With the family of the only owner in Bills history already making it known that they won’t keep the team after Ralph Wilson (now 90 years old) passes on, Peter King of NBC reports that Buffalo Hall of Famer quarterback Jim Kelly is trying to put a group together that would buy the team.
It’s unclear whether Kelly’s group would purchase the franchise in the short term, or whether the deal would wait until Mr. Wilson is playing pinochle with former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson.
Kelly’s goal is to keep the team in Western New York permanently.  Whether that means playing one or two (or four) games each year in Toronto remains to be seen.


  1. Kelley being a part owner of the Bills would be good for the League, the City of Buffalo, the Bills, and Kelley. It would be a great story.

  2. Where would he get that kind of money to even be a minority owner with significant control? Salaries in his day were not nearly what they are now. He probably made less than $50 million, but even if he’s tripled that money since he retired, $150 million would not go a long way toward buying a franchise. The going rate of NFL franchises is approaching $1 billion.

  3. Right off hand, I could think of no one more qualified, at least from an iconic stature, to lead an ownership group than Jim Kelly. Whether or not he could put a viable group of buyers together remains to be seen.

  4. I hope it happens too. Just like the Browns in Cleveland,the NFL just wouldn’t be the same without the Bills in Buffalo…..

  5. @DanSnydersPetCeratto
    “trying to put a group together”
    He wouldn’t buy it outright. He’d head a group that would buy majority control.
    Besides, he heads several business organizations. And I’m sure announcers get paid pretty good.

  6. Good for JK.
    This NFL International bs needs to stop. The rest of the
    world doesn’t care about American football, and never will.
    If the league seriously believes that Futbol Americano will
    EVER rival futbol/soccer, they are utterly delusional.
    We (the USA) will soon be as poor as the rest of the world,
    and when that happens no one anywhere will be playing Futbol
    Two Conferences with four divisions each, playing sixteen
    regular-season games with a three-round playoff structure and
    one BIG GAME is the perfect formula. All the wishful thinking/
    rationalization/greed in the world will not make it any better.
    I only hope my Eagles can manage to win one Stuporbowl before the whole league colapses under its own fetid weight…

  7. Remeber the time Kelly shot him mouth off about Jim Harbaugh while announcing a game,then got jacked up by Harbaugh(who broke his hand on his face and couldn’t play because of it) for it as soon as it was over?
    Top 10 funniest sports story of all time.

  8. As a lifelong Patriots fan I would love to see Kelly pull this off. The Bills belong in Buffalo. Those fans deserve to keep their team. They’re as diehard as you can get.

  9. Horrible idea. You want to see how former players owning teams works out? Look at the NBA.
    Then again, nothing would make me happier than to see the Jills ruined (again) so I’m all for it.

  10. I thought Jeremy Jacobs the miserly owner of the Boston Bruins was interested in buying the Buffalo Bills?

  11. I think that it would be great to see it happen – the bills and Buffalo go together…Good Luck to Jim and his group in making it happen.

  12. kelly obviously would only be the figurehead for the ownership group.
    there are only 2 people in the WNY area who have enough money to buy the bills outright. Tom Golisano (owns the Sabres) and Jeremy Jacobs (owns the Bruins). The NFL doesn’t allow you to own teams in different sports in different cities, so Jacobs would be out.
    that leaves Golisano or out of towners…

  13. The rest of Jim Kelly’s ownership group consists of Baby Joe Mesi, Billy Buffalo and The Goo Goo Dolls.

  14. The NFL doesn’t allow you to own teams in different sports in different cities, so Jacobs would be out
    If that were the case then the owners of the Tampa bay Bucks would be out of luck since they also own Manchester United and with the NFL playing in London maybe that is the plan move to Bucks to Jolly Old England
    This way at least one of the Barber boys would be out of sight

  15. Can’t see it happening, unless Kelly is part of a group that re-locates the team to Toronto. When Ralph Wilson departs to greener pastures, his heirs are going to want top-buck for the team. That means the value that the team would have if it were to re-locate to Toronto. At that price, the new owners would lose money by keeping the team in Buffalo.

  16. Hey DallasSucks,
    Canada loves the NFL and so does Mexico. It is countries outside of North America that couldn’t give a crap about football.
    Toronto and Mexico City would support an NFL team and have more corporate sponsorship opportunities than many existing NFL teams do. It makes business sense to relocate or expand to Toronto and Mexico City.

  17. The biggest hope for the Bills to stay in Buffalo may reside in Tom Golisano’s hands just as it was along with the Buffalo Sabres. As for Kelly, it would be an amazing story for Buffalo and the NFL for Kelly to be part of keeping the Bills where they belong, but I think after Ralph passes, it’s going to eventually rely on Tom’s involvement again for the city of Buffalo.
    On a side note, he was interested in February according to a bunch of articles; underneath is a link to one of them:

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