As we reported on Wednesday, Pats defensive tackle Vince “I’m Not A Dirty Player Because I Take A Bubble Bath Before Every Game” Wilfork won’t be suspended in the wake of his most recent episode of unnecessary roughness, which came in the form of an elbow to the head of Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.
We’re now told that Wilfork will be fined $35,000 for his transgression.
Based on a salary of $1.4 million, the fine is roughly equivalent to 40 percent of a game check.
If Wilfork doesn’t make good on his vow to change his ways, the next step undoubtedly will be a suspension.

31 responses to “WILFORK WILL PAY $35,000

  1. “If Wilfork doesn’t make good on his vow to change his ways, the next step undoubtedly will be a suspension.”
    You mean he went from probation to double secret probation? Thanks Commissioner Wormer.

  2. bwnyc – “This guy deserves way worse.”
    Based on what? You don’t even know what he did – The only people that have seen the play are the Coaches and the NFL, as it was on the Coaches tape.
    Seriously, your Patriot Hate/Jealousy is clouding the part of your brain that thinks rationally – Or the Mold spores from your Mom’s basement are getting to you.
    So, Let the Patriot hate/jealousy begin in 3….2….1

  3. People aren’t jealous of the Patriots. They aren’t even top 3 most succesful franchises in the NFL. They haven’t had the best superbowl victories ever. People are sick of the way they play and conduct themselves. Its funny the one year they didn’t cheat is the one year they lost the super bowl. Chuck Knoll never lost a Super Bowl.

  4. GO PATS 5-2 without Tom Brady or Rodney Harrison and Maroney. With no tape issues. Must be good coaching for good players.

  5. “Seriously, your Patriot Hate/Jealousy is clouding the part of your brain that thinks rationally – Or the Mold spores from your Mom’s basement are getting to you.
    So, Let the Patriot hate/jealousy begin in 3….2….1”
    So, let the Patriot fan’s means of argument predicated on deflecting criticism by calling everyone a hater and then resorting to insults and taunts begin in……3……whoops it already started.

  6. VMI_04_Bob says:
    “People aren’t jealous of the Patriots…..”
    What ever it takes to justify your jealousy. Your comment was pure comedy. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. As a football fan (and not a hater) if you look at what Vince actually did (in an unbiased way) you have to think that it is NUTS to fine him so much, anything really. Has this game become a non-contact sport? The commish is out of control and the talking heads are influencing opinions.
    I will admit that the smack to Cutler was cheap but calling him one of the dirtiest in the league? The finger pointing thing? C’mon now, take a step back and look at it again. He had the giant in his face talking crap and he never touched him. Its tantamount to chest pumping. Did you really see intent to injure on either play? Seriously, people need to get a clue.
    Oh and haters can just STFU, noone cares about your dribble.

  8. Wilfork’s Unsportsmanlike against the Broncos was reversed and assigned to Sanders.
    Of course the national media never mentions that.

  9. I’m a pats fan and i think that if there was a suspension to be had, it had to come directly after the game and before the game against the Rams. If they waited till the colts game i’d have been p*ssed.
    Furthermore i’ve herd that there were mitigating circumstances and there was provocation.

  10. ” Chuck Knoll never lost a Super Bowl. ”
    True, but the Steelers of the 70’s were also on steroids, so I dont know if you can really use that as an example?
    It is funny tho, depending on what team you root for, determines your argument. If you are a Steelers fan, “Hines Ward is a gritty player, who gives it all, sacrifices his body, and plays hard to get a win” and “Vince Wilfork is a dirty player”.
    If you are a Cowboys fan, “Tank Johnson and Pacman deserve a second, err, third, err, fourth, errr, fifth chance to make amends, and become a better person, and continue to be a part of the game they love”, and “Belichick should be kicked out of the league, their trophies should be returned, he should be castrated, and his toe nails should be removed with rusty pliers”.
    There is absolutely no objectivity from the NFL fan base. Every argument, for your favorite team is based solely in defense of them, because they are your team, and every argument against a team you dislike is based solely on your dislike for them. That is a blanket statement, but it is the only truth that you get from the comments on PFT.
    You already know what is coming next when you see certain names posting. I can sum up any Patriots comment section:
    “They cheated, Belichick is a doosh, Brady sucks, they cheated, they cheated, they cheated, the Pats suck***,
    -Jimmy Smith
    -Vox Veritas

  11. Nobody hates the Pats because they win, they hate the Pats b/c they cheat and how they act and they ARE dirty players, yet they had the gall to say the hit on Brady was dirty…are you kidding me. $35K to this guy is equivelent to about $20..big hairy deal. I thought this guy was on probation…again the Pats get away with something.

  12. WEEI in Boston is talking about a video that they sent to the Commish, that shows Wilfork, reaching down, and helping Cutler up off the ground, and giving him a pat on the back side after the “dirty elbow” to the head, hahahahaha

  13. There have been several posts about the Patriots and Vince Wilfork over the last couple days and not once did anyone mention the hit on Brady. All Patriot fans are saying is that its hypocritical to call us cheaters when other teams do it to. Jimmy Johnson mentioned the coach that taught him how to video tape coaching signals, well that guy works for the colts now. over the last 8 years the colts are the second most winning team in the league, coincidence? probably. Lots of people hate Denver for their dirty chop blocking. Kevin Mawaii once grabbed someone’s crotch during a scrum. Roy Williams has a rule named after him and he got suspended for a game for breaking it twice after the rule was created.
    To say that the Patriots are the only team that is dirty or that cheating is the only way they can win is ignorant.
    Do you hear your team calling the Patriots cheaters? Maybe you should follow their example. I think they would be very ashamed of their fans if they knew what you guys were saying.

  14. I never said it wasn’t dirty to chop block, you will never hear me whine about people calling the Broncos chop blockers. You will never hear me disagree with anyone who says Roy Williams the safety is a dirty piece of crap, you will never hear me defend anyone grabbing anyone elses junk.
    But maybe Patriots fans should stop whining every time someone calls them dirty, Rodney Harrison is one of the dirtiest players in the game as is Vince Wilfork. Just accept facts that he has been fined more than most other players in the league the last 2 years for malicious attacks on other players. If he hadn’t admitted the fact that he steps across the line to Goodell he wouldn’t have been fined but rather suspended, so just accept it.
    This discussion is about Vince Wilfork because he chose to elbow someone else in the head after the play, if some other player does something similar we will talk about it then, for now just realize that Wilfork is a piece of crap and if he tried to elbow you in the face you would think the same.

  15. @gyldenlove: convenient for you to overlook all of the other players in the league that are actually injuring other players while you condemn Wilfork for a cheap shot that was harmless. Give me a break loser.

  16. So this makes him a pice of crap?
    1. The cheap shot to cutler that was harmless retalliation for his mouth. No intent to injure, no injury, nothing more than a bitch slap that he deserved.
    2. The finger incident in the Giants game where they were face to face talking sh1t and he never made contact. I think you need to keep that in perspective.
    3. The hit on Edwards? The one that was very similar to the hit that took out Brady? Maybe you can judge intent on that but it is certainly comparable to the hit that took out Brady but received no fine, no penalty.
    Can you name any other so called cheap shots that make this guy a pice of crap as you put it? I doubt it. Go Crawl back under your rock you pice of crap.

  17. yeah lets not talk about all the cheap chop blocks from Denver that could actually injure a guy…

  18. “There have been several posts about the Patriots and Vince Wilfork over the last couple days and not once did anyone mention the hit on Brady.”
    You are effing kidding me right? No one is bringing it up because the two hits are not even close to being on the same level.

  19. “People aren’t jealous of the Patriots”
    Sure thy’re not, whatever helps you get through the night. And they were hated before spygate, so don’t bring up that garbage either.

  20. “Edwards? The one that was very similar to the hit that took out Brady? Maybe you can judge intent on that but it is certainly comparable to the hit that took out Brady but received no fine, no penalty.”
    First off, you no doubt mean Losman. But the bigger point is that you’re nuts if you think Pollard’s hit on Brady was anything like Vince’s flying into Losman elbow first directly onto his knee. Pollard was blocked to the ground and just tried to get up and hit the QB. Nothing dirty about that at all. To anyone who’s unbiased there is no comparison AT ALL between the two plays. Anyone who doesn’t believe that, go watch them both on Youtube!.
    And to all these other folks defending Vince on the basis that his hit on Cutler didn’t deserve a suspension you completely miss the point. For Vince it’s his “body of work” that deserves the suspension. For crying out loud the guy was fined FOUR TIMES last year for dirty play and number five gets what, another fine? Unlike, say, Roy Williams or that guy Smith on the Cards who each got suspended for far fewer incidents (just one in Smith’s case).

  21. mdel1120,
    I think your math is a little flawed. $35,000 is 2.5% of $1,400,000.
    If I calculate 2.5% of my salary it’s $1500.00!! If I were to be fined $1500 for something on my current salary, it would be a tough pill to swallow!! Your “it’s like $20 to him” was WAY off target.

  22. I’ve looked at the hit on Brady and the hit on Losman over and over. They are comparable and arguable on both counts. One put a league MVP out for the season and possibly forever and it was a hit below the knees -illegal to do to a QB period.
    Wilfork has been raped by haters like you.

  23. @muramba: body of work? Please. Other than the three I mentioned that are all arguably minimal bs with no intent and no resulting injuries what body of work? Please specify what this body of work is that has him labeled as a “pile of crap.” Details please.

  24. PFT–are you thick or what? The man was fined 4 times last year alone (Losman, Jacobs, Witten and then again against SD in the playoffs–all of which were cheap shots intended to injure and only a biased Pats* fan would think otherwise). Ever think all the fining wasn’t quite getting through? How about Roy Williams getting suspended last year for far less (a couple of horse collars), much less Haynesworth getting 4 games for one such incident? Pats* fans are just ridiculous in just not getting it through their thick skulls when faced with overwhelming evidence that their team seems to get special treatment (see also the Rams game BS this week alone).
    Didn’t we all like it better when you were all back under your rocks after a rocky start–funny how all the Pats* fans come back on board the bandwagon after a couple of wins…..

  25. Muramba you dumbass, you cant name a body of work because therer isnt one. The Jacobs finger incident was stupid, he never touched the guy and was reacting to smack talk IN HIS FACE from a GIANT, far cry from repeated horsecollars. Losman was the same thing as the BRady hit, unless you are a mind reader and can judge intent, I cant, maybe you can but there is definitely a point of contention between the two. The 2 other fines were total bs. But you go ahead and condemn it as a “body or work.” It is total and utter BS and you you know it, dumbass.
    I still challenge you or anyone else to make a list identifying this body of work, real cheap intent to injure type stuff Vince has ever done to be labelled that way. You cant because therer aint none.

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