Though there’s no indication at this point that the powers-that-be in Oakland would actually want to add quarterback Mike Vick to the team if/when Vick is reinstated to play in the NFL, some of the current Raiders who played with Vick in Atlanta wouldn’t mind reuniting with their old teammate.
Would we like to see it?  Yes,” fullback Justin Griffith told Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times.
“You have to sign him, if you’re the Raiders,” receiver Ashley Lelie said. “Trust me, I’ve played against him before.  You don’t want him on the other team.  I’ve seen what he can do.”
Cornerback DeAngelo Hall is even willing to put his seven-year, $70 million up as collateral against Vick getting in trouble again.
“Oh, yeah, definitely,” Hall said. “I wouldn’t have any second thought about doing it.  I’ll put in my contract the same stipulations or whatever, man.  I know anytime something like that happens, you wake up and you smell the roses.
“After talking to Mike, he definitely knows what’s happening.  He has a family, kids, fiancée.  He definitely wised up and got those riff-raffs away from him.  He knows who his true friends are.  He’ll move on and go from there.”
Vick is scheduled to be released from prison, and could end up in a halfway house as early as January.  Theoretically, he’d be allowed to be employed thereafter by an NFL team.
But first, there’s the issue of being reinstated to the NFL.
“Michael Vick was indefinitely suspended after he pleaded guilty,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Corkran.  “If he applies for reinstatement following his release from jail, the commissioner would review all the facts and make a decision.”
Aiello’s statement implies that Vick won’t be permitted to join any team during his time in a halfway house.  If that’s the case, he’ll have to apply for reinstatement in July, and wait for the process to play itself out.
The other impediment to Vick’s presence in Oakland is the fact that the team’s quarterback of the present and future is JaMarcus Russell, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft.  But our guess is that the team that still holds Vick’s rights (the Falcons) would be inclined to slide Vick to the Raiders for a low-round draft pick if it means keeping Vick out of the NFC South. 
Because if/when Vick ever becomes an unrestricted free agent, our guess is that Bucs coach Jon Gruden will be all over him.  Gruden faced Vick enough times during Tampa’s twice-per-year battles against the Falcons to know what Vick can do.  And Gruden has no qualms about giving social miscreants a second chance, as proven by the ongoing presence of Jerramy Stevens on the team.

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  1. I dont see tampa getting him. Gruden likes QBs who can throw the ball.
    Vick-led teams collapse in the second half of the season. He didnt prepare for games or read defenses and it amazes me that anyone thinks he will ever start.
    But that is certainly no impediment to the raiders picking him up.
    The teams in the nfc south all know how to defense vick. he wont make a living in that division.

  2. Yeah that makes a lot of sense. The current Raider players ought to worry about how bad they suck now and stop worry about signing a dog killer who can’t help them behind bars. What pathetic franchise: players, owners, coaches and management.

  3. already talking about Vick? Who’s going #1 in the draft this year while were at it…?

  4. You’re wrong Florio — Gruden might tolerate some miscreants at skill positions but I can almost guarantee he would never tolerate it from his QB. Just a quick look at his past tells you that he only trusts a veteran QB with a solid head on his shoulders and I don’t think you can claim Vick falls into that category

  5. I cant believe it took this long for this theory make rounds.
    You should have brought this up earlier THEN you could have
    recycled it right before he got out.

  6. That would create a heck of an issue with their new Multi-Million Dollar Man, McFadden is already sharing reps with Fargas and Bush…

  7. I’m sure Al Davis will do it, and pay him something like $250 million for a one year/prove it deal.
    Even if Vick comes in with a few dozen extra pounds, he will still be way better than Russel.

  8. If the NFL ever let that man play again, then it would really look poorly on their “tough” policy. He does not deserve to ever do anything, again.

  9. I’m not sure what is scarier: That some of the Raiders are openly stating that they want Vick on the team, and in Hall’s case that he would bet his contract on Vick staying out of trouble, or that in his quote an NFL player used the term “riff-raffs.” That’s got to make you sound pretty tough in the locker room… I mean golly gee.

  10. What he can do? It’s not like he lead the Falcons to greatness. They are a better team without him at quarterback. He really wasn’t that great. People need to stop looking at the hype and start looking at the facts.
    Also, didn’t he have family and kids before he got busted. Why didn’t that stop him from starting a dog fighting ring with his first NFL paycheck? And continue to do it.
    Not only was he not that good, but I doubt he will stay out of trouble. He will continue to hang out with thugs and do thug things again.

  11. You honestly believe Vick is a “social miscreant” and not just a goat for the dog fighting situation?Don’t get me wrong, his circle of friends/family are all scum for their treatment of animals and for pinning EVERYTHING on him, but I just think labeling Vick as a “social miscreant” is unfair.

  12. vick did something disgusting. the nfl has to look like they’re making a stink about the situation to save face with fans and groups like pets. the review is politics.

  13. The Raiders are basically the NFL’s sideshow, why not add Vick? I can imagine that Hard Knocks would love to portray the Raiders next year if Ron makes it back into the NFL.

  14. He’d be a perfect fit for the Raiders. Oakland is quickly becoming the place NFL players go to die out at the end of their career. Add Pacman to that squad, they might win 5 games next year.

  15. As long as Gregg Knapp is the OC of the Raiders they will never be successful. Knapp destroyed the carrears of Jeff Garcia, Mike Vick and now Jemarcuss Russell. He’s running the 98 broncos offense which would only work with a pro like John Elway. Run on first down , run of second down, pass with no throwing lanes on third down. You can’t develop a young QB on that system. The raiders had 3 first downs today. Knapp is incompetent and should not be in the NFL.

  16. @ empty,
    You dont watch falcons games. Vick is fine, its the OC knapp that is the problem. Look at Vick with reeves- he was a superstar. Name ONE QB that was successful throwing under KNapp.

  17. What is the premise here?
    Are they giving up on Jamarcus Russell?
    Or bringing Vick in as a “mentor”?
    Is this how you develop a young quarterback?
    By signing another (relatively) young quarterback who will expect to start?
    The Raiders need to find another line of work.
    Maybe they should become a roller derby team.

  18. Vick should be locked in a cell with Rae Carruth and forced to fight to the death. A REAL cage match, baby!
    Barring that, I hope he gets raped to death before his release date.
    Barring THAT, I’d like to lock him in a cage with my three dogs (all rescues, and believe me, they know an asshole when they smell one…)
    Mike Vick is a waste of carbon and a stone oxygen thief.
    His fans/defenders are as low as he is.

  19. I agree with MVP, why is it a crime to kill some animals but an industry (food service, fashion, animal testing) to kill others?
    At least dog fighting dogs have a CHANCE of survival. They win they stay alive.
    How many pigs do we see running around? Babe, Wilbur, those homeless ones from the childrens book?

  20. I’m a Bucs fan and I would love to see Vick in a Bucs uniform. With a playmaker like Vick and a smart coach like Gruden, the NFL wouldn’t know what hit them.

  21. So my last post was a little too BRUTALLY honest, eh?
    How ’bout this: I’d like to meet Vick in a dark alley.
    He would WISH he was one of his “unworthy” dogs.
    Waste of carbon.
    Oxygen thief.
    I’d still like to see him locked in a cage/death match with Rae Carruth.
    No one in their right mind would miss either of them…

  22. I’m no fan of Vick by any means. But why does he get jail for dog fighting and Ray Lewis sees no discipline for his murder trial. Leonard Little didn’t even sniff jail for killing someone in a DUI, etc. etc. He should get one more chance and that’s it as long as it’s not in the AFC West.
    Aside from that rant, is Vick even in shape? Has be been doing any kind of QB related drills? He could have gained 40 pounds for all we know.

  23. How montepoole from the san jose monkey new’z see’s it!
    Vick isnt even out of jail yet let alone reinstated.

  24. “MVPnis says:
    November 2nd, 2008 at 7:30 pm
    Animal lovers are such hypocrites. These are “men” that pay people to slice up pigs ( which are smarter than dogs)”
    If pigs were so smart they would know better than to taste so damned good! Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

  25. brianforster says:
    November 2nd, 2008 at 7:48 pm
    I agree with MVP, why is it a crime to kill some animals but an industry (food service, fashion, animal testing) to kill others?
    At least dog fighting dogs have a CHANCE of survival. They win they stay alive.

    You REALLY don’t see the difference between killing for food, and torturing for entertainment? Would you argue that serial killers who cut up their living victims, piece by piece, shouldn’t be punished, because its ok for soldiers to kill other soldiers on a battlefield? Because, frankly, that sounds like a stupid argument to me. You aren’t stupid, are you, Brian?

  26. @dallassucks
    Why don’t you go in a cage match with all the pigs and cows you paid to have someone slaughter them. I bet it would look like the movie Hannibal. A little horrible man being eaten by pigs.

  27. DallasSucks = the deranged hypocritical cruel little weasel in the movie Hannibal. You are more “brutal” and cruel than the people you criticize. Here’s to you in a cage match to the animals you’ve killed.

  28. Butterfuttor
    Do you mean it would not be OK to kill you for sport, but it would OK to kill you for food?
    You aren’t stupid , are you butt?

  29. “MVPnis says:
    November 2nd, 2008 at 9:49 pm
    Do you mean it would not be OK to kill you for sport, but it would OK to kill you for food?
    You aren’t stupid , are you butt? ”
    No, I’m saying there’s a difference between killing for a utilitarian purpose, and torturing for entertainment. Only an idiot would even try to argue otherwise. Keep that in mind before responding again.

  30. If the Raiders somehow and for some reason sign Michael Vick then they better make 100% use of the WildCat or WildHog formation with Vick and McFadden always out on the field. You can rotate in JaMarcus, Fargas, Michael Bush, and Johnnie Lee Higgins for whatever the situation calls.
    That is the only way I can see that working. The Raiders lack WRs and a competent offensive line. The playcalling is horrid too.
    They need to fix those things before focusing on Michael Vick but if they make those strides and the time comes where Vick is available then I can see it not being so bad.

  31. mvp – vick is a helluva athlete no doubt but he is an awful QB his best completion ratio was never more than 56% at his best and his TD/Interceptions were always close to 50/50 – he sucks as a QB
    Southerboi727 you are a Goober with a capital GOO – next time you have a thought . . . let it go (thanks Ron) Please don’t speak for Bucs fans.

  32. vick is innocent, the mainstream media and those
    ambulance chasers at peta/humane society convicted him before
    he even had an opportunity to develop a defense. Vick will
    be back and redeem himself, if the cowboys can get
    away with signing t.o.,pac,tank, than vick can comeback.

  33. Upon his arrival in the NFL, I thought this guy had a chance to reign supreme. After watching a bulk of his games, I beg to differ and do not see how a stint in a Federal Pen could improve his possible return. The guy “had” a cannon that he could not aim & legs that were great. I also disagree with a previous post about how good he was under Reeves as opposed to whomever. I watched most Atlanta games while Vick was under center waiting for the superstar to emerge. Never happened under either coach and he was still very inconsistent under Reeves (though a lil’ better).
    Yeah, if I were a Raider fan I’d want this guy:
    Career Totals
    53.8% Completion % (Avg. at best)
    156 yds/game (Pathetic)
    Att: 1730 – Over 40 yds (completed): 33 (Wow)
    71 TD’s in 74 games (Lame)
    79 turnovers in 74 games (Not good) – 27 lost fumbles (55 total) & 52 int
    If they would like to sign him as a RB, they may have better luck. His only value is running. He has already proven that he can only throw to 1/3 of the field yet run to all parts. If he has not lost a step, that is clearly his only value. Lotta’ talent in that guy, he has chosen not to apply it. Oh, can’t read a defense either. I’m guessing he struggles with the playbook as well, seemed to improvise prematurely then tale off running. Can he catch……if so, WR is an option. Oakland needs a few of them if they can get a QB to throw it to them.

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