Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter continues to chirp.  This time around, his target is Jacksonville receiver Matt Jones.
Specifically, Porter doesn’t think that Jones should be playing.
“I’m still trying to figure out how a guy who gets caught with cocaine in his car and he still plays the game and nothing happens to him, and he had no penalty or nothing,” Porter said Wednesday.
“I’m still tying to figure that out. . . .  He got caught with cocaine in his car and Matt Jones is still up there playing football. . . .  I can’t figure how you get away with that and you fine people $20,000 for making a comment about the media, refs, saying how they feel, yet this is about a guy getting caught with cocaine and nothing happened.”
Actually, Peezy, Jones has been suspended three games, and he’s appealing the suspension.  Once the appeal is resolved, he’ll likely miss one or two games — and possibly all three.


  1. I’m still trying to figure out how Nick Kazur never got suspended. Hell, it barely got mentioned by most news outlets.

  2. maybe he’s upset that the appeal is taking so long Florio? after all, we saw Plaxico Burress appeal his suspension and got an answer within days. how long has this appeal been going on?

  3. Nick Kaczur didn’t get suspended because the DEA didn’t press charges against him. So stop complaining about the Patriots.

  4. it will be hillarius when porter knocks jones head off and it will look like a snow ball exploding. “WHO RIDE, WE RIDE” as joey would say! hope jackie del rio likes that!

  5. Joey actually has a point. This turd Matt Jones didnt just a have a little either, it was thousands of dollars worth of Booger Sugar.
    I love to hate Joey, but when he’s right… he still an a$$hole

  6. I’m aware that they didn’t press charges, but I was under the impression that bad behavior (like an addiction to pain pills, purchasing large quantities of narcotics, and international drug trafficking) was what the league would like to crack down on, not the getting caught and prosecuted bit. I know the Commish’s “standards” — I just find them a pathetic joke.
    I didn’t know I was complaining about the Patriots, I thought I was complaining about a white guy getting treated to a different standard.

  7. Florio, I agree with Peezy. I agree with you that he is an idiot, but Darn, you get caught with cocaine and nothing? When does he get his 3 games? after they are eliminated from playoff contention? after he gets hurt and would miss some games? This sounds like the baseball rule where you appeal is heard in New York. What about the guys with the “piss-pills”, when is their hammer going to drop? After Reggie Bush gets healthy? what a joke this has become! Damn, Chris I am the diarreha of all turds Henry got suspended and the judge found him not guilty.

  8. Porter’s got a point but Florio would never admit it. He’s too blinded by his neverending hatred of Porter that he can’t admit that it IS ridiculous that a serious incident that occured before preseason goes, as yet, undisciplined. Even before the appeal, it took the league over 6 weeks into the regular season to decide on any type of punishment.

  9. Nick Kaczur is a rat and I’m sure his teammates feel the same way.
    Does anyone else feel like the Tuna gave Joey the green light to run his mouth? Seems like he’s just distracting everyone from the rest of the team which isn’t a bad thing.
    I was agains’t him talking smack until he started to back it up again on the field. Now, I say run your mouth Joey all the way to the playoffs.
    Oh, I’m still all for the Dolphins claiming Hall unless they know they can somehow sign him if he passes through waivers. I can’t see how this guy passes through waivers. Now whether or not he gets paid his next scheduled bonus is a different story. For me I’m not going to worry about the injury clause because he knows he’ll never get a contract like that again.
    Mark my words, someone will claim him.

  10. He was talking about James Harrison there, the bit about the fine.
    Once a Stiller, always a Stiller.
    Love that guy.

  11. How come Joe Peezy didn’t get suspended for jumping that OLineman from the Natti?? I can’t remember his name…

  12. “I’m still trying to figure out how Nick Kazur never got suspended. Hell, it barely got mentioned by most news outlets.”
    Why are you bitching about Nick Kaczur. The dude is a turnstile. You should be happy he wasn’t suspended. That would have been doing us a favor.

  13. Pacman Jones was suspended for numerous allegations and only a few convictions. The convictions were for less serious offenses, in my humble opinion. Matt Jones should be suspended immediately (if the Commish were to be consistent) but he is not so that is the problem. Consistency.

  14. Porter’s defintely gonna get shot again, probably in the head. I’m not saying I necessarily disagree with some of the things he’s said, but it just seems like this guy has impending doom written all over him. I guess he’s got enough protection though, that is if he still has his pitbulls that killed a horse not long ago. I give one thing to the guy, he’s a hell of a football player. And, Brandon Marshall is the last person that should be calling Porter “soft.” If you lock those two in a cage for an hour, Marshall’s getting wiped up with a sponge.

  15. TF,how many chances did Pac man get?He isnt white.The NFL turns their backs on everyone..Vick got several chances too..He lied to Goodell and Blank when they tried to help him.I do have to admit I dont understand how Kaczur escaped suspension when Kevin Faulk tested negative after he got caught with weed and still got one game..Shit im arguing with myself right now..WTF

  16. Peezy Weezy, go sit in the corner and suck your thumb. It’s not your f’n place to comment on other players status.
    Someone needs to take his knees out and shut his mouth. He was a punk in Pittsburgh, he’s a punk in Miami.

  17. ” I don’t want to talk about Marshall on this great day”
    Lets talk about coke heads, not people who beat women.
    And if we don’t.. me and my pose will follow you outside the casino and jump you.
    Porter for MVP? Not if he keeps talking, the ol league loves great athletes, but loathes those who speak out against the league or each other. Ask T. Suggs.

  18. JAXSUN says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 10:04 pm
    Porter for MVP? Not if he keeps talking, the ol league loves great athletes, but loathes those who speak out against the league or each other. Ask T. Suggs.
    I don’t know I may have missed a pre-requisite to being a league MVP. However, I don’t think keeping your mouth shut has anything to do with being MVP.
    maybe im wrong? lol

  19. JZuluaga1 says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 7:56 pm
    Nick Kaczur didn’t get suspended because the DEA didn’t press charges against him. So stop complaining about the Patriots.
    Thats the equivalent to an automatic Guilty plea…Guilty is guilty regardless if their are charges being pressed…ask pac-man while he’s sitting on his newest suspension…

  20. Porter is dead on about this. Either way he’s going to be suspended. No reason why he can’t appeal the length while he’s serving his suspension. Yet another nail in the coffin of Goodell’s quicly fading credibility.

  21. jones is of the the minority in the league and minorities always get special treatment. in other news, travis henry had a party last night in honor of barack hussein obama.

  22. Since it’s been brought up…has pacman ever been convicted while in the NFL, much less at all? Honest question, cuz I didn’t think he had been.
    Aside from that, Peezy may be the best nickname for a guy like Porter. No matter what he ever says or does, it’s “…yeah, but your name is Peezy!”

  23. What does Mike Vick and Brett Favre have to say about this latest outburst of immaturity and retardation?

  24. “How come Joe Peezy didn’t get suspended for jumping that OLineman from the Natti?? I can’t remember his name…”
    If only Matt Jones had the balls to ask the same question…
    I will tell you guys one thing, Matt Jones is the white trash hero of Jacksonville. I was working on a couple houses in two different trailer parks on the West side of Jacksonville and over the course of four hours I saw AT LEAST 20 different winners walking around wearing #18 Jones jerseys, and none of them were even the replica variety, they were the $19.99 definitely from Wally World kind…

  25. Its amazing that he is running is mouth, yeah amazing. I think he is right about it but also we still have Ray Lewis (He killed someone) oh yeah is friend or bodyguard did. Nothing was ever done. You can even see Role model Ray Lewis on CBS Intro for Sunday night football.

  26. Porter was suspended the first 2 games of last year for the Levi Jones incident, so stop saying didn’t get punished.
    And Kaczur should be suspended, it doesn’t matter if charges weren’t pressed, the guy had over 100 oxycotin pills and rolled over on a fanboy that would’ve done anything for him. Class all the way.

  27. Come on now, its very simple. According to Florio and his followers, Matt Jones is innocent until proven black. He is white so his cocaine use was just a cry for help. He is on a team full of black players so he must have been influenced by them to use drugs because white people don’t do drugs, they don’t get in bar fights, they don’t visit strip clubs, they don’t use steroids, etc., etc. because they are perfect. This is the tired Florio mantra.

  28. Florio, Nice job of reporting this time on Joey. His words make him into an idiot- not your words saying so.
    Joey didn’t have all the facts. His bad.

  29. The race card is getting OLD..This country is choking on political correctness.its time for people to get jobs based purely on their qualifications and not their gender or skin color..

  30. Why do you assume I’m black because I brought up race? I’m not, but I think it’s a factor. That’s why I brought it up.

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