Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Patriots receiver Randy Moss has been slapped with a $20,000 fine for recent criticisms of the officials.
“A lot of guys are really down because we let a game like this slip,” Moss said after Sunday night’s loss to the Colts.  “But when things happen, you have to watch what you say.  Guys don’t want to get fined.  But there was some real iffy calls out there.

“Some of the things you wish wouldn’t happen.  But good calls and bad calls are part of the game.  You’ve got to live with that one, the good and the bad.”

Though Moss surely thought he didn’t cross the line, this fine proves that the league is serious about requiring players, coaches, and other team officials to use internal channels to voice concerns about the officiating — and to say nothing at all about calls that they believe to be bad or botched or iffy or any other negative adjective.


  1. The money grabbing NFL owners are trying to enrage the players into another lockout/strike!
    Goodell is nothing more than their fully controlled mouthpiece!

  2. I have never been a Randy Moss fan, and am happy that Lorenzo Favre wasn’t able to inflict him on the Packers. That said, I honestly believe Roger Goddell has taken leave of his senses. It wasn’t like Moss teed off on the officials for sub par officiating. I thought he was quite diplomatic.
    Roger!!!!! For crum sake get a grip. You are starting to make Bud Selig look competent.

  3. This is just getting ridiculous. Last time I checked this is America where free speech is supposed to be one of the perks. If i’m one of these players I challenge Goodell’s legal ability to levy fines for this. I consult a big time high profile prosecutor and if he thinks there’s a case…..file a class action lawsuit against the NFL where players who’ve been fined for speaking their mind may take part. Draw huge publicity to the issue and make Goodell look like the tyrant he is.

  4. Players never make any mistakes… and neither do the refs.
    Got to the point where you can’t even hint that there might have been a bad call or two out there.
    If Goodell wants to muzzle them all, he should at least give the players 30 minutes or an hour to cool off after the game instead of rushing them out to a podium or letting the media in the dressing room right away afetr the game

  5. What a joke this commissioner has turned the league into. Its like a communist regime where you cannot even hint that there were some suspect calls there. It wasn’t as if Moss called out officials personally and berated them.

  6. Roger Goodell is really getting out of hand. I’m getting sick and tired of his BS. Has anyone else noticed that nothing he’s done has had any noticable impact on the sport or the personal conduct of the players?
    I miss Touchdown Dances without fines. I miss big hits without fines. I miss great post game scripts without fines.
    I miss Tags, and I miss the real NFL.

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