We noted this morning that the Jaguars look like a team coming apart at the seams, and as new details emerge about what’s going on in Jacksonville, it appears that coach Jack Del Rio has big problems in his locker room.
For starters, Vic Ketchman of writes that linebacker Mike Peterson, who was sent home yesterday, is still not with the team.
Running back Fred Taylor spoke about Peterson in the past tense.
It saddens the mood,” Taylor said of Peterson’s absence, “but we all have a job to do. Pete was a spirit in the locker room. He always challenged guys. Guys felt comfortable with Pete. He kept the mood real.”
Ketchman also details three incidents that have Del Rio and his players butting heads:
— John Henderson got in a fight on the field Sunday against the Bengals, got ejected, and then mocked the fans who were jeering at him as he made his way to the locker room.
— Peterson celebrated a sack on the very next play after Henderson got ejected, and Del Rio thought Peterson shouldn’t be celebrating on the field while the team was down 21-3 and a key player had just been thrown out.
— Wide receivers Jerry Porter, Matt Jones and Reggie Williams were all laughing while they talked to the media after the loss.
As a result of all that, Del Rio decided that he needed to crack down on player behavior, so he instituted new rules, including no wearing of hats or hoods during meetings, and no listening to music without headphones.
The good news for the Jaguars is that winning usually serves as the cure for locker room ills, and the Jaguars get to play the winless Lions on Sunday. The bad news is that the Jaguars just gave the Bengals their first win, and if they lose to another winless team, they may be in for something more severe than having to wear headphones when they listen to music.


  1. But hey Jaguars_SB, make sure you keep running onto all the Steeler stories and laugh about all THEIR problems, mmkay?

  2. P.S. Clearly this is karma for the Steelers getting robbed when Jacksonville got away with massive holding during Garrard’s “winning” TD run last January. Welcome to your punishment!

  3. They sit around team meetings listen to boom boxes, hoods pulled over their faces and hats pulled down? Sounds like a room full of thugs. Del Rio better watch his ass or he could get capped on his way to his car.

  4. I really wanna see Jax lose to Detroit. I wanna see what happens when a team with such high expectations turns into bottom feeders in a matter of days.

  5. I’m sure this will do wonders for ticket sales. Are we absolutely sure this isn’t a publicity stunt?
    Oh, wait a minute…

  6. Sounds like what the Cowboy haters have been hoping happens in Dallas.
    Sad, I thought the Jags were a SB contender at the end of last season.

  7. put your losers in the corner jackie rio. They where laughing in the locker room because they where snorting coke. and midget jones drew was going down the kiddy slide while taylor was filling out his aarp card.

  8. I think Jack is right for tightening things back up. The players seemed to read too many press clippings in the preseason, and drank too much of the kool-aid. Mike Pete used to be a great LB, but he is on the decline and they are smart for not re-signing him. These guys need to realize that they are pros and this is about the business of winning games. Get on board or get out.
    None of this really matters as long as the O line is a functional open door to the QB, and is giving the RBs nowhere to run. Time to draft some big guys on both lines.
    I am anxious to see how Del Rio gets the boys up for the Lions, who have been playing better of late.
    GO JAGS!!!

  9. I suppose we’ll find out if he’s “lost the lockerroom” on Sunday. So far, the only story is that Del Rio’s cracking down on players and Mike Pete is pissed. #54 isn’t “the lockerroom”, he’s a pissed-off player who went into the season pissed off.
    You can’t assume that every player (or most players) on the team will take another player’s side on every issue. I can tell you that other players on the team didn’t think very highly of the sack celebration down 18 points. And while you always respect a veteran… there is a rumor circulating that Peterson was sent home because he, um, blowed up at Del Rio when informed Daryl Smith woudl be starting at the MLB position. Any player who would put his own selfishness above what’s best for the team should be sent home and I think most of the other players get that.

  10. Frank Burns
    Karma is for losers. And it wasn’t even a TD run, dumbass. Not to mention, where’s the karma for hines ward dragging a Jax CB by the faceback, and the CB getting flagged for DPI!?

  11. the karma for ward dragging the jags sissy is them being put out of their misery this year before having to face the Steelers a second time this year and getting their ass kicked, maybe even by their old qb coleman.

  12. Might want to add DelRio to the list of potential candidates for the HC gig with the Raiders. Looking like he has lost the locker room.

  13. You’re right sam, it wasn’t a TD run but still decided the game.
    And I don’t recall the NFL apologizing for any of the calls you mentioned, like they did later for the holding call they admitted they should’ve made. Like I said — karma, dude, karma.

  14. If JDR is so against distractions, he should’ve set the example by NOT showing up at the Sarah Palin rally a couple weeks ago. The team is playing like crap PARTICULARLY on defense. The past two weeks they have had INTs called back for offsides penalties and look at the stats against them. They made Derek Anderson and Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Tom Brady. It is way too easy for teams to move the ball against them and they are not able to control the clock. Hopefully this latest move will light a fire in the belly of some of these guys. They are not playing anywhere near their potential and have no more time to waste trying to figure it out.

  15. Frank, the holding call would have called it back… but for all you know the re-do of 4th down would have resulted in a TD. No way to know.

  16. Damn it Florio. Now I’ve got Duran Duran stuck in my head. “Cannot believe we’re coming apart … at the seems.” You owe me, buddy.

  17. Maybe you all ought to hear what’s being said down in Jacksonville before you all get all wet in the groin.
    Del Rio has a *guaranteed contract* through 2012, and over the past five seasons, his win percentage is within the top five in the NFL. He’s not going anywhere. If anyone is given the heave-ho after the season, it will be Shack Harris.
    And what his appearance at a Sarah Palin rally has to do with anything is beyond me. It was a Tuesday, incidentally, the team’s day off. The guy can’t have a life outside of football one day out of the week? It was probably the first time he saw his wife in the daylight since July.
    In case you didn’t know this, every time the WWE does a Monday night show in an NFL city, they invite a bunch of the team’s players and stick them right in the front row. I don’t see anyone complaining about players at a wrestling show. But Jack can’t go to a political rally…
    After he sent Mike Pete home, he had a meeting with the team’s leadership council, about a dozen players. Apparently, they’re all in line with the coach and will make that known in the locker room.
    The team’s problems is that right now, they stink. Maybe playing better, not losing three of four AT HOME, and not celebrating after a sack (when you’re losing by 19 and only have about 8 sacks for the entire year) or after you’ve been tossed from a game would be a more positive direction in which to move.
    The team has a lot of issues…injuries on both lines, guys playing in a system not suited to their skills because of injuries or lack of development, young players who are still developing, guys that are getting older, lack of execution, and just plain bad luck. The coach isn’t on the field; the players are and it’s their job to play through all that.
    I understand Peterson’s contract issues, but he’s not the only guy on this team. He can sack up, play out the season and make plenty next year as a free agent, or even resign with Jacksonville. But the time to make an issue of that is not in the middle of a season when you’re struggling to make it to .500.
    He can come back if he wants, I’ll bet, and he knows what to do if he wants that. My guess is that Del Rio will accept whatever he says and welcome him back.
    Everyone needs to remember about an event just last year where a certain coach was called out by one of his own players on the team plane after a loss. Linehan and Holt, I think, correct? Did that coach lose that team? Well, Del Rio is not going to let one disgruntled player lead to him losing this one.
    You know, I’m a since-day-one season ticket holder. I work 700 miles from home, but I fly down for every home game. yeah, I hate to sit there and watch them play badly and lose. But I’ll take my seats in that building with this team over Oakland, Detroit, Cincy and a bunch of other cities any day. My tickets are affordable, we play in Florida, and every team has down seasons.
    All they need to do is win a few games.

  18. Kinda funny all the Steeler fans complaining about bad calls in big games. I am guessing some Seahawks fans are feeling the same way (one for the thumb). I am just saying!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Del Rio is one of the better and better liked coaches in the league. This is a one season ordeal. Everyone needs to get off Del Rio’s nuts. 80% of the league would be greatful to have a coach like him, including those other teams from Florida and yes even a certain Yellow and Black team from Penn.
    I wish jack the best of luck..
    The haters need to see the facts and whats going on before they start popping off about thugs and Del Rio getting fired after this season. Quit talking out of your asses…

  20. Oops. Guess I should be cursing MDS. Also “seams” my grammar checker wasn’t working, darn it all! And it’s still stuck in my head. “Cannot believe you’re breaking my heart … to pieces.” ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!

  21. Sounds like there are no veteran leaders on the team. Del Rio is a tough ass coach, like they should be. Hopefully they will get the chemistry right and bring in some leadership…I guess next year at this point.

  22. rew
    John Henderson? Fred Taylor? Brad Meester? Paul Spicer? Rob Meier? Rashean Mathis? Reggie Williams? David Garrard? Hello, veteran leadership.
    People really, REALLY need to stop 1) overanalyzing every little thing (2) jumping to conclusions based on partial information and (3) saying every thought that comes to mind and (4) oversimplifying complex situations.

  23. WTF? pantherfan=crazy. Last I checked Tomlin’s job wasn’t in jeopardy. Talk about “talkin out your ass”. Where did that even come from? What Steeler fan wants Del Rio?

  24. I’d take Del Rio over Tomlin anyday. Tomlin inherated what hes working with from argueable one of the best coaches to ever coach. And still can’t win a playoff game.
    Del Rio’s usually known “knock” was for being too much of a players coach…I.E. Players see him more as a friend than a coach at times.
    He’s 48-40 as a head coach. His worst year being his first of 5-11. His 2nd worst? this season 3-5. Jags owner would be retarded to fire him this season…

  25. I thought Steelers fans were the cream of the crop for the longest time. I was wrong. They are starting to act like Colts fans. Whine whine whine boo hoo hoo. You win one game against the Jags this year for the first time in lord knows how and now you think your the cat’s meow?! C’mon, the Jags own you. One holding call, what’s the excuse for the rest? Go ahead Steelers and get on your soap box, you finally beat the Jaguars. By the way, didn’t the Jags shut you out a couple years back? Wow, a shut out! The big bad Steelers got shut out by the lowly Jaguars! A Jack Del Rio coached team shut you out! The big goose egg! Zero! How does that feel because we don’t know? Did it hurt your feelings? Were you able to sleep? Do you need a hug?

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