In the wake of the news that the Raiders soon will release cornerback DeAngelo Hall, a league source tells us that as many as 15 other current members of the team could be gone before next year.
The source believes that the purge will include receiver Javon Walker and defensive tackle Tommy Kelly.
As to Hall, we’re told that the reasons given for the move include a desire to devote the money that Hall would receive over the next year ($16.5 million) to inking cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to a long-term deal, and to sign other players.
Also, don’t be shocked if someone makes a waivers claim on Hall.  We’re told that interested teams include the Patriots, Texans, Giants, Redskins, Rams, and Saints.  Several teams have the money to pay Hall — and getting him for $16 million in guaranteed money could be regarded as a bargain.


  1. ok time to put the boots on. it is getting a bit deep with this “source” Hall makes sense….15 players?

  2. Ask your source about Huff. I’ve heard rumors that the Raiders were thinking of cutting ties with him before.

  3. The raiders cant just cut ties with up to 15 players. And even if they could, is next years draft going to be that strong? The one gem to come out of the draft would be McCoy if he even does come out, and the one player they’re not cutting is Russell. Any thoughts?

  4. This is the best move the Raiders have made all year. Cut the losses and move one. Javon out, Deangelo out, Kelly out, Huff out etc……………
    I think Al is finally getting some help.

  5. Best move the Raiders made all year. Get rid of all the high priced offseason “talent”. I think Al has gotten help and understands we need to rebuild the right way!!!

  6. Sorry, Superdolt. Aint happening. You can have your pick of the underachievers Al’s setting free, though. One toasty, mouthy CB, the least physical safety in NFL history or a semi-retired receiver.
    Line ’em up next to your empty trophy case.

  7. Commitment to Excellence. Al was so broke, he couldn’t pay JaMarcus and sold off part of the team to splash around in free agency. These are those guys.

  8. Unless Al Davis is one of the 15, the Raiders will continue with their losing ways. Oh well, once Obama is elected we’ll all have our mortgages and gas paid for us so at least i have that to look forward to.

  9. This makes a lot of sense when you think back to Al Davis saying how Hall was a pick up that Kiffin really pushed for.
    Sounds like they are cleaning house for whoever is coming in next year to be head of football operations or whatever they are going to call it (Madden?).

  10. it’s as if a real general manager looked at the roster of the raiders and made some adjustments.

  11. Wonder if the 15 includes Davis? At least he’s apparently realizing he has no idea what he’s doing if he’s willing to get rid of these guys he just signed. Oh wait, it was Kiffin’s idea to sign all those, wasn’t it Al?

  12. I’m curious how this might affect the arbitration of Kiffin’s firing. Wasn’t one of crazy Al’s reasons for firing him “FOR CAUSE” the fact that Kiffin disagreed with the free agent signings of the people who are about to get the axe only a few games after Kiffin got kicked out? I’m an engineer, not a lawyer, but it seems pretty logical to me that it goes a long way in showing that Kiffin was doing a good job by argueing against bringing in those players, particularly for that kind of money!

  13. Good thing Al Davis is sharp as a tack. Image what he would have done if he lost his faculties. Nothing like paying tens of millions of dollars to players who come to the Raiders for one year, fail miserably, and then are cut the next year. How much money will the Raiders have paid out to retain Kelly, Hall, and Walker for this year if they decide to cut ties with them before the end or after this season? It has gotta be around $20 million.

  14. finally Al is coming out of his coma…Hall has been burnt so many times by teams its ridiculous. I really have to ask Al to look and see if he can get rid of Ryan…do you see a pettern Kelly, Hall, Huff…………..R Y A N…..only person to survive his play is Nnamdi and thats not because of the play calling but because of Nnamdi’s natural ability to play good corner…sign that guy up….i think Al will invest in the draft more than free agency… he can see that the Cheifs are statring to get better and that is because of great youth…..but most important points or jobs for Al to do….
    1. Sign A GM
    2. Sign Nnamdi for like the next 10 yrs
    2. Sign either Billick or Cowher
    and sorry Dolt boy you can have hall and get burnt on both sides this time..but they will never get Bush

  15. well someone has to be blamed cause al wont be!
    raiders are much worse so far w/o kiffin. how many guys are laying down over kiffin?
    oops should one say that about a bay area team? are old bugeyes’ pants down again?

  16. Did Barack Obama get elected as G.M. of the Raiders too? Maybe someone with AN ACTUAL FUNCTIONING MIND is holding Crazy Al hostage?
    Sounds good to me.

  17. If they were to cut and or trade Kelly, Hall and or Walker, all the guaranteed money accelerates against the cap to when they get cut, they can designate 1 player for a June first cut in the offseason. No way they get cut/traded in the near future

  18. titusraider: Billick was too much of a player’s coach in Baltimore and the players knew it. That’s the last thing Oakland needs.

  19. Hell, when I heard Hall was going to be purged from this silver & black attrocity, I was like well what about the other 51 that stink…..(excluding Namdi).

  20. Al, build through the draft. Then sprinkle in veterans like you used to…that’s the way the Raiders built their championship teams.

  21. The Raiders signed Tommy Kelly to a seven-year contract this past off-season which included $18.125 in guaranteed money. I can’t disagree with the moves, but Oakland will be in some salary cap hell for the short-term if they go with the wholesale cuts.

  22. This is a disgrace. When is the league going to intervene here? Surely having a mentaly unstable owner is in breach of numerous NFL standards. No one will benefit from this, least of all the Raiders. Try keeping your pro-bowlers AND your coaches AL, not getting rid of both.

  23. 2008 RAIDERS PLANS:
    -cut me-angelo
    -cut kelly
    -cut huff
    -cut walker
    -cut lelie
    -cut any former falcon that wants vick
    -fire knapp
    -fire cable
    -fire rex ryan
    -move back to the los angeles and play at coliseum
    -sign pete caroll, so that he could still live in los angeles
    and still use the coliseum and drum up support in the
    greater los angeles area. Also hire Tim Brown, Rich Gannon,
    and any other ex-raider with business sense to work
    for the team.
    -Give Pete Carroll a share of the personnel power with
    captain al davis.

  24. Hmmm I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at Hall as long as it doesnt cost too much. I feel our D is very strong minded and we have a great d coordinator and supporting cast that deangelo has never had. I think the chance is worth it but I know he wouldnt be assured anything and would probably start at #4 on the db depth chart. If he cause any problems greg blache would drop him in a heart beat.

  25. I await with bated breath, Al’s next conference, where he explains with letters, anecdotes and Venn diagrams why he won’t pay out the guaranteed money to the cuts.

  26. Hall did himself no favors when he said last week that he dosent always try..What a heartless loser..Davis needs to be put out of his misery

  27. playmaker says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 1:02 am
    -sign pete caroll, so that he could still live in los angeles
    and still use the coliseum and drum up support in the
    greater los angeles area.
    Sounds like a great idea, but there is no way your going to pry Pete Carrol out of the program he is in. Going to have to find someone else

  28. If it were any other team I might be shocked. These raiders aren’t your fathers Raiders.
    Asomughi would be a fool to sign a new contract with them. He can play the franchise tag game with Al for a long time. Why would he sign anything now considering the disarray the organization is in? So what if he signs with another team? He is one of the few players that might actually be worth the 2 first round picks a franchise tag carries with it.
    Wonder if Weird Al will attempt to not pay the guys he wants cut? The NFL and the NFLPA will be all over him if does.
    This season sure has been a new news story or several a week.

  29. Pete Carroll is not going to go anywhere where he doesn’t have total control of football operations. So, he won’t be working for the Raiders any time soon.
    It is Al Davis’ team. He has already sued the NFL to prove that. The NFL should just let that franchise rot. After all, that’s what Al wants for his team.

  30. What coach in his right mind would take the HC position with the raiders?
    This franchise is in deep trouble.

  31. Playmaker,We had Carroll here and he didnt workout.he is a great college coach and should stay where he is..Why would he leave a great situation like USC to work for Al Davis.Working for Davis is career suicide for any coach..

  32. Won’t making these moves completely cripple their salary cap next year? Kelly, Walker and Hall are all big money guys that would be huge cap hits if cut….right?

  33. This is a sad day for Raiders fans because firing Kiffin was the wrong first move by Al Davis.
    Kiffin had a problem with the roster from the start and Davis was offended. Well, Kiffin was right on that one.
    And it’s no coincidence that the first cuts are players on defense — another problem area that Kiffin recognized and wanted to correct. Yet Al Davis was offended again. And, well, Kiffin’s assessment was dead on again.
    Now, Al Davis has an absolute mess on his hands and it’s time for him to fire those who sabotaged Kiffin and the franchise.

  34. You could talk about the Lions being a mess, or the Bengals. But the Oakland Raiders are a complete disaster of biblical proportions.

  35. Who went after Hall and Walker in free agency? In the infamous press conference [featuring an overhead projector] Al Davis charged that Kiffin sought these guys, including their contract pay, etc. But I recall Kiffin publicly calling out these guys as unworthy signings…..anyone know the true circumstances of these signings? I can’t believe AL DAVIS did not have his hands getting these guys on board; the high $$$ etc are all characteristic of Al Davis, the managing partner and GM.

  36. boron – Nobody, repeat nobody works for the Raiders unless Al says they can. So when it comes to the players (his protected group by far) all player contracts are personally negotiated by Al himself.

  37. At leas they have the guts to realize some of these signings were a joke. Hall is overrated. Javon Walker is washed up. Tommy Kelly is decent but hes not worth anything close to what they gave him. Kudos for realizing that and cutting these salaries instead of sitting on them and letting them kill your cap for years

  38. No one has mentioned your proposed destinations? Why would the Giants (or the Pats for that matter) even consider adding such a headcase?
    Florio, you’ve made the point yourself about the Giants improving as they’ve rid themselves of such characters… why reverse course? Especially with their young corners doing so well?

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