On Wednesday morning, we posted the details of quarterback Daunte Culpepper’s contract with the Lions.  The most curious aspect of the deal was a $1 million incentive tied to five-percent playing time and the achievement of any of various team and individual performance improvements.
The incentive represents, frankly, the potential waste of $1 million by a G.M. and a COO who are desperate to keep their jobs after the 2008 season.
On Wednesday afternoon, I started to hear from folks who said that they had seen information regarding the Culpepper contract, and that there was no such incentive contained in it.
“Your information is not correct,” I explained to the folks who contacted me, and I wondered whether some of them were trying to protect the G.M. and COO whose case for ongoing employment might be hampered significantly if Culpepper earns the $1 million incentive.
I later heard from Tom Kowalski of (not “Kowolski” as some who should be sensitive to the bastardization of ethnic surnames might type it), who told me that he’d heard from a trusted source that there was no such incentive.
I explained to Kowalski that, if he’s getting his information from an agent who was getting his information from the NFLPA, then the NFLPA information isn’t accurate.  (As it turns out, the NFLPA doesn’t include so-called “Not Likely To Be Earned Incentives” in its internal reports.)
So Kowalski posted an item containing what he called “conflicting information” regarding the incentive.  He has since advised me that, indeed, our information was accurate.
But, of course, that hasn’t stopped some who are inclined to denigrate our efforts from pointing out that we were wrong about the Culpepper incentive.  It’ll be interesting to see whether those who cited Kowalski’s report from Wednesday afternoon will amend their stories to reflect his report from Thursday morning, in which Kowalski acknowledges the existence of the incentive.
We don’t plan to hold our breath.  Or any other bodily function.


  1. I don’t see what the big deal is, obviously his deal is that he’ll get this extra million if he’s good/healthy enough to stay on the field a little over 3 quarters this year. His base salary is pretty low.

  2. Come on Mike. You got (this) one right (among others). Celebrate with a long, loud, smelly fart. You know you want to. To Lions fans everywhere, “I fart in your general direction.”

  3. ***Yawn*** I’m too tired today to pat Mikey on the back. It wouldn’t matter anyway. He took matters into his own hands and did it himself.

  4. So at any point did you think you were fed bad info by your pen-pal? It must have been amusing watching everyone question you when you literally had the most primary source one could get for this particular scoop.

  5. Though I haven’t said this since the days of Barry Sanders, I kind of hope this Lions game is on TV in my market. I am interested to see how DC looks (Though I don’t expect much with 1 week of the offense under his belt).

  6. Good for Culpepper. Now he can continue to build on his most notable stat: averaging at least 1 fumble per game, for his career. Way to go!

  7. damn right kevin. florio’s OUR idiot.
    on another note, chauncey pullpecker has to play better when no one is looking.

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