We’ll begin our official tour down memory lane with a look back at the most infamous test result in NFL history.
Rewind to February 2006.  Texas quarterback Vince Young shows up at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis woefully unprepared for the multiple-choice test known as the Wonderlic.  (Maybe he thought that it was an ice-cream eating contest.)
Thanks to a person who knew about Young’s performance on the standard test of intelligence and who couldn’t help but blab to others regarding Young’s lack thereof, word spread quickly that Young got only six of the 50 questions right.
And once word made its way back to us and we posted it, the story took on a wildfire quality.  In a rare (at the time) development, we received credit for the scoop, which was later confirmed by other media outlets.
In response, the NFL scrambled.  Texans G.M. Charley Casserly publicly disputed the report of Vince’s six-point score.  “I’ve been told that’s inaccurate by a source good enough for me to stand up here to quote it,” Casserly said.  “Otherwise, I wouldn’t get up here and say it.”
Apparently, the truth was that Young had gotten a seven, not a six.  The number originally was reported as a six because the guy who graded the test had miscounted.
Texas coach Mack Brown also came to Young’s defense, likely due to the fact that Young’s score wasn’t the best reflection on the school that supposedly had educated Young for three years.
“Vince [Young] is very bright,” Brown said at the time.  “I hate that people had to take a shot like that that’s unfair and untrue.  Also, I probably couldn’t pass that test myself if I tried.  I’ve read it, and it seems really stupid to me.”
Even though the report was supposedly incorrect, the league scrambled to give Young a Mulligan the next day.
On the bright side, however, Vince emerged from the episode with his first official endorsement.


  1. Way to imbed six hyperlinks Florio. Why don’t you just send me a bill?
    JK, dude, love your site. Happy anniversary.

  2. So now we know why he scored so low on the test….it’s not that he doesn’t have a triple digit IQ…it’s just that he couldn’t handle the pressure!!! Ya….that it….

  3. I thought I remembered a “Wondercrack” line from one of the original posts. Had to go back and look. “Because it wasn’t because of some ‘Internet rumor’ that we plucked out of our Wondercrack.” Priceless.

  4. Maybe he should have handed the test out the window to a smarter friend. Just as long as the friend doesn’t take the test at the Dream Cafe.

  5. The retest they gave VY …was the same test.
    Getting a 6 or 7 is just plain retarded. The blame falls on Vince and his Agent for not getting prepped for the test

  6. “was reported as a six because the guy who graded the test had miscounted” That is so freakin’ funny.
    And Happy Anniversary!

  7. Well at least this had no bearing whatsoever on his NFL career. The wonderlic has been proved wrong . . . The Titans are undefeated and Vince Young has clearly been a big part of that (in the press box).

  8. That story is always good for a hearty chuckle, just like the one I just had!
    BTW, you can’t prepare for the Wonderlic. You either have it or you don’t.
    Don’t blame the U. of Texas…they were only an accessory!

  9. I think your greatest moment (over a long period of time) was the Michael Vick fiasco. It was you that gave this story a life and then kept fueling it over and over and over (did I say “and over” enough times yet?) until eventually the law caught up with Vick. It was the first time I’ve witnessed the full progression of how any journalism can have an extremely positive effect on society by exposing a story of a troubled man to the point where the law gets involved and action is taken. I saw that happen from the first post, to when Vick was indicted to when he pleaded guilty.

  10. Sounds like VY is dumb as a sack of rocks and they wanted him to be the leader of there team
    wonder what the GM and owner would have scored on the test

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