Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the NFL imposed fines on a total of 20 players for last week’s fight between the Jaguars and the Bengals.
For each team, ten players were fined.  The total amount of the fines?  $90,000.
But we’re still troubled by the fact that Jags defensive tackle John Henderson was fined only $10,000 for trying to turn Andrew Whitworth into a pirate.  As Michael Strahan of FOX pointed out, the disparity between these fines and $20,000 for Randy Moss mentioning “iffy” calls makes no sense.
We agree.  The league needs to develop a greater sense of equity and consistency in these fines, or the players, the media, and the fans will continue to sound off about the situation.


  1. Because its about “who is in charge” as opposed to “what is right.” The zebras have really been screwing up this year. Maybe the league can spend some money on getting that situation sorted out.

  2. Has the NFL offered any explanation for why Henderson was treated the same as Whitworth in this situation? If the league wants any credibility, the fans need more than a, “because I said so” as the reason for this kind of crap!

  3. When Goodell first became the Commish, I was all for his initiative to crack down on bad player behavior. Now, it’s almost laughable the way he goes about it. Fining everyone involved is just stupid. Henderson attacked Whitworth. Whitworth defended himself. Everyone else was trying to break it up. What kind of message are we sending to everyone if this is how the league responds? “You were trying to stop the fight? Gimme $5000!!!” Ridiculous.

  4. While I like that the NFL is cracking down on incidents of all kinds, it’s clear that Roger Goddell needs some help determining punishments and fines and there needs to be some checks and balances in the disciplinary process.
    Henderson should have received some sort of suspension like his old college teammate Albert Haynesworth who also attacked and intentionally tried to injure a player. It’s a good thing that Whitworth wasn’t defenseless at the time or he’d have one of his eyes covered in gauze for a long time.

  5. The disparity in the amount of fines makes sense if you approach fines from the perspective that the league is more interested primarily in preserving its public image. Criticism of the officials by the players is pretty damaging if unchecked.

  6. If Henderson had done that to someone on the street he would probably be facing felony charges. Ridiculous.

  7. Sorry, if Henderson was “trying” to gouge out Whitworth’s eye, then his eye would have been gouged. He was grabbing the guy’s face, but not plucking out eyeballs.

  8. My mistake, I didn’t realize Henderson was an accomplished eye gouger, although I’m certainly not surprised.
    Interesting how Henderson “was grabbing the guy’s face,” the same way most people would grab a bowling ball, using Whitworth’s eye sockets accordingly. M’kay.

  9. 20 Players fined. 22 players on the field. So only 2 got off with nothing? And Moss gets fined $20,000 dollars for hurting the zebras’ feelings? Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me. I can’t see why anyone would question that.

  10. Samh, *please* stop trying to defend Henderson. Everyone can see what was happening, and your little “If he’d a’wanted ta gouge his eyes out, he woulda” excuse only makes you look like more of a moron each time you spew it.

  11. Nice one JZuluaga1. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have a few posters agreeing with you, never realizing you’re being sarcastic.

  12. jollyoldman,
    I’m not defending him. He should have been thrown out and he should have been fined. I wish he hadn’t done it; he embarrassed the team and he embarrassed the fans.
    That said, having watched the clip over and over again, I just don’t think he was trying to gouge his eyes out. That’s just not what it looks like, to me. I’ll stop stating my case when PFT’s illustrious editor stops bringing it up.
    By the way, it seems the NFL agrees with me. Who’s on your side?

  13. samh, from what I can tell, everyone but you and someone with the NFL trying to cover their embarrassment, are on his side. We know what the NFL’s agenda is, and since you are a Jaguars fan, yours is equally as transparent.
    Does your agreement with the NFL extend to Whitworth getting the same punishment as Henderson? Please clarify. That will help the rest of us gauge just how delusional you are.

  14. Obama says, “Randy Moss makes alot more money than John Henderson, it is only fair that Moss should have to pay more. Moss should feel it is his responsibility to the league to pay the higher fine and be happy about it.”

  15. They should make these guys pass out popcorn and clean the stands. These cash fines are nothing to them and you certainly don’t wanna just give them the day off. Put them to work paying off ten grand at min wage for once. Then they might play better when they know what it is like to work hard to buy tickets to a NFL game.

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