So after Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall caught the game-winning touchdown pass last in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s 34-30 victory, he pulled something out of his pants.  (It looked like a glove, or something.)
Teammate Brandon Stokley and other Broncos immediately surrounded Marshall, and apparently persuaded him not to do whatever it was that he planned to do.
It was a wise move.  If Marshall had used a prop to celebrate, the Broncos would have been kicking off from their own 15, giving Cleveland better field position for their final drive.
We’re trying to find out what Marshall was up to.  Though Bob Papa and Cris Collinsworth did a solid job of calling the game, they flat-out missed this one.
Our best guess at this point is that it was a rubber glove, and that Marshall was planning some type of staph infection spoof.
UPDATE:  We’ve found exclusive video of the incident.



  1. In addition to being soft, he’s also apparently very stupid as well. But then we knew that given his conduct over the last year. Unbelievable that he couldn’t put 2 and 2 together and figure that he might hurt his team’s chances of winning so he can showboat a little. He won’t last long in the league.

  2. Bah…Papa and Collinsworth were putting me to sleep despite a decent game. I think Collinsworth likes to hear himself talk so much that its no wonder he didn’t see what Marshall did. Was probably looking in the mirror.

  3. Yeah lets not talk about that awesome drive in the dog pound by cutler and the broncos. Lets talk about the little thing you saw that had no effect on the game. Good idea Florio

  4. For anyone who didn’t catch it, Marshall had a glove that was both blank and white to show that America is not all about white or black.

  5. Man, Stokely should get a game ball for that move. Definitely saved his team 15 yards.
    And just when you think one of these jackasses can do anything more stupid, this clown just about costs his team a chance at a HUGE come-from-behind win.
    We see it all the time, but it’s still amazing.

  6. Most DirecTV viewers had difficulty watching the last few minutes of the game. At 11PM EDT, DirecTV deauthorized many HD receivers for several minutes before they caught their error and fixed it.

  7. “…Bob Papa and Cris Collinsworth did a solid job of calling the game…”
    If that’s your idea of a solid job of commentary, I don’t want to know what you consider horrendous. That was worse than Tirico and Korny (Jaws is entertaining and sometimes insightful).

  8. Marshall just admitted on the Post game asked by Deion (i think) that it was a tribute to Barack; ala the black panther gloved fist int the air like the 68 Olympics. However his glove was black and white.

  9. The post game interview should have talked about it too .. but they didnt either. Everyone missed the ball on this one.

  10. Stokely was very wise to stop marshall, but you can bet
    on sheriff goodell and the cronies at head office, to slap
    a 25K fine on doughboy marshall.

  11. Do you think we would have actually seen lasers come out of Shannahan if Marshal had done it?
    I have to hand it to Stokley. Marshal may have been stupid and selfish to even consider doing it at that point, but Stokley’s the smart classy one.

  12. Yes, because four-and-out at the 48 rather than the 33 would have sealed the deal. Oh wait, the game is actually determined by plays made during the game? Say it ain’t so.

  13. chrisrome says:
    November 6th, 2008 at 11:36 pm
    Marshall just admitted on the Post game asked by Deion (i think) that it was a tribute to Barack; ala the black panther gloved fist int the air like the 68 Olympics. However his glove was black and white.
    Yea, he said it was something about Unity for all america or something like that. Stupid celebration but their was a good message behind it I guess. Likely wouldn’t hurt anyones feelings but a “wtf where did you get this from B.Marshall” moment none the less.

  14. Just watched his press conference, Marshall is a dumbass…. Just play football and maybe learn to read as well and maybe people will take you seriously.

  15. He had 4 quarters wrapped in a condon to keep them safe and sound. He was in the end zone that had a Coke machine. He simply was thirsty with all that running around and going to get a drink. What’s the big deal?

  16. Did you not watch the Post game show where he explained that it was a black and white glove to spoof the 68 olympics black panther award ceremony – or did you just want to go to the whole one more time on the staph infection thing – (not a browns fan and don’t care – but just surprised that you didn’t know)
    Also, did you see the official run over to try to try and see what it was only to be blocked by about 5 broncos with something bw their ears (other than Marshall) – that was hilarious

  17. As a Bronco fan, I have no problem saying Marshall is a dumb ass. Thanks God for Stokely’s veteran presence in stopping that asinine move.
    As an aside, I fail to see how pointing out the incumbent President’s race shows unity, aren’t we supposed to be color blind? And the Black Panthers?? Talk about racist…

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