49ers coach Mike Singletary has made quite an impact on the NFL in a very short time. 
In only one game, he delivered a memorable postgame press conference and a fiery postgame speech to his team, and he sent a star player to the showers during the game.
Singletary now admits that, during halftime of the same, he dropped his pants while speaking to the team.
Word of the incident surfaced on Wednesday.  We posted an item about it earlier today. 
Subsequently, Singletary issued the following statement:  “I used my pants to illustrate that we were getting our tails whipped on Sunday and how humiliating that should feel for all of us.  I needed to do something to dramatize my point; there were other ways I could have done it but I think this got the message across.”
“Hey, Coach just dropped his pants.  Wow, he’s got some skinny legs for a former player.  Why did he do that again?  Oh, yeah.  We suck.”
Asked whether Singletary was embarrassed by the incident, team P.R. director Aaron Salkin said, “There are other ways he could’ve done it.  He knows that.”
Based on the report on, it appears that Singletary didn’t actually moon the team.  The initial reports seemed to suggest that Singletary had shown the players his (Tom) Bare-asso.
Regardless of whether the players got a look at Singletary’s naked butt and rectum, we’ve got a feeling that this entire experiment isn’t going to work.  We just don’t think that this is the way to motivate grown men. 
More importantly, we think the bigger issue is whether Singletary has the stuff to get his players prepared to play.  Even if the players are as motivated as they can possibly be, the coaching staff needs to work hard (and work smart) in getting the players in position to make plays and win games.
Based on the fact that the 49ers were blown away by a previously 1-5 team using a backup quarterback, we’re not ready to declare that Mike Singletary is a master of breaking down game film and putting together game plans and then communicating the strategy effectively to the players.  
And we have a feeling that next week’s performance against the Cardinals won’t change our minds.


  1. “Well, it could’ve been worse,” a 49ers player told reporters, “I could’ve been a Raider, and that could’ve been Al Davis.”

  2. It’s probably NEVER a good idea to show your ass to a room-full of guys in San Francisco.
    Good thing Jeff Garcia is now in Tampa.

  3. Florio,
    You’ve reallly be giving to Singletary ever since he was hired, what gives? Maybe the team does need a tough, fiery disciplinarian. Are you in the 49ers locker room? How do you know how good of a film-watcher he is? The Seahawks had just came off an ass-kicking by the Bucs and just seemed to really want it more. Also, Im pretty sure Seneca Wallace is better than any QB on the 9ers roster.
    Anyone that watched Singletary play knows he’s a hard worker and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. All I’m saying is give the guy a chance before you call him a bad coach.

  4. Who the hell is “we”, Florio? You wrote (and do this often)the following:
    “More importantly, WE think the bigger issue is whether Singletary has the stuff to get his players prepared to play.”
    “And WE have a feeling that next week’s performance against the Cardinals won’t change our minds.”
    You are the author and should state “I” instead of this “we” sh*t. Man up and take personal responsibility for your wordsmith works. Don’t hide amongst a group of faux writers/bloggers/ or whoever who includes. Geez.
    Like a few of my other post your system or you have not approved of, I am not so sure this will make it to the board.

  5. Thank dear Jesus that he was illustrating “butts whipped” and not balls busted!

  6. sounds to me like someone is trying to torpedo singletary.
    coaches do weird things all the time to motivate/get points across to their players. there was no nudity (he had his underwear on), so i’m failing to see what is so appalling by this move?
    let him coach how he wants to, it may be unconventional but it didn’t break any rules. give the guy a chance.

  7. I agree it could’ve been worse ask Joe Montana about Charles Haley’s halftime pants drop.

  8. At least give the man a chance. Yes it is odd, but why does everyone have to do things the same as everyone else?
    If at the end of the year they see no improvement move on, so his tactics are odd. He also doesn’t have very good talent so it may not matter.

  9. No wonder Vernon Davis avoided Singletary when he went to the sidelines after being penalized.

  10. It’s looking like it’s all about Mike!! Hey Mike, remember the speech about no player or coach being bigger than the team? Did you look in the mirror while preaching? GRANDSTANDING!!

  11. I had heard many good things about Mike Sigletary as a coach.
    I also knew that he was on several interviews but did not get
    hired. I presumed that it was because he was Afro American.
    Little did I know that Mike most likely did not get hired due
    to his explanation to prospective Owners and GM’s on how he
    intended to motivate men as a head coach.

  12. What am I missing here? This team has nothing to lose, why not try to stir the embers? Mike could be the right guy for this because he has the emotion that a lot of the player obviously don’t. He is an interim coach with really nothing to lose with a football team that seemingly doesn’t care all that much about winning. If he shows his buttocks to a room full of dudes, if it makes them win games and it were up to me, it may become the halftime show!

  13. Unfortunately, us old bastards know exactly who Tom Barrasso is?! Anybody seen Guy LeFleur?????

  14. What does Singletary know about motivation? It’s not like he’s spent the last 10 year working as a motivational speaker. Oh wait.

  15. “coaches do weird things all the time to motivate/get points across to their players.”
    Yeah, like when Jimmy Johnson strangled that cleaning lady before a game against the 49ers. Or that time that a squirrel took up residence in the Colts’ locker room and Don Shula found its nest and sucked all the salt off of it’s nuts.

  16. florio is an ass, a wannabe big shot in the sports reporting world…you should go defend slums of the earth like casey anthony…and leave the sports writing to other “qualified” writers…every story you write has information that you GATHERED from other sources..when are you going to actually get the information yourself from the actual person that your story is about? let me guess, NEVER, because you don’t have the connection others have and quite frankly your pretty much a nobody in the world of sports reporting

  17. What’s worse to see as a player? “the stare” or “the ass”? OMG they have to see both.

  18. The way my niners have been playing, Mike shoulda whipped out the ‘ol redeye for the boys….
    Man, I’m sick of losing….

  19. I think he will be a great coach. he probably wont win this weekend, or much this year. he’ll probably have to turn over half the roster. I think he is the kind of guy players will follow to the depths of hell. A real leader who leads from the front and isnt afraid of anything.
    The Vernon Davis thing isnt getting fair reporting in most places, including from what i’ve seen here. Yeah its his first day on this job, but not his first day with the niners. This was probably long overdue for Vernon, it didnt come out of nowhere, but Nolan couldnt do it.

  20. Bill Walsh was one of the first people who called him and suggested pulling down his pants at halftime.

  21. Tom Barrasso is the greatest leaf/leaves/leafs goalie since… aw man go oilers! gee you are you… florio

  22. Seems like he kinda has a free pass for now.. but what about when they lose the next 6 games? Will he still be able to pull this crap?

  23. “We just don’t think that this is the way to motivate grown men. ”
    These aren’t grown men, they are professional football players.

  24. Samurai Mike will get Scott Mcloughan fired at this pace. The Niners are a joke. They are confused and nobody is in charge: Denise, the Doctor, and the spoiled kid all just play paper rock scissors to decide who is running the team on a day to day basis. Maybe they should hire Condi and let her sort out the mess they made of this once proud franchise. Maybe she will hire an experienced GM, and a competent coach.

  25. Remember how upset(or was it excited?)FOX announcer Joe Buck was when Randy Moss pretended to moon the crowd after a TD catch?

  26. 40cent says:
    “Tom Barrasso is the greatest leaf/leaves/leafs goalie since ….”
    …since Turk Broda and Johnny Bower.

  27. You’ve really got to hand it to 49ers fans. They will buy whatever the team is offering and sell it back to you for double. They have to be the most irrationally loyal fans anywhere.
    Kevan Barlow is going to get the rushing title. Wearing a suit on the sideline will bring the team back to glory. J.T. O’Sullivan is the next Kurt Warner. Showing a team your brown eye is a brilliant motivational tactic.
    Well played, Niners fan. Well played.

  28. Where is Tom Jackson with the “his team hates him”? Watching ESPN cover this is a laugh. They are so scared to say anything negative about this guy. ESPN’s top 5 coaches:
    1- Mike Singletary
    2- Marvin Lewis
    3- Lovie Smith
    4- Wade Philips
    5- that dope in the motor city

  29. These are “men” making multiple thousands of dollars a week to “play” a game! They are also called professionals. Truely professional men put forth their best effort in order to have some self respect when they cash their paycheck. It looks to me that Mike Singletary wants his players to man up.
    You don’t get marginal performers to improve by lowering you expectations.

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