When we talk about the NFL in Los Angeles, we’re usually talking about the possibility that the nation’s second biggest city might finally get a professional football team.
But whether or not L.A. ever gets a team, the city could be in line to host the Super Bowl.
Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that local businessmen Casey Wasserman and Tim Leiweke have been working behind the scenes with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the NFL to secure the 2016 Super Bowl for L.A., even if the city doesn’t have a team by then.
The 2016 game, Super Bowl L, could be played at the Rose Bowl, the Coliseum or possibly the new stadium that real estate billionaire Ed Roski has proposed in City of Industry. Roski has made clear that he wants to bring an NFL team to Los Angeles soon.
The NFL usually chooses Super Bowl hosts about four years in advance, so it will be a few years before the host of Super Bowl L is determined. The current schedule calls for the Super Bowl to be played in Tampa in 2009, in Miami in 2010, in Dallas in 2011 and in Indianapolis in 2012.

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  1. Forget moving a team in LA. They had two and could not support them and i don’t want to see any of the 32 teams move to LA.

  2. Isn’t there a rule that the Super Bowl has to be played in a city that has an NFL team? That’s why there hasn’t been a Super Bowl played in LA since 1993 (a year before the Rams left). They need to get America’s biggest game back to one of the few sites worthy of it, the Rose Bowl, regardless of whether LA has a team. How the NFL can continue to hold the game in places like Detroit, Jacksonville, and (gulp) Indy, is beyond me.

  3. They need to have the Super Bowl in a colder climate, such as: Green Bay, Buffalo or New England. That way I can listen to the overpaid analysts wimp and whine about the weather conditions. They are worse than the athletes.
    Please do not move any teams to LA. They may be the 2nd largest market, but if they really wanted an NFL team then they should have supported the Rams and Raiders more when they were there.
    I don’t believe in the build it and they will come concept in terms of making the NFL popular in LA by building a brand spanking new stadium. That makes no sens to me at all.

  4. The people of LA do not WANT a football team. They don’t want to pay for a stadium, they don’t want to lose out on watching games on Sunday because of a blackout, etc. Some rich guys who think a team will make them look real men want a team. Real folks in LA cannot be bothered.
    As for playing the Super Bowl in cities with teams, that is not a rule. The Super Bowl has been played at Stanford. The game is usually played in a city with a team because the facilities are then in place. The Super Bowl was at Stanford because it actually held more people than Candlestick at the time.

  5. Here’s an idea:
    – There seems not to be a groundswell for a regular team in LA, but…
    – The media and league love LA
    – There’s lots of money in LA
    – There are already sites that have hosted Super Bowls in LA
    – It’s very easy to travel to LA from anywhere
    Why not just play the game in LA every year?

  6. LA has no NFL team, yet they could get the Super Bowl? Philly has an NFL team, but they haven’t had a Super Bowl player at the Linc yet…

  7. anyone who thinks la won’t support an nfl team (just one, not two) should check out a fall saturday when usc is playing. they will and they do. until we get an nfl team however a have a modest little proposal. hold the super bowl here every year until we have a team to call our own. consider;
    it’s truly a neutral site,
    we have great weather,
    the game will start in the afternoon and end in the evening. all those tv shots of the setting sun over the pacific
    close access to entertainment industry for pre-game and half time shows
    home to many celebrities to show on cue in between tv timeouts
    great location for week long nfl and corporate events
    great location for saturday night before super bowl shenanigans
    it’s not just game, it’s a really big party

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