Our buddy Tim Benz of WXDX in Pittsburgh tells us that Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley has been fined $10,000 for one of the sacks he applied to Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell on Monday night at FedEx Field.
A player who saw the fine letter told Benz that the Woodley allegedly threw Campbell down “in an intimidating manner.”
Woodley isn’t happy about the fine, and he undoubtedly will appeal. 
No flag was thrown for the sack, which is No. 5 on this YouTube reel of every time Campbell was put to the ground on Monday night.



Benz also tells us that Woodley is 50-50 for Sunday’s game with a calf injury originally suffered against the Giants, and that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger  (shoulder, thumb) practiced but didn’t speak to the media.


  1. Man, I’m a Bengals fan who hates the Steelers and I think that’s a stupid fine. For sacking him in an “intimidating manner”?! Isn’t that what pressure on the quarterback is supposed to do?! Intimidate and force him into throwing a bad pass?!
    The NFL is getting out of control on these fines. And the one with Justin Tuck getting flagged for sacking Bollinger is just as bad.

  2. That’s it. Let’s just put a dress on the QB and not allow any contact at all. When is this going to end? Did Hines Ward get fined for his hit on Rivers? Oh, that’s different.

  3. As a Skins fan I call bullshit. That sack was fair game. If anyone shoudl be fined its the Skins O-line.
    The NFL head honchos are going to ruin this game pretty soon.

  4. That is a bunch of CRAP!!!
    Roger Goodell is going to ruin this league before his tenure is up!

  5. Seriously this is getting out of hand! It’s to the point where they are starting to piss the fans off.

  6. That is a ridiculous call. The NFL is going way to far on this issue of hurting the quarterback.

  7. It’s safe to assume the QB’s will trot out with velcro flags around their waist any Sunday now. I’m all for keeping them safe, but this is absurd. 10k?

  8. Give me a break. If the NFL keeps punishing players for sacking the QB, I personally will stop watching any games. What a joke

  9. The league is seriously getting my angry with all these fines, this one and the justin tuck fine, and even fining Frank Gore for a stiff arm.

  10. Wait a second. You can be fined for tackling the opposing player “in an intimidating manner”? Check me on this…is there some polite, gentlemanly way to bring a 6’5″, 230-lb man crashing to the ground???
    This may be the single worst fine from a fine-crazed commissioner’s office. I’m no Steelers fan, but that sack was textbook football.

  11. Where’s the fine on Harrison for that below the knee hit on the third one? That was SO malicious….

  12. sooo when are the fines for people taking down big ben going to start comming in?

  13. If the league wants to know what intimidating is, they should review the film of Cleveland’s Turkey Jones driving Bradshaws head into the astroturf back in the ’70s. Bradshaw responded with the funky chicken but at least he was moving.

  14. roger goodell and gene washington need to put on a clinic on how to sack qb’s. and by that i mean they should re-enact both the tuck and woodley sacks at full speed and explain the proper way to hit the qb. florio, see if your boys at the nfl network can make this happen. this is such garbage.

  15. Unlike some of the other BS calls discussed here, there is no rule which specifically prohibits this. It’s one thing to make a call to a questionable rule, (the on-field official should call the game to the rules.) It’s another thing to fine a play which is within the rules and between the whistles because someone thought it might intimidate someone.
    I personally thought he threw him down in a “disdainful” manner more so than an “intimidating” manner.

  16. That’s why I am liking hockey more and more all the time over the NFL. They still let ’em play. NFL is ruined. It’s like NASCAR: boring and all about money. Don’t forget in the Steelers-Redskins game Farrior was called for that roughing penalty just for bumping into Campbell.
    If I were Dick LeBeau and Mike Tomlin I would scheme 11 guys in coverage and no pass rushing, just to make a point. See how the league likes that.

  17. About two years ago, Mathias Kiwinuka (i know I spelled that wrong) had Vince Young wrapped up and then let him go because he didnt want to get flagged. It cost the Gmen the game… Its going to happen again since people know a QB must be treated like an 8 year old girl.
    We love Favre for showing up every day on Sunday, and his 260+ starts is a true testament to toughness. With these rules, any QB who misses even one game in his career should be looked at as soft

  18. Watching the clip again, Campbell looks like he fumbled on the throw-down. Also I’m surprised Harrison didn’t get a fine for hitting Campbell low on the ankle tackle in the previous play on the clip.

  19. OMFG. Serious??
    It was getting outta hand for late hits, but fining someone for ACTUALLY SACKING THE QB???!!!???
    I’m starting a campaign to bring back Paul Tagliabue.

  20. Goodell couldn’t care less what you or I, or Woodley, thinks…
    He hasn’t read The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, evidently.

  21. As a Steeler fan I was surprised he wasn’t flagged during the game. HOWEVER -he clearly fumbled the ball on the play and I thought Tomlin should have challenged that (a clear recovery by Steelers). The ref was too busy deciding whether or not to flag him I think…

  22. Are you f’ing shitting me ? He was fined for being intimidating ? Might as well put a bunch of old ladies out on defense, we wouldn’t want to intimidate or scare one of the offensive players now would we ?
    Absolutely ridiculous

  23. Condi rice thinks this is foolish and as commish SHE promises to put balls back into the game.

  24. Walrus:
    It definitely was a fumble. They showed it multiple times that nigth and it was clearly a fumble (and clearly recovered by the Steelers). Tomlin should’ve thrown the red flag.
    I brought it up during the live blog but it never got posted. (Florio must hate me.)

  25. The PFT Planet agrees, the fines are out of control. This crap has got to stop.
    There was also a BS roughing the passer penalty called when a Steelers LB and the Washington QB bumped facemasks.
    The spirit of the game is being diminished.

  26. Tag! You’re it! now counts as a sack in the NFL.
    BTW, Jansen has had a bad YEAR and should be benched. He can’t pass protect. Period.

  27. They fined him for that? I was waiting for the big hit on clip #5 – when I realized it had already passed. What a joke! What makes it worse is that the hit on LJ Smith (helmet to hemet) which DID draw a flag and knocked him out of the following weeks game was NOT fined. Are they using the Wheel of Fortune to determine the fines?

  28. I don’t see how that could possibly result in a fine. He brought the quarterback to the ground by wrapping his arms around his torso and bringing him down. Isn’t that what a pass rusher is supposed to do?

  29. What a freakin joke. Exactly what was he supposed to do at that instance? if anyone should be fined it should be jensen for diving at woodleys knees. that could have been more of a career ender

  30. I can’t articulate my disgust any better than others here. Pretty soon we will get rid of the offensive and defensive lines and just have 6 on 6 Flag Football.
    “Threw him down in an intimidating manner” – I think some defensive end should sack a QB this weekend and then teabag him. Now THAT’S intimidating. It would be freakin hilarious too. I mean if you’re going to get a fine, you might as well earn it.

  31. and what is wrong with this sack other than he threw the guy down a little hard maybe …where is the fine for the jared allen cheap shots on Schaub which were led by his helmet and right at the knees besides being well after he threw the ball.. Goodell you are an idiot

  32. My GOD this is the most ridiculous thing the league has done all year.
    And that’s saying something.
    That hit was clean, and it’s really now ticking off the fans.
    I’m with the guy who said to bring in Condi. Get someone with some balls in there.

  33. I’m a ravens fan who absolutely HATES the Squealers. That being said, that is one bogus a$$ fine. Woodley sacked the QB. Period. Get up, rub some dirt on it and play on. A fine for that is stoopid.

  34. When that play happened I told my wife he was going to get fined. It’s how the league is now. Sucks that a bunch of pussies run the greatest sport out there.

  35. IS there an e-mail address for Mike “just take it easy ,guys” Piera? There has to be some way to let the NFL know that the FANS are calling Bullshit on this.

  36. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another PFT story where there’s been this much of a total consensus in the comments.

  37. “sooo when are the fines for people taking down big ben going to start comming in?”
    *cough* Shawn Rogers *cough*

  38. As with one of the last commenters…I agree that they’re dancing a fine line between sacks like this and plays like the Kiwanuka/VY play back in ’06. There’s not much else you can do with your arms wrapped around a 230-pound man, spinning at full speed; you can’t gently place him on the ground. He’s either going to spin and fall at the same force you are, or, you’re going to let go and get VY’ed/Kiwanuka’ed. I hope the NFL realizes that they’re fining some people for some relatively unvoluntary actions (at that speed, Woodley didn’t stop and think, “Oh, I can be really intimidating with this sack! Let’s spin and throw him down.”).

  39. Every time I see a hard hit now I find myself looking for the flag even if the hit is clean. I bet I’m not the only one.
    I liked the Farrior comment. “I guess when you throw the guy down that intimidates him, and you know that’s not nice”
    Now I wonder if Farrior will get fined for saying that…..

  40. First they decide not to call a fumble on the play, which was clearly a fumble. Now they fine Woodley for a clean sack?! They need to fine the idiot refs who missed that blatant fumble that was a Harrison touchdown.

  41. Garbage!
    So when did Goodell start getting crazy with fines…after Upshaw passed??? Hmmmm…Can the union do anything about this? I know the excuse for these fines is ‘protecting the players’ but I think that’s B.S.
    I think the league should outlaw blitzes. That’s the real problem here.

  42. In other news, Roger Goodell has also decreed that from hereon out the NFL will be referred to as the WNFL.

  43. troy was 100% correct. pfl. pansy football league. there is no other level of football, from pee-wee to college that would call that a roughing play. goodell clearly does not understand the basic rules of the game. how are you going to stop this type of play when every player has been coached to play this way from grade school up. florio, can’t you forward all these comments to the right people in the circles you run in? please let them know the people they’re getting their money from are fed-up. something must be done. surely we, the fans that make this game what is, can fight back somehow to get OUR game back before it’s too late.

  44. That was a good tackle. Woodley played to the whistle. The official could have stopped Woodley at any time. Woodley could have just as easily drove Campbell right into the ground. The NFL is ruining the game with these fines. Eventually, all teams will play like the Cleveland Browns did against Denver. Can’t hit, can’t tackle and can’t make plays.
    “If I was a little bit blinder and a little bit dumber, I could be a NFL official.”
    Bum Phillips

  45. This one I don’t agree with…That was the only way Woodley could definately bring him completely to the ground…Now Jared Allen lunging head first with no use of his hands at the knee of Matt Schaub is a different story.

  46. RE: empty13 says:
    November 7th, 2008 at 9:27 pm
    no fumble. in the grasp.
    Watch the play no whistle til after the fumble. Learn the rules.

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