On Sunday, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter ripped Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, calling Marshall “soft” and saying he would “mope and cry” when he didn’t get the ball.
Now Marshall has escalated the war of words.
Talking to reporters in Denver today, Marshall questioned why Porter talks trash, what his insecurities are, and even what he does on the dance floor when he goes out to nightclubs.
“Joey Porter’s one of those guys, when you’ve got guys who talk a lot of trash and want to talk about people or put people down, they have their own insecurities. His insecurities, I don’t know,” Marshall said, per the Rocky Mountain News.
“But he’s definitely one of those guys who all those muscles are popcorn muscles. He’s soft. We hear stories floating around the league all the time about him, as far as him being in nightclubs, dancing with his shirt off like a girl, or in the playground getting beat up back in California,” Marshall added. “He’s one of those guys that no matter how big he is, he can still get knocked on his butt.  [Editor’s note:  Or, as the case may be, shot in his butt.]  He’s soft. And you can tell the way he’s talking. His nickname’s ‘Peezy’. I don’t know what ‘Peezy’ is, Joey.”
Knowing Porter, it’s safe to say he’ll have a response.


  1. Marshall then proceeded to show what a man he is by beating up his girlfriend for the 10th time before getting his ass kicked by a McDonalds bag.

  2. Brandon Marshall needs to do something with his career before he starts talkin @#!@$ to someone whos done alot.

  3. How is Joey Porter going to call somebody else a crybaby? Am I crazy or does he not whine about refs every chance he gets?

  4. Lawd, I’d love to see these two idiots beat the crap out of each other.
    Porter rebounded this year, marshall still has to prove he’s a big thing.
    I hope they get into it, that could be a riot.

  5. i don’t know where Marshall gets his stories, but Porter would break him half
    Anyone remember when he fought two Browns, one who had his helmet on, and kicked their asses?
    (this isn’t a dig on the Browns, I’m just saying, Peezy is a bad Mofo…….
    Ok I’m lying, its half a dig on the Browns)

  6. I normally can’t stand Porter, but he was masterful in getting into Marshall’s fragile mind.
    It’s always entertaining to see two subhumans duke it out.

  7. I guess the next table he falls through will be in the VIP section at the hands of Mr.”Peezy”.

  8. Win a Super Bowl, be a multiple-time Pro Bowler, quit beating up your girlfriends… Then will you have a right to talk Brandon.

  9. Unfortunately they’re not likely to play again this season. There’s a chance they both make the playoffs and match up but it isn’t likely.

  10. Isn’t Brandon Marshall one of the guys who disappeared while the Fins were handing the Horsies their rear ends? What kind of idiot talks smack after getting beat? Even MeAngelo Hall had the sense to duck the press after the Falcons rolled into town whupped the Raiduhs.

  11. Marshall is yet another big mouthed idiot who cries like a baby when he doesn’t get his wayy or they don’t throw him the ball. Hey Brandon, the Dolphins shut you down all day long. Maybe you need to shut your gaping piehole and act like a man for once.

  12. At least Porter was looked to as a leader when he was with Pittsburgh. What has Marshall done to date? Oh, I know. He is trying to follow the Chris Henry model.

  13. Yeah , Joey’s soft when he’s having a career year. Once a turd, always a dumbass

  14. I don’t necessarily agree with Marshall coming out and talking trash but I love that it’s directed towards “Peezy,” the biggest loud mouth in pro sports. Just shut up already Joey!

  15. Both of these guys are a couple of p***ies and couldn’t ‘tough-guy’ their way out of a paper bag. You know what would be nice? How about shutting the F’ up and playing some football.
    One more crack out of either one of ’em and I’ll knock their heads together like Moe.

  16. Sweet. Looks like Joey REALLY got to him. Joey may run his mouth but he picked up another sack in the game (11.5 on the season now). What did Marshall do? Oh yeah, cried like a baby and had a hissy fit after the OPI call.
    Grow a pair and get over it kid.

  17. RobJH got it right: BM got his ass kicked by a TV. I will love my Broncos until I’m dead but sometimes they are hard to love.

  18. He makes a good point about the jackass calling himself “jpeezy”. it’s almost as bad as using that as your PFT screen name.

  19. Some great trash talk there w/ unique comebacks.
    You’re soft!
    Nu-uh…yo…you’re soft! /cry

  20. Wow Porter really got into this guys head…he is kind of a genius if you think about it. Very Hines Ward-ish. He completely blew up their best receiver without covering him once.

  21. I don’t really care for any player running their mouth, but at least Porter does it before the game is actually played.
    Porter called him out before the game, the game was played, the Broncos lost, and NOW Brandon Marshall is going to run his mouth about Porter? I don’t see how this move is going to earn him much respect from his peers.

  22. WOW some of you are a bunch of idiots. Porter comes out and talks garbage about another player and that player responds and hes in the wrong. Saying that Marshall can only talk when hes won a Super Bowl and made it to multiple pro bowls, Get the F out of here. This is a league of men . You defend yourself when need be no matter what.

  23. Isn’t Porter the dumbass that starting the fights in a casino with Levi?
    I dont know how many people watched the game on Sunday but Marshall got flagged on a cheap offensive pass interference call. Take that away and he has a 100 yard game and a Td and the Broncos win.

  24. Porter would crush Marshall with little effort. Marshall isn’t Hines Ward, he ain’t gonna be laying anybody out. Peezy’s going to be the one laying the smackdown. Denver blows.

  25. Peezy talks trash before the game, during the game and then after the game. Trash talking after the game is stupid as is responding to post game trash talking. Peezy was not a force last year in Miami so lets see how this year plays out, so far so good or half full.

  26. Who’s Brandon Marshall? Did he play? I know a guy named Camarillo that played. Oh yeah, Marshall is the guy who talked smack about a reciever with 111 yards in the game at Denver.
    It looks like Marshall waited until Joey ‘Peezy’ Porter was safe in Miami before he started his smack talk towards him. That reeks of cowardice……. just sayin…

  27. Final score, Brandon. Final score. All else is irrelevant. Now be quiet & practice some more.

  28. Last year I tired of Joey Porter. This year, he’s great. If you produce, you can talk smack. Maybe B-Marsh will learn that someday…

  29. “as far as him being in nightclubs, dancing with his shirt off like a girl ”
    Requesting a list of the clubs where girls dance with their shirts off.

  30. Mborz, Porter had bad mouthed Brandon Marshall AFTER the game was played, not before.. it was in an interview after the game that he opened his mouth.. and to anybody that acts like Brandon Marshall hasnt done anything… hes on pace to have another 100+ reception 1300+ yard year (2nd time in 3 years hes played) so I dont want to read any more “what has Brandon Marshall done” because that is ignorant… Both these players are just having fun talking trash.. Nothing too serious.

  31. I really hope Joey responds simply by saying: “His head is still in last week??? I had no idea i was that good at what i do.”
    wow. racism? homosexuality? really??? What’s next, this gets turned into a republican/democrat thing? geeez. i hope not.
    mukka wins best post in this thread, imho.

  32. brandon marshall is projecting again = “He’s soft. And you can tell the way he’s talking”
    he’s talking about himself
    how about not getting beat up by a mcdonalds wrapper retard, then you can talk about soft….what a useless human being

  33. “WOW some of you are a bunch of idiots. Porter comes out and talks garbage about another player and that player responds and hes in the wrong. Saying that Marshall can only talk when hes won a Super Bowl and made it to multiple pro bowls, Get the F out of here. This is a league of men . You defend yourself when need be no matter what. ”
    Uhhhhh…crack kills
    Defend yourself with what…words to some scrawny media-type???
    Porter talked trash before and during the game, ON THE FIELD, while there was still a possibility of physical altercation. BM (Bowel Movement) starting talking trash when Porter was at a safe distance (2,500 miles).
    Brandon just crowned himself king of Pussdome!

  34. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics, even if you when you are still retarded.

  35. [emb6903 said: Mborz, Porter had bad mouthed Brandon Marshall AFTER the game was played, not before]
    You’re right – I initially thought Porter made his comments before the game, but he did not. And, obviously, if Porter makes comments after the game, Marshall shouldn’t get flak for responding to them.

  36. champagne! vs. the ambusher!
    lock these two in a rubber room and they can slap fight each other silly then watch chick flicks afterwards.

  37. That’s bullshit about Joey Porter….I’ve seen him 3-4 times in Pittsburgh’s clubs…He would dance, or rather let girls grind on him….Always with a shirt on and never acting stupid….People still love him here in Pittsburgh, one of the greatest Steelers…

  38. i watched the entire game, peezy trash talked marshall before
    the game during warmups, during the game, and marshall folded
    like a cheap tent, the only time marshall talked smack
    was when there was some denver linemen in the way to protect
    him, brandon marshall is soft like butter. Porter has
    pro bowls, big game numbers, and a little piece of bling
    called a SUPERBOWL RING.

  39. “even if you when you are still retarded.”
    so….did you “when”? because you are certainly still retarded.

  40. I would not call Porter soft ever. When he was out because he was shot in the a$$ Ray Lewis made a comment to him about it. He got on the Raven’s bus and called out Ray and the rest of the Raven’s. Is he a loudmouth? Yes. Is he crazy? Yes. Is he soft? Hell no.

  41. Piece of advice for Brandon Marshall . . . Don’t go and hang out in any Vegas casinos when you know Joey Porter is in town. Second thought, please go and hang out in the casinos when you find out Joey is going to be there. Just keep an eye out for McDonald’s bags on the casino floor. I hear they are pretty dangerous.

  42. BOTH players need to shutup.
    that said, porter actually produced and has a right to talk smack… not to mention porter *did* talk smack before & during the game as well.
    i was VERY tired of Porter’s words & antics last year, but this year i’m ok with them as long as he continues to produce. he’s on pace to be the defensive player of the year… with this kind of production, he can talk all the mess he wants as long as he backs it up… which he is.
    Marshall is a talented young receiver i’d LOVE to have on my team. he IS a turd though, and needs to clean up his act. also, his choice of words for Porter was weak – he needs to learn how to talk trash.

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