Could we have two Harbaugh brothers as NFL head coaches?
Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports that it’s generally assumed that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, brother of Ravens coach John Harbaugh, is likely to get an offer to become the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders after the season is over.
Kawakami quotes an unnamed source as saying, “Everybody knows Al loves Harbaugh, but why would Harbaugh want that job? He could wait at Stanford a little longer and get a real job.”
But, according to Kawakami, Harbaugh loves Davis, too, and is one of the few coaches in football who might see working for Al Davis as desirable.
Kawakami, the reporter who had the infamous dust-up with a Raiders official earlier this season, also writes that interim head coach Tom Cable has no chance of being offered the job on a permanent basis after the season. Writes Kawakami, “Cable is so long gone that Al’s lieutenants don’t even have to bother to back-stab him.”


  1. Jim dont do it.Its career suicide..All Davis will do is ruin your reputation..You dont need the job that bad..

  2. If he is even thinking about the job he has got to get Davis to agree to get rid of Ryan.He is obviously Als little assmonkey and cannot be trusted..I wouldnt want that rat on my staff

  3. The only way it would work is if Al hired a GM (which he has alluded to) and trusted Harbaugh and the GM enough to let them work without Al’s intervention.
    So bottom line is, it’s not going to work.

  4. Writes Kawakami, “Cable is so long gone that Al’s lieutenants don’t even have to bother to back-stab him.”

  5. Old news……here another news alert…..The world is NOT FLAT!
    Just for conversation…..Kawakami is less likely than Mortensen to get a scoop on the Raiders….let me guess, Herrera was his source (just kidding….I know that is untrue…lol).

  6. hell jim just say no. what would ditka suggest you do?
    now if harbaugh had the juice… tell him why sure… on MY conditions. which include putting al in a wheelchair. and back on the ranch.
    great quote from kawakami. but i consider the raiders a decent bet to cover this week. 24-0 hurts. 77 yards hurts. and i am not sure the panthers will travel that well this week. hard to take the rai-duhs seriously.
    of course if they get blanked again or seriously squashed (38-3 etc)… the cable guy may be out there with deangelo shortly.

  7. It’s only gonna get better. Thank God for Al Davis. With Dubya leaving, we need someone to laugh at.
    I love how some people (on ESPN) are acting like Davis is wising up by cutting players. He proved how stupid he is by signing them just a few months ago.
    As for Cable, he makes Lane Kiffin look like Vince Lombardi.

  8. why anyone would work for that idiot is beyond me. He has already stiffed 3 coaches when he fired them…hmmmm

  9. If Al Davis would just step away and let someone else make the decisions and hire a coach that he would let do his job the Raiders would be better.

  10. Here’s a thought. How about if Al Davis becomes the coach? I mean, Joe Pa’s still going strong…why couldn’t Al do it? lol

  11. tymofeoa says:
    He has already stiffed 3 coaches when he fired them…hmmmm …
    Enlighten us as to who the THREE COACHES are please????
    Thank you.

  12. What about when Harbaugh doesn’t win his first 8 games next year? I mean seriously, a couple of weeks ago Davis was so in love with Cable I thought he would leave his wife for him, and now he’s supposedly forgotten all about the guy.

  13. That would be too rich…
    John Harbaugh, Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens
    Rex Ryan, Defensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens
    Jim Harbaugh, Head Coach, Oakland Raiders
    Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator, Oakland Raiders
    Make it happen!

  14. I remember Jim Harbaugh being a kick ass QB for the colts. I think the raiders need a guy like that. As a coach he defeated #1 USC last year as a 41 point underdog. But the Ironic part is his defensive coordinator would be brothers with his brother’s defensive coordinator

  15. The real question is this: Is Jim Harbaugh stupid enough to think he could be the one to turn this franchise around? Or even better, Why would he want this job? He could go to any number of jobs in College that are better than working in Oakland!
    I mean isn’t any football coach in California in the running for the Oakland job, high school or college? I mean seriously, I would rather work for the Lions!

  16. This would be interesting if it were brother head coaches with brother defensive coordinators. But otherwise, watching the Raiders trainwreck is entertaining no matter who has the job. It’s actually better when there’s someone totally unprepared in there because it goes off the track that much sooner if the coach has zero juice.

  17. I did not know that Jim Harbaugh had that many concussions during his playing career. How did he get past the interview process at Stanford?

  18. This doesn’t pass teh sniff test. Harbough is building a solid reputation as a quality head coach and I believe him to be too smart to go with the Raiders. In fact, i’d venture to say he’s probably not even interested in the NFL right now. Looks like Al Davis is now forced to take anybody left still willing to “coach” there………and I don’t believe Harbough to be among them. He saw what Davis has done to Kiffin and the others. He hears what players, coaches, and FO personnel around teh NFL say about that job.

  19. Florio, you’re jumping to conclusions again. What makes you think Harbaugh’s coming in as coach?
    Don’t rule out Davis brining Harbaugh in as a cost cutting alternative to his crazy $61 million contract for JaMarcus Russell.

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