Ladies and gentlemen.  Allow us to introduce to you . . . the new Deion Sanders.
And we don’t mean that in a good way.
Mike Jenkins of the Cowboys became this generation’s “Tiptoe Matador” on Sunday, when the rookie waved a red cape at running back Derrick Ward of the Giants.
So Jenkins is pretty much a coward.  The only other explanation is that Jenkins is playing in a high-stakes fantasy football league, and Ward is on Jenkins’ team.
We’re kidding about the last part.  We hope.



  1. I just watched this on ESPN and about fell over laughing. Kind of reminds me of Todd Pinkston too.

  2. 1. Ward had all the momentum, Jenkins would have gotten nailed.
    2. Jenkins was the only Cowboy toward the outside of the field, so other Cowboys should have gotten there while Jenkins was there to make sure it didn’t bounce outside.

  3. I think just maybe, the Cowboys might be lacking in fundamental skills and discipline. Maybe…
    God I hope they keep Wade Phillips

  4. In Maryland the slang term for this with the 18-20 somethings is called ‘bitched”
    but really, I haven’t heard one decent thing about this guy.
    Is DRC doing as bad as him?

  5. I was gonna say, this is right up there with Stinkston’s alligator arms.
    Wow, he should have been benched and cut on the spot, brutal.

  6. so you’re saying that Mike Jenkins is the new best cover corner ever?
    That’s insane.
    Deion didn’t need to tackle. He wasn’t a coward, he was just lazy. Jenkins is a Stinkstonesque coward.
    Deion, on the other hand, is a legend.

  7. A PERFECT example of the Jerry Jones type Cowboys player…as opposed to say…a Tom Landry or Jimmie Johnson era Cowboys player….I assure you Jimmy Johnson wouldn’t even let Jenkins ride on the plane back to Dallas…
    This is not going away anytime soon…just think what the Cowboys opponents will be saying to Jenkins every week on the field…oh man….

  8. Another great scouting job and draft pick by the GM of the team from Dallas. It’s good thing he can’t be fired…

  9. It might just be me, but I think it’s a conflict of interest for NFL players to be allowed to play fantasy football. You can go on certain fantasy sites, and see who certain NFL stars have on their fantasy teams, and it just boggled the mind when I saw it. I can’t believe the NFL would allow this, because of Fantasy football’s association with gambling. Most leagues pay out at the end of the year, sometimes paying first, second and third place.
    I have a hard time believing that any NFL player would put their fantasy team’s performance over his or his team’s performance on the field. But with some fantasy leagues being promoted as having $25,000 pots, then you’re starting to talk about big money, for fantasy football.
    I’m surprised that neither the NFL nor this site has addressed it yet. Seems like with the lengths they go to to prevent gambling, they would ban this, or is there too much money involved in fantasy football and all the revenue it brings?

  10. I LOVE IT! The Lions need the Cowboys to all play like this! Keep on getting “bitched” Continuing that kind of play will almost guarantee the Lions a top 15 pick!
    Speaking of Deion, remember the Nike commercial with he and Jerry Jones? “If I had 11 men like that, I could rule the world!” You now the Nike cuff links and all that, from like 1996. Wonder what kind of tag line it would have with Mike Jenkins.

  11. That Pinkston video gets better every time.
    I hope Lenny P gets healthy enough to the point that a “move on or move out” reference wouldn’t be in bad taste.

  12. A bunch of fat or pencil neck dweebs who know nothing about football, but think they do (and that includes you, Florio).
    The guy was trying to contain the play to the inside and keep Ward from bouncing it outside. He wasn’t exactly in a good position to make the tackle there.

  13. I couldnt believe it when I saw it.He flat out quit.He didnt even pretend to try..That guy has no pride.He showed he has no balls on national tv and worse his teammates will all see it clearly on film..

  14. Without defending this sissy-play, as we’re dogging this guy as being a worthless draft bust I feel compelled to point out he returned an interception for a touchdown in this same game. Just sayin’.

  15. Vic you the damn tape again all he ahd to do was take one step and he had are the one that has no friggin clue what the hell you are talking about..HE QUIT!

  16. @theVIC
    “He wasn’t exactly in a good position to make the tackle there.” So within arm’s reach, isn’t good position? You ‘boys fans are pathetic with your excuses.

  17. Uh … maybe that was the old trick of just letting them score so you can get the ball back. LOL. Lets face it, the way the defense was playing the Giants were going to end up with a TD anyway, so this way they allowed them to score so they could get the ball back with more time on the clock.
    No … I’m not serious. It’s a joke damn it! 🙂

  18. @theVIC
    I agree with you. It is very apparent that he was trying to protect against the cut to the outside. That being said, a dive at Ward’s feet when he went by and it was clear that he was staying inside wouldn’t have killed him either…

  19. Ya, Cowboys AS A TEAM are soft (and a bunch of headcases, too … you listen’, T.O.?) … but I wouldn’t call out Jenkins for his individual contributions in this regard. Whole team is overrated and lacks discipline that can’t be hung on Wade Phillips … when you’re buffoon GM/Owner is prancing around pretending this is a personal Fantasy League rather than a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL FRANCHISE, and you sign and then coddle the most egregious individual egos in the sport, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?
    And, how do you COWGIRLS fans expect them ‘boys to just “turn it on” when Romo returns, eh? They will probably be 5-5 in a few weeks time … and who knows what trouble they’re goin’ to get into during Bye Week.

  20. “Continuing that kind of play will almost guarantee the Lions a top 15 pick!”
    Doesn’t matter. They’ll piss it away anyway. They’re the Lions.

  21. Vox says:
    Coward”? Seriously? Would you say that to his face?
    A real head coach would Vox, I mean jesus, it looks like the whole team has given up and clearly there is no excuse for the non attempt by Jenkins.

  22. I hate the Cowboys, but this is lame. Jenkins had no legit shot at bringing him down at all.

  23. I definitely agree that he avoided all contact whatsoever. If I was the coach, he would be benched. But, what makes me laugh is all the armchair linebackers and d-backs on PFT. I played rugby and football all through high school and college, so I know what it means to hit. 90% of the guys on here talking about him being scared of hitting, wouldn’t hit crap. Skinny, weak, and slow internet tough guys. Most probably didn’t play contact/collision sports. At least it’s funny to read.
    And oh yeah, Deion was the best cover corner ever.

  24. It was a weak lack of attempt sure, but coward is a big statement. C’mon Florio, you make your cash off of these guys – whether they tackle or not. Calling them out as a coward here doesn’t show anything, but class on your part or lack there of some. You wouldn’t call Jenkins a coward if you seen him on the street, the guy is still a pro athlete and probably would swing his purse pretty hard.

  25. Aren’t you also calling Deion a coward in that comment.
    … best cover corner ever. I’m sure you’d never come close.

  26. idk…looking at the replay he could of stopped where he was to prevent a cut to the outside. he kind of made a move toward Ward when he realized his receiver was blocking the safety over the top…but noticed it too late to make a legitimate play on Ward.
    This isin’t that bad IMO.

  27. It’s the corner’s job as the outside defender to contain inside and my man just got juked out of his jock, plain and simple. By the time he got his balance back Ward was past him. Don’t tell me the boy is scared, he put the wood to Earnest Graham last week. Instead of bagging on Jenkins you guys should be praising Ward and that subtle little Emmitt-style move he did. That’s what you’d be doing if you knew what you were looking at.

  28. “Did Vox say something? I can’t hear anything coming from the cellar. ”
    Well come upstairs with us normal people already, kid.

  29. Maybe the poor guy has been run over by Marion Barber so many times in practice that its virtually a programmed response for him to shy away from contact.ROFL

  30. and yet again, captain fantastik comes in with another quality post. Seriously, man, do you actually think, or do you just post whatever pops into your head first?
    He even steps toward Ward and then backs off, expecting someone else to make the tackle because he didn’t want to actually take/give a hit. that’s probably why he’s playing DB instead of WR; he didn’t want to get hit. That was a coward move and if the cowboys had anyone else near his talent level (he was a first round pick, after all. there has to be SOME talent to warrant that) he’d be riding the bench for at least a couple of weeks.
    And what’s with that dumb expression on his face after the play? That’s the face that says “Well I thought you were gonna get him!”
    Cowboys = Yankees. You can’t buy a championship anymore

  31. I just added a DVR to my ‘football tv’. That was the first play that I used the rewind button for. Watching it live, I’m thinking – did that dude just stop and look at the RB? Sure as hell, watched it again and again and again – too funny not to watch multiple times. Although in fairness, I watched Max Starks last night get out of the way of a live ball like it was on fire.

  32. If you ever wonder how some teams could lose their starting QB’s (NE, Tampa Bay, and last night, Pitts) and still win games and the Cowgirls lose Tony Homo and can’t beat the Rams or Giants, look no further than the team’s defensive play. Jenkins just gave up on the play and wanted no part of the RB.
    The coach should fine him his entire paycheck and then an extra $200, the cost of a ticket since all he was doing was watching the game.
    Vox must be so proud, living in the past off the Cowgirls fast start, looking at the basement of the NFC East.

  33. If you watched the WHOLE game, you would have seen that MOST of the Cowboys avoided contact in the fourth quarter – including the offensive line. Don’t know whether they quit on Phillips, but it sure looked like they did. As for Jenkins interception – a chimp could have made that one. Eli and Plax obviously were not on the same page (Plax broke deep and Eli threw short) and the ball went right into Jenkins chest. That had A LOT more to do with Eli and/or Plax f’ing up than it did with Jenkins making a play. He didn’t even have to move. The pass was right to him.

  34. I was going to sarcasticly say he was trying to keep contain, but a few people beat me to it. Unfortunately they weren’t kidding.

  35. it is sad that people who actually get paid to play can’t play the game right…and thousands of peewee/high school/college players will throw their bodies around for nothing but the thrill

  36. Why are all these Cowboys fans defending this and saying “he is just trying to make sure Ward doesn’t go outside”? Just suck it up…. he didn’t make a play. Now I wouldn’t label him as a coward because I don’t know him personally or haven’t seen much of him, but he sure didn’t show any effort. You don’t have to keep the guy from going outside when he is arm’s reach. When he is that close, you tackle him…. hit him low, hit him high, but you tackle him. If he trys to make a tackle then he CAN’T go outside unless he runs right through him and in that case, containing doesn’t matter anyway. So when a running back is running towards sideline with no blockers in front of him and a CB is over there with a clear line to make a play… he should stay there instead of ummmm you know, making a freakin tackle? Don’t make excuses for this play, he f’ed up and I’m sure the coaches won’t offer any excuses.

  37. he could have at LEAST dove at the guy’s ankles. pulled a sucker move. did he think it would go unnoticed?

  38. How do you declare someone is a coward based on one play? Jenkins is having a great season for a rookie. He’s holding his own as a starter while Terence Newman is out. On this particular play, who knows exactly what happened. Maybe there was a subtle move, maybe for a split second he guessed Ward would cut outside and didn’t have time to recover, or maybe he did give up on the play. But I don’t think it’s fair to label the guy a coward halfway through his rookie year based on one possibly avoided tackle. Now, if he makes a habit out of this, fine, but until then…..

  39. Deer in headlights anyone?
    Remember fundamentals to tackling..
    1. square up
    2. freeze dead in your tracks…
    3. let said player run straight by
    ooh wait…

  40. HA HA….Looks like Vox when his Mommy rushes down the basement steps…..That’s enough time on line young man…….Too Funny

  41. VOX:
    Once again you prove that you are a bitch. Anyone who makes an excuse for this play is also a bitch. Make a tackle. Thats what you get paid for. Jenkins didnt want to get run over, so he let Ward go by. PERIOD. Any excuse about containing the outside is just a sad attempt to cover up that your first round pick is one of many in a pack of pussies.

  42. I cant believe people on here are actually defending Jenkins saying that it was his responsibility to hold outside containment my goodness Cowboy fans get dumber by the day… Anyways Jenkins showed how soft he was not even attempting to make contact. I bet he got ate up during a Film session.

  43. I wouldn’t take Vox’s excuse making as representative of the Cowtgirl fans. Most reasonable people see this for what it is, a poor play by a player who didn’t even try to make the tackle.
    Vox sees nothing wrong with anything the Cowgirls do, overspend on a player, no big deal, he’s going to be great, draft a Tarzan that plays like Jane, no big deal, he’s developing. Not win a playoff game in 11 years, again, no big deal, lets’ talk about a game from the first few weeks of the season when they won a couple and ignore the fact that its a 16 week season and the Girls are going to be watching the playoffs at home.

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