49ers coach Mike Singletary had a horrible debut last week.  Apart from seeing his team obliterated by a poor Seahawks bunch, Singletary sent a star player to the showers, conducted a Coors Light commercial that doubled as a postgame press conference, and at halftime made a pitch for his own Preparation H endorsement.
In an interview with NFL Network, Singletary says, “I’ll tone it down.”
That’s a smart move.  Because if he doesn’t he won’t last very long in the profession.  Titans coach Jeff Fisher, who played with Singletary in Chicago, hinted in an interview during NFLN’s pregame show that Singletary will in time figure out what to say, and what not to say.
“As [Singletary] gets more experience,” Fisher said, “he may realize that just because you feel it doesn’t mean you have to say it and if you need to say it, do it when the doors are closed.”
Singletary also lamented the reality that the Las Vegas code no longer applies in an NFL locker room.
“We are not in the era of ‘what is said in this room stays in this room,'” Singletary told Jamie Dukes of NFLN.  “I’ve seen some things in the locker room that would blow your mind.   So it’s one of those things that you have to take stock, learn from and move on.”
It sounds like a concession that any efforts by Singletary to identify the person who leaked the information and deal with him won’t lead anywhere good.  And it also indicates to us that Singletary will, moving forward, refrain from saying or doing anything behind the closed doors of the locker room that he wouldn’t want the world to know about.
Because the reality is that, if it’s juicy enough, someone will blab.


  1. At least he is willing to learn from his mistakes and move forward. If he keeps realizing he can always learn something, he will go far as a coach.

  2. Damnit! I was hoping this would play out all season long, maybe they could dedicate a spot on Sportscenter to his rants. Oh well.

  3. Hey Big Mike, call up your old teammate (I think…too lazy to look up his career in Chicago) Jeff Fisher and take some notes. He has managed to survive longer than anyone and is sure to have some great advice. We need to keep guys like you around for more than 1/2 of a season. HOF players still in NFL coaching are a rare breed. I want to see more of it, so you need to make this work!

  4. Who cares if he sent a ‘star player’ to the showers. Since when is Vernon Davis a star? He may be paid like one, but he sure as hell doesn’t play like one.
    Kudos to Singletary for sending a player who put himself ahead of the team to the showers. I hope that isn’t toned down.
    As for the bare ass, pants around his ankles, pep talks…Those need to be worked on just a little bit, starting with his pants staying above his ankles and his ass staying in his pants.

  5. personally i think it is refreshing that a coach would send a spoiled brat like vernon davis to the showers for a tempertantrum. the players are catered to in everyway, yet some still think they deserve more

  6. The 49ers will benefit from having a coach who is intolerant of losing. The Niners are underachievers, content to just show up and collect their paychecks. San Francisco has finally found the right coach. Now, they need to get rid of the players who don’t share Singletary’s burning desire to win.
    Vernon Davis is a very talented mediocrity. Keep Singletary. Trade Davis. Then draft players who are Singletary clones, guys who love the game and always bust a gut.

  7. Singletary realized he made a mistake when someone pointed out to him the danger of dropping your pants in a room full of men in San Francisco.
    He will never make that mistake again (not that there is anything wrong with it.)

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