On Sunday Giants defensive end Justin Tuck delivered what appeared to most observers to be a legal, clean hit on Cowboys quarterback Brooks Bollinger. But even though there was nothing dirty about the play, Tuck was called for a personal foul.
That was baffling, and it was really baffling when news surfaced that Tuck would be fined $7,500.
But there’s good news today for Tuck — and for those who don’t want to see the NFL turn into a two-hand touch league: Tuck’s fine has been rescinded.
Paul Needell of The Star-Ledger reports that Ray Anderson, who handles NFL discipline, will inform Tuck tonight that he doesn’t have to pay the fine. According to the report, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t see the play until today, and when he did, he immediately informed Anderson the fine was too harsh.
It’s a little surprising that it took Goodell until today to see a play that most NFL fans have seen several times since Sunday, but it’s refreshing that Goodell applied some common sense and decided that no fine is necessary for this:


  1. good for Tuck.that was a textbook tackle.He didnt even deserve the penalty..Im glad to hear Goddell did the right thing

  2. Gotta pull the B.S. card on that one. NO WAY Goodell didnt see it until today.
    Nice attempt for Goodell to save face.

  3. theres 2 very interesting parts to that clip, besides the actual hit
    1) what Troy Aikman says about thats how they teach the kids do it. I have not play organized football in almost 10 years, but I remember that is EXACTLY how most kids are taught to tackle. Head up and drive right through him. It’s actually a safety concern, so you don’t have kids flying around with their head down risking head and spinal injuries. If the NFL keeps flagging and fining these type of hits, how do you teach someone to tackle a QB? Are highschool and PeeWee leagues having the same concerns as the NFL?
    2) The ref actually says “Tackling the QB with full body weight” Are you are only supposed to use half your body weight for the QB? Is that possible? Does it even make any sense?
    Ridiculous, but thank god they rescinded the penalty. Too bad they can’t rescind the flag. They need to distinguish this clean hit from Jared Allen’s antics and do it fast. In my opinion, Jared Allen should be thrown out of the league.

  4. What the hell was the call on the field?
    It wasn’t roughing the passer or late hit. It was “tackling the quarterback with his full body weight.”
    Why not just issue the special red jerseys to the QBs if the refs are going to make borderline judgement calls like that?

  5. Bollinger had just released the ball. Now look at the tackle of Jason Campbell (who maintained possession of the ball) by Lamar Woodley. One guy (Tuck) get his fine recinded while the other guy (Woodley) is required to come up with 10 large! That is just nuts!

  6. I wonder if someone from the NFL is monitoring blogs, because all the blogs/comments seem to against the NFL fines for what are solid tackles and clean hits by various players. Good to see the course of action, I can only hope that this act of common sense takes hold in the offices of the NFL.
    Let them play Football!

  7. doesn’t change the fact that ANOTHER game had it’s play affected by this rediculousness. Sure the guy doesn’t pay a fine but there was still a 15 yard penalty that doesn’t get taken away.

  8. Glad to hear it. That was a crap call. Too bad they can’t take back the TD that became the end result of that bogus call.

  9. Yeah, maybe they should take a gander at the Lamar Woodley sack on Jason Campbell, you know, the one where he got fined for tackling him in a manner that was “too intimidating”…

  10. Look I get the NFL wanting to protect its QB’s, and that good QB’s are hard to come by these days in the NFL, but to basically put the QB in a red cant touch me jersey in a live game is retarded, the league has it right when it says no helmet to helmet, because of all the concusions suffered, and no late hitting, but you have to find middle ground or the games not worth watching any more. If the NFL wants to make sure that there continues to be no other football league then it needs to remember what football is, if it forgets, a new league can gain some traction, that I have no doubt. Just keep it real Goodell and in the middle like you did today. P.S. Tell the refs to keep their hankee’s in their pockets a little more, I dont know why that jackass in charge said when in doubt throw it, but personally I would show him to the unenjoyment line, if anything it should be the other way around.

  11. Well it’s wonderful that Goodell has some common sense…what about the other guys? The ref who flagged him and the guy (Anderson?) handing out the fine?
    So really…you fine a guy for making a tackle…in tackle football. Really?

  12. “It’s a little surprising that it took Goodell until today to see a play that most NFL fans have seen several times since Sunday, but it’s refreshing that Goodell applied some common sense and decided that no fine is necessary for this:”
    Just…touching Mike, just lovely.

  13. Ray Anderson should be polishing up his resume IMO. If it really goes back to him then he is unqualified for his job. The refs need to be focusing more on the bad calls they’re already making instead of focusing on hits that make football what it is. This league is really turning into a joke.

  14. I’m guessing because of the fine, his tackle didn’t count as a sack. Does he also get a sack as well now?

  15. tacobill…your next photo…the burger king putting money back in tucks wallet
    mariosthebarbarian…cant be a sack…dude threw the ball

  16. So he rescinded that fine; but he then goes and fines Woodley for his legal hit on JC? What’s that all about? Is Goodell punishing the Rooney’s for the ownership situation? That’s a stretch…but really, the commish needs to get grip!
    I loved Goodell at first. But recently…Goodell = G.W. Bush. A complete ‘f’ up.
    Message to Goodell: the fans make the league. Don’t piss us off.

  17. want my 15 years back and 7 points off the board that was a BS call and everyone included The cowboy shill Troy I got hit to hard when I played
    So the really the cowgirls suck more then the fake score showed was the 15 yards a gift to Jerry Jones so his cowpukes sell out the new zoo they are building
    The Steelers may be rated #1 in D but if you ask Little Ben he might not agree
    The Giants are the best Defence going and on Sunday #5 will have plenty of chances to see the night sky on his back

  18. So if it becomes common practice for the NFL to resind fines will it be known as “The Tuck Rule?” Sorry, I couldnt help myself.

  19. “Roger Goodell didn’t see the play until today”
    Apparently he doesn’t have cable. He also turns off the local news when the sports anchor comes on.

  20. The NFL has to realize that if they continue with this heavy handed approach to fines, the quality of football will be diminished over time. Eventually all NFL teams will play like the Cleveland Browns defense did against Denver. Can’t hit, can’t tackle and can’t make plays. Won’t that be great for the game?!
    “If I was a little bit dumber and a little bit blinder, I could be and NFL Official.”
    Bum Phillips

  21. i will now be on the look out for that fine on woodley’s sack being resinded as well. as soon as goodell looks at the film tomorrow or next wednesday, whichever he has it scheduled for review.

  22. The NFL is a pansy league. Its been going in this direction for a long time. The rulebook has been rewritten by lawyers. There is more contact in a disco than in the NFL.

  23. Nice gesture but when the head of officials is calling for more flags, it fails to address the underlying problem. Pereira has to go. That’s a 1000 times more important to the game than one rescinded fine. The guy’s gone power mad and has NO concept of what NFL fans want. Good, clean, HARD HITTING FOOTBALL!!! Not the “dance of the yellow hanky”!

  24. Goodell didn’t see the play my ass. He’s just covering his ass after all the player/coach/fan outrage over what he’s doing the game.

  25. Even if, finally, in the end they got one call right, I see this as boding very poorly for the league. Goodell is conceding that everyone in the league he has in charge of doling out fines can be completely and utterly wrong and only his own personal capriciousness can set it right, in only one particular instance, a week later… and he’s not even watching the action around the league. Yay! The only solution that would make me happy is if every man and woman responsible for reviewing these plays is canned and Goodell has to sit down to review all film so that we at least know who to blame for the arbitrary arbitrating.

  26. He only rescinded the fine because it wasn’t Tony Romo that got hit…NFL is all about the $$$

  27. @ CD_Ridge
    You’re delusional if you think the No Fun League monitors or cares about what their fans think. However I’m glad they rescinded the fine, next thing you know they’ll be letting players smile after touchdowns.

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