Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was limited in practice this week with a shoulder injury and listed as doubtful on the injury report.
But Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that Allen, who has started all eight games this season and has seven sacks, is going to try to play through the pain today against the Packers.
Per Schefter, Allen’s shoulder injury would keep him out of an ordinary game, but Allen views this game — at home, against a division opponent, with the top three teams in the NFC North separated by just one game — as too big to miss.
Allen was fined $50,000 this week for low hits on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, and in the eyes of some league observers, he shouldn’t have had the option to play this week because he should have been suspended. But he avoided suspension and is now ready to go.


  1. Suspended? Please. There’s harder hits than that in almost every game. Its not like he was intentionally trying to take Schuab out, he was just trying to get to the QB. If he had let up instead of going for the QB before the ball had been thrown, everyone would be on him for quitting on the play.

  2. I’m glad he’s playing … wouldn’t want to hear a bunch of injury excuses after the Vikings lose. The way I look at it a 100 percent healthy Jared Allen has been invisible the last two times he went against Chad Clifton, so why would a gimpy Allen fare any better.

  3. Somebody help Mr. “Joe Six-Pack” and help him read the RULES of the NFL! Your boy hit the QB at the knee’s and got lucky! He’ll only pay .16% of his massive signing “bonus” for his cheap shot and won’t be sitting for a few needed weeks for his cheap shot.
    Read the rules…

  4. The only “league observers” who think that Allen should be suspended are Houston fans and Florio. He deserved the fine. He did not deserve any suspension.

  5. The rules are to tackle the QB when he has the ball. That’s what he tried to do. It’s not like he tried to smash someone’s head in with his cleat.
    And isn’t it strange that JA has never had a rep as a cheap shot artist until now? I don’t think he intentionally was trying to take out Schaub, if he was then he should be suspended but I highly doubt he would go after Schaub, twice, INTENTIONALLY, in the same game without thinking of getting either ejected or suspended and fined and whatnot. I think it’s much more likely that unfortunately Shaub got hit twice on accident by Allen as he was stumbling around. I think a fine is okay to assess at this point, but a suspension? Nope.

  6. “According to some league observers”
    That translates into the following people…
    1: Mike Florio – Viking Organization Hater
    2: Texans fans angry about Schaub being hurt. (Sorry but the hits were clean fellas.)
    3: Packers fans who don’t want Allen to play against them.
    The rest of us, as proven in other threads, all think these fines, and the suspension cry babies, are stupid.

  7. should the league make it a penalty to touch the qb? Put a flag & diaper on him and baby the shit out of him. The NFL is turning this into a bunch of pussies.

  8. Hey Invisible…how’s your boy Clifton looking now? Vikes win and Allen ROCKED your best. Let me tell you…it was sweeeeeeet!

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