Since the day Bill Cowher quit as head coach of the Steelers, fans in Cleveland have pined for him to return to the sidelines and coach the Browns.
With the Browns now at 3-6, the voices of those fans are growing louder.
Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has the latest story about Browns fans who want Cowher to come to town, profiling the creator of, a site devoted to convincing Browns owner Randy Lerner to hire The Chin.
Of course, as we’ve noted before, it’s not as easy as just firing Romeo Crennel and hiring Cowher. For one thing, it’s highly unlikely that Cowher would take another job without full personnel authority, which means General Manager Phil Savage would have to be fired, too. For another, the Browns can’t just hire a new coach until they’ve interviewed a minority candidate. And for another, Cowher has said publicly that he is happy in retirement and not looking to coach again.
But as long as the Browns are struggling and Cowher is available, a whole lot of fans will clamor for the former Browns player and assistant to become the head man in Cleveland.


  1. If there’s a God in heaven, he’ll let this happen. I can’t stomach another game of watching Romeo sit on the sidelines with that same boring ### stare. If that means Savage has to go, then so be it. Hopefully they’ll take the staph with them.

  2. related news. DALLAS FANS WANT COWHER
    and so on and so on…..

  3. I’m a Steelers fan. I like Cowher very much and truly appreciate what he did for the Steelers. I appreciate him more now that he’s gone. At least the team had an identity with him. Anyway, to see him go to Cleveland would hurt. Big time. I don’t think he would risk his Pittsburgh fan base and his $$ opportunities/legacy there, which would be tainted if he went to another team in the AFC North. If he is smart, he’ll go to the NFC, build a team up there, make some big bucks with Dallas or wherever, and still have his legacy that he can cash in on in Pittsburgh.

  4. IMHO Coach Chin made a promise to his family. I don’t know the nature of the promise, but I am convinced that he has promised to keep/put “family first”. Until both daughters are “out of the house” he is going nowhere! That is it in a nutshell!

  5. Too bad Cowher’s hanging out in Raleigh waiting for the Panthers to get rid of Fox 😉

  6. Now that there’s an African-American Imam-elect of the United States, do we really need the Rooney rule any longer?

  7. might as well try to get deniis green. If Cohwer turned down the Redskins he doesn’t want to coach

  8. fire a black man! – are you crazy?? affirmative action is already being addressed at the college level (mentioned on CBS today and earlier in the week on ESPN’s nightly show) – the whole ‘iinterview a minority’ isn’t even appreciated with my minority colleagues – teams, people, businesses should be able to hire whomever they wish!
    but i can’t see coach chin in cleveland!

  9. Good because I would take Romeo back here in NE any day.Not his fault he is coaching a team full of assholes with massive about blaming the guy that picked the players..

  10. Crennel… halftime adjustments? naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
    he suffers from ray rhodes disease. NO halftime adjustments.

  11. The chin got his chance coaching starting with the Cleveland Browns as special teams coach. He had a chair in his office from old municple statium. He would come out of retirement in a heartbeat to coach the Browns. The chin is not going to mandate to be the G.M. so why do you say that Savage would have to be fired? That’s a really big stretch flo.
    firing Savage would be a big mistake. He pulled off arguably the best draft of the decade by snagging Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn, and Wright all in the same draft.
    And interviewing other candidates is always a process that takes place regardless. What Flo, do you think that if the Browns hired another minority coach, they wouldn’t interview others? You’re a little feeble minded my friend. You should put a little more thought into your aticles.

  12. would love to see Cowher leave the Clowns at the alter. I think he is going to end up coaching the Cowgirls. JJ wants a big name and will pay a lot more than Lerner.

  13. Why does everyone think Cowher is the answer to their prayers?
    He won one SB in 15 years as a head coach. He lost 3 AFC championship games at home. He had home field advantage 4 times in the playoffs with nothing to show for it.
    Kinda Schottenheimerish if you ask me…
    Unless all you want to do is just make it to the playoffs. Then Cowher or Schotty are your men…

  14. If both a head coach and GM would have to go, Kansas City is a much more likely destination. Plus, he wouldn’t have to play the Steelers twice a year.

  15. Cleveland fans want the original Cleveland Browns franchise, you know, the one that uses them as a door mat twice each year.

  16. YES!!! Romeo can head back to New England and put the defence back on the map. We’ve had enough of Dan Pees’ shabby defencive schemes. Hey, is there an offensive coordinator available? The young kid (Josh) in New England has run his course with all his Pop Warner/Vanilla style plays. Bring back the creative defensive and offensive plays N.E used to have! And it all starts with Romeo getting canned. Oh, well. Here’s to next year!

  17. The point about Savage is valid. He is a mediocre GM at best. His “the future is now” approach has got the Browns to 3-6 with not a lot of talent. Would Cowher want to work for Savage? It’s doubtful. The Chin probably doesn’t want to be a GM, but would like to work with a capable guy, which Savage doesn’t seem to be.

  18. shadylampz said:
    “firing Savage would be a big mistake. He pulled off arguably the best draft of the decade by snagging Joe Thomas, Brady Quinn, and Wright all in the same draft.”
    Oh, wait. You were serious?

  19. [rockitsauce said: Is it not obvious that a minority does not succeed in that position?]
    So following this logic, Caucasian candidates are out too, since Butch Davis failed in that position before Romeo did.

  20. “He would come out of retirement in a heartbeat to coach the Browns.”

  21. I say keep the owner, GM, and coach, and move the whole damn team to Los Angeles. With all of the people “acting” like they’re doing their jobs, they’d fit right in. And on you’re way out, take that A-Hole Lebron with you.

  22. I believe that Cowher wasted as much talent as ANYBODY during his tenure as coach (and his team was GIVEN the Super Bowl). I also believe that Romeo is not be the right guy to coach this team (why did it take so long for him to land a H.C. job anyway?). So, if not these guys, then who??? He should be an in your face motivator on the younger side, but who is it?? I really thought it was Butch, but he flaked out.
    To make a team interview a minority candidate that has no chance of landing the job is more insulting than not inerviewing a minority al all, isn’t it? If they know who they are hiring, why make others jump through hoops for a stoopid rule|?

  23. There is NO CHANCE that Cowher will go to Minnesota. No chance.
    The Vikes will end up with Billick.

  24. Callmecougar must be a wizards fan.
    I doubt Cowher would come to cleveland, or any AFC north team for that matter. I think KC would probably be the best bet for him, that or detriot.

    Cowher is 51-years old which is just about over the hill for most successful Head Coaches. We want a new young Head Coach that we can have for the next 10-15 years. The Browns need stability and continuity to succeed so this new Head Coach will come from inside the organization. Hiring and outsider means BLOWING EVERYTHING UP! (setting the organization back another 5-years)
    Rob Chudzinski will most likly be the Browns next Head Coach.

  26. No matter where he ends up, I’ve never actually seen a QUOTE from Cowher stating that he would want to be a coach/GM type. Maybe he’s smart enough to realize that very few coaches have ever made that work.

  27. Crennel’s Total Regular Season Record with Cleveland to date:
    23 Wins 34 Losses .403 Pct.
    4 years including 2008 and Zero Playoff Games
    Enough is enough! This man is the Ted Cottrell of head coaching

  28. There’s only one coach worth luring out of retirement – Ditka! Imagine an NFL with Iron Mike and Pants-less Mike.
    As a Steeler fan Cowher enthused and infuriated, having a SB get away, four chances missed and finally the win which some feel is tainted. He spent the first half of the ’06 season staring at his ring while the season slipped away on bad decisions. Buyer beware.
    Chiefs if anywhere but I think he actually likes the CBS gig.

  29. Here’s what I don’t. Since Auguast Viking fans have been blogging on your site for Bill Cowher. I think there may have been a prayer and fasting event held by juicy_melo just prior to the break. Bill Cowher actually stated on CBS last year that he would ‘really like’ to coach the Vikings. The Vikes are a mirror image of a Steeler team without the coaching. Hell, the Steelers have our former defensive coordinator as their head coach.
    PFT doesn’t print one word. Not one word. Cowher was even spotting in the Twin Cities back in October. Not one word, not even a small “Hey, Vikings fans declare head coach a Nimrod – growing demand for Cowher.”
    The Vikings are easily tied with Dallas for the most under achieving team in the NFC.
    Where’s the love?
    Everybody knows that Cleveland’s problem is not the head coach, it’s the GM.

  30. As disappointing as the Browns have been, the fans should really direct their ire at Savage, he is the problem.

  31. Sorry, still amped about this. The state of Minnesota was shocked when Childress wasn’t fired going into their bye week. I mean it really was a let down. Bad, like when you have the flu for Christmas bad and you have to watch everyone else enjoy the feast. You’re thinking, “Damn, I have to wait till next year!”
    I think Wisconsin had break out all over the state when Childress didn’t get canned. I mean everyone was expecting it. You guys didn’t take any really good shots at the issue.
    When PFT went after Childress for throwing Kluwe under the bus, Childress actually got the message and took responsibility for the next loss. When the Vikes beat the Lions in a yawner of a horrendous game. A full stadium of Vikings fans were screaming at the top of their lungs “Childress must go – Childress must go!” during most of the second half. It was a hop, skip and a jump away from the RNC protests and still no riding out of the story.
    I completely feel the Browns fans’ pain. They have more of a Raider’s problem. The upper management working against the coach. It’s a worse situation then Minnesota. Minnesota’s problem is fixable with the removal of one guy. A guy PFT has given a pass to on some of the most stupid public statements and game decisions made by anyone in the NFL that shares his title. He got a pass.
    PFT could do at least 6 or 7 features on the Childress think tank. It would be funny because it is so hard to believe. For Christmas I was thinking of buying the guy a stop watch with instructions (a nice one that lights up) so he could learn how to manage a game clock.
    Last year with Adrain Peterson running like a frieght train, Childress actually said that the Superbowl wasn’t his goal. Oh, well, that explains everything. Hey, the Superbowl is the whole point of being an NFL coach. He got a pass on that. This year has been no different. He’s been twice as dumb and he’s still getting a pass.
    Childress has no competition for ineptitude in the NFL. He holds first place by himself. If he blows the Packers game today, I think you can expect blackouts of upcoming home games. That’s a story.

  32. it seems a lot of people have the same idea as i do on this one. ive been thinking now for a while that cowher will somehow end up in minny. hell be going to a dome, and hell already be able to step in to a job that has the three things he built in pitt. a strong running game, strong offensive line, and defense. he will be able to find the right young quarterback and rid that team of their underachieving.

  33. seems every team that needs a head coach has cowher high on their list. he’ll go to carolina, if they don’t go deep into the playoffs.
    I can’t see him wanting to go against Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a year.

  34. iron_city says:
    November 8th, 2008 at 8:48 pm
    Now that there’s an African-American Imam-elect of the United States, do we really need the Rooney rule any longer?
    I would think the ass whipping your side took at the polls last Tuesday would slow this down. Seriously, Archie Bunker went off the air years ago.
    As far as Cowher goes, I wish him the best of luck. I’d like to see the Cleveland rivalry become more of a rivalry again. Even Batman needs the Joker, right? Few remember that some of the most vocal opponents of the move to Baltimore were Steeler fans.

  35. cybertom says: “Rob Chudzinski will most likly be the Browns next Head Coach.”
    That may no wait I take that back this IS the stupidist thing I have seen posted on this web site. Are you Phil Savage?

  36. raven bob says:
    November 9th, 2008 at 10:21 am
    seems every team that needs a head coach has cowher high on their list. he’ll go to carolina, if they don’t go deep into the playoffs.
    I can’t see him wanting to go against Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a year.
    Cowher’s a competitor. I’d bet playing Pittsburgh twice a year would appeal to him. I don’t think Baltimore scared him out of coaching.

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