A year after Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio successfully staked his coaching career on a Labor Day Weekend swap of David Garrard for Byron Leftwich, the Jaguars are 3-5 and fading fast.
Wednesday’s bizarre developments are serving only to fuel the belief by some league insiders that the team is on the brink of imploding.
“There is a tremendous amount of dissension,” said a league source with knowledge of the dynamics in Jacksonville.  “That team is a house of cards.  Poor leadership and bad character.”
On Wednesday, the first day of practice after an embarrassing loss to the previously 0-8 Bengals, linebacker Mike Peterson was sent home, the locker room was reshuffled, and (as pointed out in the Thursday One-Liners) the players were told to turn down their music.
“Mike Peterson was sent home today and did not practice,” Del Rio said.  “We’re working through this process seeking an appropriate conclusion.”
Vic Ketchman of Jaguars.com suggests that Peterson’s problem arises from unhappiness with his contract.  (Peterson is in the final year of his contract, and he’s earning a base salary of $3 million.)
Del Rio also isn’t happy with the fact that loud laughter was coming from the locker room during the media period after Sunday’s 21-19 loss.
“Those are some of the things I’ve addressed, privately, that are not a good reflection of me and what I stand for and, in many ways, I take pride in the fact that this team is a reflection of me and I want it to be a reflection of me and I don’t like that reflection.  I don’t like those types of things,” Del Rio said.
If the Jaguars lose on Sunday to the 0-8 Lions, things will only get worse.  And while Del Rio is protected by the fact that he secured a contract extension after last season, owner Wayne Weaver has to at least be pondering the possibility of making a change, if the team continues to lose games that it should be winning.


  1. This is crazy, the Jags will completely dismantle the Lions on Sunday and everything will be fine.
    As for Peterson, maybe he’s in the wrong line of work, I’m sure he’d make 3 mill per year doing something else he’s qualified to do, NOT!
    STFU and play.

  2. He could try the axe in the stump again. I don’t remember that having any negative effects.
    “Just keep chopping away.” At wood and Punter Flesh.

  3. Dear Wayne Weaver,
    Please do not fire Jack Del Rio.
    Jeff Fisher, Gary Kubiak, the Coach Formerly Known as Tony Dungy, and Romeo Crennel (He’s the only person out there that makes me look like a good coach)

  4. Contract extension or not, if the head coach loses the locker room he’s finished and right now.

  5. As a Bengals’ fan I realize our team is lousy and ownership doesn’t care. However, the final score of the Bengals/Jags doesn’t indicate the real story of the game. The Bengals maintained constant pressure on Garrard (which they never do) and the Jags D couldn’t stop the pass from a backup QB with line problems. The Jags are not as good as Cleveland, Baltimore or any of the AFC East teams. There is no way they earn a wildcard spot.

  6. I think Peterson was told that he was no longer the starter and blew up in Del Rio’s office.
    Smith will make a better MLB anyway. Let the young guys play.

  7. The Jags are a shell of their former selves. The last two weeks they went up against the #26 and #28 run defenses and couldn’t get the run game going. The Lions are just as bad, but it makes no difference. Between Vince Manuwai, Mo Williams and Chris Naeole, they lost three proven, long time guards. Their replacements are getting worked. They get no drive off the ball (and this is the soft spot of their schedule). This doesn’t explain the complete collapse of the Jags Defense which has not shown up for 4 quarters in any of their games to date. Gregg Williams is being removed from blame. Drayton Florence flat out sucks and has had to be replaced by Brian Williams twice already this season at CB. If they can’t turn it around vs. the Lions, how can they hold out at all for a glimpse of the postseason. Who’d have thought a game vs. Detroit would bear such importance?

  8. Looks like the Brian Billick coaching tree is completely collapsed. Mike Nolan failed in San Francisco, Marvin Lewis is failing in Cincy, Jack Del Rio is failing in Jacksonville, Jim Fassel is failing to receive a phone call and Brian himself is on TV pretending to be smart.

  9. This is what happens when you lose 3 starting linemen at the start of the season. When you’re key backup is shot it doesn’t help. As to our D its been in clear decline since at least midway through last season. Guess all those 1st round picks spent on the leagues most mediocre WR corp are catching up to us.

  10. The Jags were my pre-season AFC pick for the Super Bowl :/
    I’d be shocked right now if I were Wayne Weaver, no way they should lose to Cincy. Loud laughter from the locker room after the game makes me think something is seriously wrong with the team. I thought they would get back on track to make the playoffs but at this rate they probably won’t even finish with an even record…

  11. Doesn’t really matter if they phone it in this week or not… next week they’ve got the Titans at home 😀
    If the implosion will happen and if the Bengals were able to get constant pressure and stop their run then it might happen after next week’s division game.
    Personally, I’m hoping for a fun game for a Titans fan to watch 😀

  12. I live in Jacksonville and am a season ticket holder…… I like everyone at am a loss for words or a way to describe what has happened to this team. You are an idiot if you say Del Rio is an average coach, lets not forget what this team did last year: won in Pitt twice and had the Pats tied at half time in the playoffs. This season started with losing the 3 starters of our interior line. Obviously the run game is going to suffer, and considering the caliber of the starters lost, the offense as a whole is going to suffer. Two bad apples were brought in as free agents and paid a lot of money and have done jack shit, Jerry Porter and Drayton Florence. The 2 draft picks who were supposed to come in and provide an instant pass rush have sucked. Also, before we say they are on the brink of implosion, and I know this does not soften the blow that much, but they have lost, and won, every game by 7 points or less. This means that they are a play or 2 away from being 8-0 or 0-8. Like I said, I have no exact explanation for whats going on with this team, but I am glad to hear that Jack is coming down hard on these guys. Playoffs start now for them, we will see what they are made of.

  13. Wonder what all the Jags fans thought about seeing their best QB light up the Redskins Monday Night?

  14. Does anyone remember the last time Del Rio’s Jags had a great season, made the playoffs then got stomped by the Patriots? Yea, they stepped way back the next year?
    Hey, is it 2006 again?

  15. I still thought they should have dealt their #2 for Jason Taylor. Would have beena different team.

  16. Ok I think I’ve seen enough to know that I’ve seen enough.
    Yes, Drayton Florence does suck. Yes we should have brought our hometown boy Lito back to the ‘ville. Yes, Brian Williams has played at corner, but the during Pittsburgh game, he replaced that rookie James or whatever who was being demoralized by The Ben.
    Yes, Mike P is pissed he’s not gettting a contract. Why is not getting a contract? Because we all know Smith is moving to the middle next year. However, he’s not doing anything to change Jack’s mind on the situation. Remember, Jack brought him in. Mike feels like he’s owned a Fred T contract and he’s not getting it.
    Yes, Jerry Porter sucks. Yes, this is not a surprise. He is our offensive Hugh Douglas.
    The glaring hole is the loss of Marcus. Rob Meir just ain’t cutting it when he can’t split time with Grady Jackson. Johnny H is playing like a rookie in a contact year. Paul’s tank is on E. Reggie Hayward is little more than Reggie Hayward. As for the rooks. I can be patient.
    Yes, Greg Williams should be shouldering more of the blame, but what the hell good is that going to do.
    More to come from the apple…

  17. DelRio is an idiot! he has fired and let go so many coaches, players don’t know who to trust. Way to screw up a good team…Garrad was a fraud just like Anderson in Cleveland…1 Year Wonders!

  18. Laughter in the locker room after a loss is symptomatic of the league. I started watching pro-football in the late 40’s, early 50’s (yeah, I’m old) and you NEVER saw a receiver smile after dropping a pass, a defensive lineman doing a stupid dance after making a stop when they are trailing 40 to zip. And end-zone celebrations; (seen some of those as well by losing teams) the last star of any note that had any class scoring was Barry Sanders. Speaking of zip,that’s about what those guys made relative to today’s players, most if not all had another job. They played hard, they played hurt, had virtually none of the “protective” penalties prevalent in today’s game, no face mask, little padding and many even played both offense and defense. In short, they played for the love of the game (and the $$$ of course) and showed their talent by the way they played, not on-field antics.
    To end on a sad note: I grew up and am still a fan of, the Detroit Lions.

  19. To cap my previous post:
    “Peterson celebrated a sack on the very next play after Henderson got ejected, and Del Rio thought Peterson shouldn’t be celebrating on the field while the team was down 21-3 and a key player had just been thrown out.”
    Say what you will about Del Rio, at least he knows such behavior is unacceptable – as should the players and the fans.

  20. the jags suck haha ! all you loser jags fans i love it!! the team will be moved out of jacksonville very soon!

  21. Man…. you really like to stir it up. Obviously there is some issues going on there, but perhaps last year they played over their heads, and now they are just showing who they really are. I’m not a Jags fan but this article certainly shows how you like to inject your own negative controversial spin to things. It’s beginning to get old and tired.

  22. What losers come on here and talk shit about the jags when its not their team? No jag fan will pay attention to what you say because you dont pay attention to the jags anyway. Our lines suck, which leads to Garrard getting hit and making bad choices SOMETIMES, which he still hardly does. If you watched jags vs steelers, except for last lucky drive by steelers, Garrard totally owned Roethlisberger the whole game. Garrard was name the NUMBER 1 MOST UNDERRATED qb in the NFL BY PLAYERS!! he is a great player and human being. Their line is what causes him to not play as well. Their Defense does suck, but Jack is a great great great coach who knows discipline, nobody should bash Del Rio.

  23. ralphie,
    tell me what other team has lost 3 out of 5 offensive linemen that are all of pro bowl caliber. and thats only the starters, another was shot and paralyzed, another (chris naeole) came out of retirement a couple of weeks ago to help the team and broke his hand in pregame warmups. minus marcus stroud, this was the same exact team coming in to this year and we should be a lot better, but no other team has had to over come injuries like that.

  24. Jaxjaguar,
    Please see Carolina Panthers from 2005 to present. It seems that almost every year we lose 2-3 starting lineman and our QB, but we managed to finish almost even and once came too close getting into the play-off before blowing it to the Saints (06) and to the Vikings (05).
    Injuries is never an excuse for not doing well! With good coaching staff who is capable of adjusting the game plan that will work with limited personnel, you can still win games. I’m grateful we have Fox whom Del Rio coached few years under and I think Del Rio is learning… I’m sure Del Rio will realize that he might need to re-evaluate offense line coach.

  25. @LBC562
    First off if your team is better that the whole AFC North, then why is your record vs them 0-3?
    Second, every team has injuries. Don’t use that as an excuse. Pat’s are without MVP Brady and they’re doing just fine.
    Third, If Del Rio was such a “great, great, great coach” don’t you think he could overcome a couple injuries and maintain control of his locker room?
    I think Ralphie said it best “If they didn’t play shitty they would be a good team? No kiddin’ shit for brains.” (Zinger of the year right there)
    So, basically, STFU, you’re team is in LAST PLACE.

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