In our most recent post regarding the “illegal forward pass” call in Sunday’s game between the Packers and the Vikings, we pointed out that NBC’s Al Michaels and John Madden failed to point out that Giants quarterback Eli Manning got away with an apparently clear case of intentional grounding last night in Philadelphia. 
As MDS points out, Michaels and Madden didn’t comment on the possible intentional grounding by Giants quarterback Eli Manning because they were talking about the presence of Vice President-elect Joe Biden in the owner’s box.  The discussion included video of Biden with owner Jeffrey Lurie.
And if the images of Biden broadcast by NBC were simultaneously displayed on the scoreboard at Lincoln Financial Field, the characterization by Dan Ghelston of the Associated Press that Biden was booed ignores the fact that the fans were in the process of loudly booing the failure of the officials to throw a flag on Manning.
We’re not suggesting that Biden wouldn’t have been booed.  In any non-partisan crowd, there will be people who like a given politician, and people who don’t.  And the sound of booing often overtakes the sound of clapping.
That said, it’s highly unlikely that a Scranton native with a blue-collar background would have been unanimously booed by people who live in an area that surely contributed significantly to last week’s election results in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and our guess is that Ghelston grossly misinterpreted the crowd’s reaction to the absence of a flag for intentional grounding as a statement of uniform disdain for the man who’ll become the Vice President of the United States in little over two months.
UPDATE:  Mark Eckel of the Trenton Times thinks that the boos were directed at Lurie, not Biden.
SECOND UPDATE:  Eagles fan Taco Bill has an inside look at Biden’s plan for avoiding future booing.


  1. I’ve never seen network broadcasts on the jumbotron at a stadium, I’m pretty sure its all done in-house.

  2. Florio, quite trying to make excuses for him getting bood, you douche! Just because you want to nibble on Bidden’s apple bag, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  3. I booed at the TV from home. It’s still McCain 4 Prez…
    I give it 3 days after Inauguration before the McCain Military Coup occurs…

  4. I once saw Eagles fans boo Santa Claus. They’ll boo anything and anyone. They are horrible, horrible people who deserve no success from any of their sports franchises.

  5. I wonder if Biden was thinking to himself whether FDR ever saw the Eagles fans boo a politician like that when he watched them on TV from his White House office in 1929.

  6. Don’t forget though, there are quite a bit of people that think he’s a bumbling idiot.
    Like the fact that he thinks FDR was president when the stock market crashed in 1929…

  7. Biden was clearly, and resoundingly booed at the game last night. I was there. It was not related to Manning’s attempted kill to a field mouse he apparently saw at his feet.
    I was also at the Flyers game with Sarah Palin and she was resoundingly booed as well.
    As the post states, if 10% of the people loudly boo it will drown our the 40% who clap. I think it was the case in both stadia.

  8. I was at the game last night. The booing was because Jeff Lurie was in the picture with Biden that they showed in the stadium. The fans can’t stand Lurie and, frankly, it took me a while to realize that the guy sitting with him was Biden because, even though I know who he is and would recognize him, he’s not someone I would have thought would have been sitting in the box with Lurie.

  9. Everyone was booing the no-call for intentional grounding. The replay was being shown at the stadium, as NBC was showing Biden. When they were showing the replay at the stadium, it looked like grounding, but then you could see there was a running back in the area. They didn’t even show Biden on the big screen.

  10. Let’s talk about football and forget the politics, no matter how much of a flaming homocrat you are Florio.

  11. Honestly, Im surprised it took Florio this long to put the post up…I was disappointed that it wasnt up 30 minutes after it happened…Does that really surprise you about Philly? They boo EVERYONE…its like the “calling card” of the city…and articles like this make it even worse…

  12. Santa Claus, Michael Irvin w/ Broken Neck, Kids singing national anthem. Booing V.P. Elect Biden doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch to me.

  13. First off, in Philadelphia nobody cared about Biden, they were probably booing about the fact that Al Michaels (Americas worst commentator other than Chris Collinsworth) failed to mention anything about World Series MVP Cole Hamels sitting next to Biden (Wearing a 75th anniversary A.J. Feeley jersey, for what reason we don’t know).
    The controversial call you’re talking about was a good no call because he almost hit Boss in the foot with the ball, even if he does not release, in the formation they were in he is still technically eligible.
    And to the guy who says Philadelphia fans are the worst and do not deserve anything. 22 years I’ve been alive, 22 years I’ve been a fan, Philadelphia fans are born into a culture of the most passionate, straight forward people in the nation. You start out 0 for the century, don’t win the big one and allow the Phillies to be the first to bring the championship to the city and Damn right we’re going to boo.
    Also, for Santa Claus, he shouldn’t have shown up without enough presents for everyone, that’s just polite. We were just upset we went home empty handed, as usual during football season.
    If you’re not from here, you don’t understand it. If you don’t understand it, you hate it. And if you hate it, we hate you.
    -Welcome to Philadelphia

  14. I was at the game. Biden wasnt even on the big screen at that time. They dont show network Tv broadcasts on the jumbotron. They were booing that ridiculous grounding call.

  15. Perhaps they should have been busy booing their fatass incompetent head coach who can’t seem to efficiently manage a game to save his life, as well as their QB who was sucking wind so bad that they couldn’t run a hurry-up offense, whenever he’d thrown 36 passes and hadn’t gotten sacked all night…

  16. So we have people who were there claiming they were booing Biden, the officials, and Lurie. Whoever…’s Philly. They booed Mike Schmidt. They boo everyone. It’s meaningless.

  17. Biden was sitting in Jeff Laurie’s box with Cole Hamels and Pat Burrell on the 50 yard line.
    Biden got up and got mostly cheers (some boos), but then when Laurie got up the entire crowd started to boo. We were pissed off at Laurie because it’s yet ANOTHER year of a mediocre team losing games we should win.

  18. I was at the game last night (section 206). 2 things. We will Boo anyone they show on the jumbo tron. We boo the weather reporters they show during the game.
    In this case, we don’t care about Biden… if he was show on the screen by himself, then we probably would have boo’d him. We saw Jeff ” we’ll never be the Phillies and win a Championship ” Lurie and he was BOO’d.
    F’ Lurie and F’ Andy Reid. I’m done with them both.

  19. I still can’t understand why people always bring up the booing santa claus thing like it was some unspeakable thing to do. You realize Santa isn’t real, don’t you??? They pulled some skinny, 20-year-old kid from the stands who was dressed like santa and paraded him onto the field. He even said afterwards that he thought the whole thing was funny… so don’t worry, Santa’s feelings weren’t hurt.

  20. We vote for President, not for Vice President. Biden is a tool.
    Besides, it’s philly, they got a triple whammy there. A politician, an owner, and a questionable call. Boo’s all around!

  21. I was once at a Sixers game and they booed Chubby Checker. If I was at the game I would have booed Biden too.

  22. The thought of Jeff Lurie on the Jumbotron getting booed pleases me. But, Lurie’s not the coach. How come Jumbocoach never gets booed?

  23. Just remember Biden even though he may not be able to spell or remember anything at all he is next in line to be president should anything happen to Obama.

  24. My friend grew up in Philly and still lives there, voted for McCain only because of the large potential of having Biden take over as president.. Biden is a huuuuge d-bag

  25. If they threw that flag on Eli I would have wondered why they didn’t throw the flag on McFlabb a series or two prior. Did anyone see this?

  26. It wasn’t an “apparently clear case of intentional grounding,” the ball basically landed at the feet of Kevin Boss (even though I’m not sure if Eli knew Boss was there, intent doesn’t matter).

  27. JSpicoli says:
    November 10th, 2008 at 10:18 am
    Let’s talk about football and forget the politics, no matter how much of a flaming homocrat you are Florio.
    Homocrat, that’s almost clever. Other then the obvious fact that it’s the Republicans that keep getting caught in men’s restrooms and getting methed up with male hookers.

  28. Some boos were for Biden but I think the majority was for Lurie and his man love I will never do anything to Andy Reid attitude which is one of the biggest problems witht his team no accountability nas also because of the bad call by the ref.

  29. He’s basically Palin with no jugs. God help us if this idiot ever has to take over. They should make Obama rule from a bunker 10 miles below the surface in a room filled with feathers, just so he never gets hurt.

    Biden was booed because of the comments he made about Eagle Fans in September on the Campaign trail.
    Here is the article from FoxNews titled – “Biden On Th Trail:Offending Eagle Fans”
    A Video is included. Biden was a long-time season ticket holder for the Eagles back at the Vet & he grew up an Eagle fan in Scranton. Then he threw us under the bus & claimed to be a lifelong packer fan even shooting an insult at Eagle fans to try and get a few votes in Wisconsin.
    When this came out a lot of angry fans were calling into 610 WIP expressing disgust in Bandwagon Biden & his comments.
    Go to a Packers game Joe, we don’t want you in our box

  31. I don’t really think that they were booing Biden (it might have seemed that way on tv, but I doubt the are showing the same thing on the television that they are showing on the screens at the atadium) But for all future articles, politicians get booed at sporting events every single time they attend one. This isn’t really news.

  32. I thought Philadelphia was a cesspool for liberalism. The Eagles fans probably thought we can’t wait for the government to take over our 401ks and IRA for redistribution of wealth, it’s the change we needed.

  33. “blue collar background”? seriously, since when does a lawyer, career politician make you “blue collar”? yeah and so are the kennedys working class people right? man give me a break with the blue collar/working class background crap. they are career politicians who don’t care a flip about any blue collar or working class citizen, unless they are illegals, then they care. they only caer about retaining power and gorging at the trough of public money. i think pukes describes them better.

  34. Pretty obvious intentional grounding by Eli? what about the one that McNabb had on the previous possession. The refs were off last night.

  35. “”In any non-partisan crowd, there will be people who like a given politician, and people who don’t. “”
    Is this statement true? I think we should refer to Bob Marley when we need to know what to do when we see politicians:

  36. biden is blue collar,my ass.his father never had a blue
    collar job and his grandfather sat on the board of an oil
    company.if anything i would venture to say that biden is
    at least upper middle class in origin.

  37. I was at the game. We were booing Lurie. Even though the score was close, we got destroyed in every aspect of the game. The person to blame for that is Andy Reid… and the person to blame for him is Mr. “We’re going for it” Lurie. And that intentional grounding was one of MANY mistakes by the officials.

  38. Also, don’t get the bad call boos and the Lurie boos confused, I don’t know how it was shown on the TV but at the game we saw the bad call first followed by Lurie and Biden. Not the best time to put them on the screen as we were screaming already from the call but once we saw them our frustration was directed to the man sitting his ass in a warm box seat smiling like an idiot. Understand that we would have booed Lurie regardless of the bad call, at least I would have.

  39. LOL, maybe, just maybe they were booing the Eagles. Ha! Welcome to the Cellar of the NFC East! Eagles suck when it matters.
    By the way, there was a McNabb non-grounding flag that wasn’t called either. I thought I saw Boss, the Tight End, near by the so called Eli grounding non-flag.

  40. “If you’re not from here, you don’t understand it. If you don’t understand it, you hate it. And if you hate it, we hate you.”
    Translation: if you are from Philly, you are a dumbshit.

  41. When they showed Biden (for about 2 seconds) some people booed and some cheered. Most people in our area did nothing. Typical sports writer reaction – a few Philly fans boo and we’re the worst fans ever. Go to a Yankees game wearing a Boston jersey (or vice versa) and see if all they do is boo.

  42. i was there and they were DEFINITELY booing Biden. As soon as they showed him on the stadium screens, there were a LOT of loud boos.
    I’ve never heard Lurie get booed either, so i doubt they were for him

  43. “Scranton native with a blue-collar background would have been unanimously booed by people”
    scranton and the poconos is not philly. plus he lives in delaware.
    they booed santa claus there at the vet.
    i once went to a phillies doubleheader way back in the old days when teams were not so greedy they’d play 2 games for the price of one.
    anyone there was about a half hour or so break between the two games. they had a guy throwing a frisbee like 50 yards in the air and his dog ran for it, jumped into the air and caught it. Caught it at least a dozen throws in a row. Then finally the dog dropped one – AND THE CLASSY PHILS FANS BOOED THE DOG OFF THE FIELD.

  44. I was at the game. I was about 40 feet away from Michael Nutter and Joe Biden, there was nothing but cheers where I was sitting. The ref’s got more boo’s the the politicians. Danny Bonadouche should have received the most boo’s for well, just being there.

  45. seriously, how could anyone be booing biden? he and his master are going to save the universe. everyone knows that. in fact, i’m quitting my job jan. 20th, cause they’re going take care of all my bills and problems from now on. come on, it’s what we’ve all heard for 2 years now. you still don’t believe it?

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