We’ve obtained the details regarding quarterback Daunte Culpepper’s contract with the Lions.  (But not from Culpepper; we don’t want to get him in trouble his first week on the job.)
Per a league source whose last name doesn’t rhyme with “bell pepper,” the newest addition in Detroit will receive a $40,000 signing bonus and a base salary of $730,000.  Prorated to account for the passage of nine weeks, Culpepper’s salary will be $343,529.
His salary is fully guaranteed.
Culpepper’s contract also has a $1 million incentive that will be paid if he participates in five percent of the snaps and if he or the team improves in one of various performance categories. 
And that’s an amazing concession that the Lions made.  Though we’re routinely accused of being in the tank for Daunte, we never would have given him such an easily attainable threshold.  His reward for solid play in 2008 should be opportunity, not money.
As one source observed regarding the incentive clause, “If he gets the $1 million, someone should be shot.”
So,basically, Daunte the agent finally gets a long-overdue gold star.
For 2009, Culpepper is due to receive a $2.5 million roster bonus in March, and a base salary of $2.5 million.
The roster bonus will force the team to make a quick decision as to whether to keep him around.  And much of that will be determined by whether and to what extent the coaching staff and/or the front office changes after the current season ends.
If the Lions don’t want Culpepper, he’ll be back on the market early in the free-agency period, giving him an opportunity to sign with a team early, spend the offseason getting ensconced in the offense, earning a spot on the depth chart (even if it’s a No. 2 slot), and contributing to his new team’s attempt to compete for the postseason in 2009.


  1. Daunte the agent is smarter than the LIONS – REALLY???!?? unbelievable.
    Just shows how desperate the Lions are to win and the current staff will do anything to keep their jobs.
    This doesn’t not speak well for WCF and BJ. They still don’t have the smarts to run their own team and are being outwitted by Tom L, Martin and Marynelly. How sad.
    Tackle, how difficult is that…

  2. Culpepper is terrible. He’s so arrogant about how good he never was (Randy Moss made a 38 year old Cunningham look great)I really want to see him throw 30 INTs in 8 games and then never have to hear from him again.

  3. “Per a league source whose last name doesn’t rhyme with ‘bell pepper,'”
    Um, Culpepper doesn’t rhyme with “bell pepper,” either.

  4. Thank you lord! my boy deserved his chance !
    and with out an agent!So people shut your pie holes!
    now lets see !”are you ready for some football!!!!
    oh ya ! chillie we’re comin!!!!!

  5. Maybe the Lions can be bought out by Jeff Lurie or Dan Rooney, or maybe even a Japanese mega-corporation…anyone who knows what the hell they are doing…or maybe merge with the 49ers in the hope that something good might come from a merger.
    What a joke.

  6. JayPhilly says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 9:52 am
    “I really want to see him throw 30 INTs in 8 games and then never have to hear from him again.”
    He’ll never get the chance to throw 30 interceptions in 8 games, since he’ll fumble 20 times in those 8 games.

  7. Culpepper did it his way and there’s nothing wrong with that. I know I wouldn’t like to cut a 5th of my paycheck to a suit who could screw me as easily as Condon did Quinn.

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