The Washington Redskins spent Wednesday debating whether to offer a contract to free-agent cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who was waived by the Raiders.
And in researching whether Hall would be a good fit in their locker room, the Redskins were encouraged to sign him by the man who coached him for four games in Oakland, Lane Kiffin.
Adam Schefter reported on NFL Network’s NFL GameDay Morning that Redskins executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato called Kiffin, who was fired as the Raiders’ coach four games into the season, and asked for his opinion on Hall. Per Schefter, Kiffin told Cerrato that he thought Hall had been humbled and would be a good fit.
Hall signed a one-year contract with the Redskins on Thursday. He says he expects to sign a long-term deal with the team after the season.


  1. ROFL, I suppose if he’s wiling to sign a long term deal for the veteran minimum, but the Redskins will have almost no cap room to sign anyone in 09. Based on the ‘year before an uncapped year’ CBA rules it will be hard for anyone to do big deals except for the teams like the Eagles, Packers, Cardinals who have 20-30 million free. The Redskins are already committed to 10-15 mil over the projected 09 cap with several key free agents unsigned. They can’t do their usual stunt of redoing existing deals to push massive amounts of money into future years because the 09 cap rules, among other things, treat renegotiated contracts as ‘new’ contracts, all bonus is treated as signing bonus, and 50% of signing bonus MUST be counted against the 09 cap numbers.
    The Redskins have been playing fast an loose with contracts for years, much like Wallstreet. Their ‘credit crunch’ comes next year.

  2. Low risk for the Skins. And as a Washington fan, I hope it works out. Everyone knows we could use some top tier CB depth. But as someone with a distaste for putting turds on the team, I’m still skeptical. I really hope that DeAngelo has finally grown up. The fight challenge story from last week is what is still sitting sore with me right now.

  3. Telling that the skins would call Kiffin for his opinion rather than rely on what the Oakland staff has to say about it.

  4. Bill, you do realize every year is supposed to be the year that the contracts catch up to the Skins, and ever year they manage to get under the cap.

  5. @ CaptainFantastik
    More telling, is that the Skins must not have looked at recent game film.
    More telling, is that Hall got cut from a team that is just down right bad. That should say a lot.
    I doubt Kiffin talked them into anything they didn’t already intend to do.
    …and I’m just curious. With that name, are you a Devin Townsend fan?

  6. Al Davis signed Hall, and others, this past season because Kiffin wanted them.
    Hall didn’t fit in in Oaktown because he can’t play bump and run.
    Just another mistake by Kiffin, who should be selling hotdogs soon.

  7. “…and I’m just curious. With that name, are you a Devin Townsend fan?”
    It’s from a line in the 80’s film Tango & Cash. Stallone busts down the door because he thinks Kurt Russell’s nailing his sister and then a few moments later Russell refers to Stallone as “Captain Fantastic”.

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