At halftime of last week’s game between the Falcons and the Raiders, former Falcons (and also former Raiders but now current Redskins) cornerback DeAngelo Hall waited for a member of the Falcons.
For the purposes of fighting him.
Falcons linebacker Keith Brooking recently mentioned the incident during a spot with Buck and Kincade on 680 The Fan in Atlanta.  Here’s what Brooking said, without naming the former teammate in question.
“One of our ex-players, sitting there in the tunnel, waiting on us to come through the halftime to pick a fight with one of my teammates,” Brooking said.  “I’m just sitting there as I’m going to the locker room thinking, ‘Geez, man, I mean, I’m so glad we’re removed from all that mess.’  You know, because of the camaraderie that we have as a team from a players standpoint, the relationships we’ve developed with our coaches.  I mean, it’s a great working relationship.”
We don’t know which player Hall wanted to thump (or, as the case may be, get thumped by) or why he wanted to attempt some thumping, but it’s a sign that Hall has a long way to go before he’ll persuade the Redskins to give him a long-term deal.
Then again, maybe he is changing.  Consider this quote from a Friday appearance on Sirius NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Carl Banks.  When asked how bad things are in Oakland, Hall said this:  “I’m still a firm believer in they’re really not that bad.  It was definitely unfortunate the way things worked out for me but I still don’t think it’s a bad place.  I still think they’re going to somehow get it turned around.  I’ve got a lot of respect for Al Davis.  He talked to me like a man, told me I was the last one to come so I’m the first one to go.  And I respect that.  Gave me the opportunity to go where I wanted to go and that’s all I can ask for.”


  1. Pretty mature of Hall to leave the opportunity to bash the Raider organization on the table while on his way out, considering who were talking about.
    I don’t think that necessarily means he has turned over a new leaf. He’ll be bickering with the DC in D.C. in no time.

  2. You are such a homer Florio. Maybe Hall is changing because of one quote? That is absurd Mike. You were right in the second to last paragraph when you said he knows if he behaves for a half a season Dan Snyder will throw 10 million a year at him at seasons end. Then he can go back to being the turd that he really is.

  3. Actions speak louder than words. Hall will always be a jerk. How immature is it to wait to beat on a former teammate? If I weren’t a Cowboys fan, I would truly feel for the Redskins with this addition.

  4. Regarding Hall’s willingness to fight; these NFL players are
    nothing more than the Roman day Gladiators in the arena. They
    are young and immature and can be charged with assult in the
    civil society of today at anytime. Some even choose to batter
    their wives and girlfrinds to make sure they win the fight. If
    I were the Commissioner there would be counseling and therapy
    provided at the respective team’s expense. Hall actually has
    some maturity in that he has chosen not to trash the Oakland
    Raiders and Al Davis.

  5. Ofcourse he has a lot of respect for Al Davis, wouldn’t you “respect” someone that gives you 10million or whatever for 8 games? Good job screwing your season redskins…

  6. Please…DeAngelo Hall makes Steve Urkel look like Mike Tyson. He’s lucky he never got the chance. Even Jason Elam would whup that ass.

  7. Hall is able to show respect for a guy that just paid him 8 million dollars for 8 lousy games?? That’s shocking…

  8. How the hell does Brooking know what Hall’s intention was? And if Hall was waiting to fight a Falcon in the tunnel then why didn’t it happen? I mean did the Falcon enter through a secret entrance?
    Or perhaps fighting was not Hall’s intention at all.

  9. Florio, nothing about Davis firing players based on seniority? What kind of whack system is that? It’s not even a good one for the cable guys!

  10. I wonder how many more comments this article would have if DeAngelo Hall had signed with the Cowboys instead of the ‘Skins…

  11. StevenG says:
    November 8th, 2008 at 4:09 pm
    Florio, nothing about Davis firing players based on seniority? What kind of whack system is that? It’s not even a good one for the cable guys!
    It’s not the system. Davis feeds Hall that last in, first out b.s. and Hall is stupid enough to believe it. Not just believe it but repeat it, holy crapola.

  12. Hall MIGHT play in the nickel….he’ll be on a 3rd or 4th receiver…let’s see if he can manage that first before everyone puts him as a starter for the Redskins defense. Hail!

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