something you HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN! But hey, you read about it… so it must have been brutal.
    – What’s Dungy’s record without Manning?
    -Correction: we lost a first round pick for one day of breaking NFL rules. The Denver Broncos were taping the game in question. Teams video tape things all the time. You cry babies can say whatever you want, Bill Belichick thought he say a loophole in the rule and he tried to exploit it to the fullest. That’s it. We can all argue until we are blue in the face as to how much impact any of that video had, bottom line is NO ONE will EVER know. EVER. So it’s all a load of crap. You get your panties in a bunch because a team that has probably smacked yours in the mouth a couple dozen times these last few years got caught doing something that was kind of outside the box and not really heard of, and clowns like you jump on it trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. So I put no stock whatsoever into any of this crap.
    -We would have had the easiest schedule in the NFL if we played the schedule LAST YEAR. But uh… as you point out yourself in your very next useless comment… the division is better. And hey, you know, take away the best player in the NFL and the Patriots aren’t as good. WHO KNEW?!?!?!
    -That’s funny… our linebackers are… younger than they were last year… our defensive linemen are all still on the right side of 28… or defensive backs are younger… oh wait we lost the best player in the NFL to injury…. oh yeah I see your point… clearly we’re getting worse because of all those old guys and not losing Tom Brady…
    – Oh really? Now you’re a doctor too? Or are you Ms. Cleo?
    -You mean 21 or so years? Since, you know, that’s how many years worth of consecutive sell outs the Patriots have to go along with their 80,000+ person waiting list? You obviously didn’t major in math, either, did you?

  50. Make Plays, Not Excuses.
    Saying that your team lost because another team cheated is the same thing as saying you don’t know anything about football. Pure and Simple.
    Is your team crying about the Patriots cheating? no? maybe you should follow their example… unless you aren’t actually a fan of your team. Then feel free to make your team look bad as much as you want. Because I know you will.

  51. Jay, Jay, Jay, so much untruth, so little time….
    “You mean 21 or so years? Since, you know, that’s how many years worth of consecutive sell outs the Patriots have to go along with their 80,000+ person waiting list? You obviously didn’t major in math, either, did you?”
    I have to get to work, so only time to debunk one of them. Where the heck did you get that 21 years of sellouts number? In 1992 your team had 19,000 season ticket holders. Take that in for a second. Buffalo, for ex., in a city 20% the size of Boston, had close to 40,000 after going 3-13 earlier this decade. I lived in Boston in the early 90s and Pats* tix were pretty easy to score, as that figure would indicate. Facts are facts and can’t just be shouted down, dude. Get back on the bandwagon……

  52. Murabma, were you drunk when you wrote that? Why are you talking about 1992? Thats 16 years ago. I was 9. This is a “what have you done for me lately” league. If you think its easy to get season tickets for the Patriots right now you are sorely mistaken. What you said is equivilent to saying, Green Bay tickets were really easy to get 50 years ago. Who cares?
    Isn’t it ironic that you admonish him for just “shouting down” facts w/e that means, right after you “shout down” facts? You critize him for something you just did. At least his made sense and was relevant. What you said is strange and has no base in reality.

  53. HO HUM…..The Patriots are in first place……..Again!!!!
    Cry on you haters…….I LOVE the Patriots!!!

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