Said Giants coach Tom Coughlin, “It’s great to win here. It reinforces everything we believe about team, supporting each other and finding a way to win the game.”
The Giants held the ball for more than 39 minutes and ran 20 more plays than the Eagles.
The Eagles are now tied in the standings with the Cowboys and three games behind the Giants.
Said Giants QB Eli Manning of the replay challenge when he was called for an illegal forward pass, “If you have one toe on the line of scrimmage, it’s a legal pass. It was worth the risk.”
Giants RB Brandon Jacobs had a big game but also a fumble that could have been costly.
Giants WR Domenik Hixon said he “wasn’t too disappointed” when his punt return touchdown was called back on a penalty.
Said Eagles QB Donovan McNabb, “This game is all about getting into a rhythm. Unfortunately, the last three games, that hasn’t started at the beginning of the game.”
The Eagles scored an early touchdown out of the Wildcat formation.
Eagles LG Todd Herremans was held out of the starting lineup for undisclosed disciplinary reasons.
Eagles RB Brian Westbrook had 26 yards on 13 carries and was stopped on fourth-and-1 at the end of the game.


  1. Correction. Because Dallas owns a win over the Eagles, the Eagles are now the bottom dwellers in the NFC East, not Dallas.

  2. I just don’t think the Eagles have it this year. They have done alright so far this season, but I don’t like the rest of their schedule. I see them going 2-5 for the rest of the season. They will beat Cincy and Cleveland, lose to Bal, Ari, NYG, Was, and Dal. Reid or DM need to leave. They just are not getting it done. I hope I will be surprised in the future, but I doubt it. McNabb should leave and go to a team that is ready to win. The Eagles are going to have to rebuild very soon.

  3. games is winding down and the eagles let the clock run
    down to the two minute mark because donovan mc nabb is out
    of breath,jesus christ,does this guy ever work out.
    the damn offense is only on the field for two thirds of the
    time,he has to be in better shape than that.
    this brings back memories of the super bowl,i’m starting to
    think that terrell owens was on to something here.i think
    to called out mc nabb on this and divided the locker room.
    remember when to threw that birthday party for himself
    in philly,a lot of players showed up even when to was
    on the outs with the team.hmmmmm..

  4. Shitty game, but that overturn on the illegal foward pass was bullshit. MAYBE it wasn’t the right call in the first place, MAYBE, but there was hardly conclusive evidence.

  5. This season is officially over. I actually like Andy Reid, alot, but I’ve never in my life seen an NFL head coach make the decisions that he does. He’s like a kid trying to jam his square peg of a scheme into the round hole of his personell. When Tom Coughlin handily out-coaches you, it’s time to go. We can’t blame McNabb anymore. Yes he makes mistakes, but looking at the big picture, Reid has hurt this team far more than Donovan.

  6. How far have Al Michaels and John Madden fallen as a broadcast team? They reminded me of a dog chasing its tail on the illegal forward pass call. We’re told ad nauseam that the yellow/red line on broadcasts aren’t “official”, yet Michaels and Madden inexplicably droned on about where Manning released the ball in relation to the unofficial red line. All along — if you simply looked at the yard marker on the sideline, you could see that the red line was at least a quarter yard behind the sticks.
    Also, they made no mention toward the end of the game that prior to the Eagles’ neutral zone infraction on special teams (where Feagles pinned them at the 14-yard line) , the officials ruled that Derrick Ward fumbled on third down when, in fact, he was down by contact. The ball spot (where the “fumble” was recovered) was at least two yards behind where it would have been had Coughlin challenged the ball spot and won. The neutral zone infraction would have given the Giants a first down and, perhaps, the Eagles wouldn’t have gotten the ball back. Sure, I’m shocked that Coughlin didn’t challenge, but a little more surprised that Madden and Michaels didn’t mention it.

  7. Actually that overturned illegal forward pass wasn’t B.S….I agree that it wasn’t conclusive that he was behind the line drawn on the screen. But that line was at least a half yard behind the official’s Yard Marker on the sidelines. The ref got this one right. I can’t believe anyone else didn’t notice this.

  8. I love Andy Reid (thanks for the memories, drafting McNabb and the Super Bowl appearance), but he’s got to go. He’s become more predictible than the sun and he’s still making the same game-day mistakes he made 5 years ago. His current record in close games is a disgrace. The problem is that Jeffrey Lurie will not make a move before Big Red’s contract is up (2011, I think) and Andy won’t step down.

  9. Moonbeam, where did you see that McNabb was winded? Dude, is that what you came away from this game with? You are just one of those anti-McNabb guys looking for a reason to rip him. 3 touchdowns should be enough to win right? Especially when the Eagles D is soooo good.
    Why aren’t you yelling for Andy calling terrible plays. Or the fact that Marty is supposed to call the plays? How about sending your QB out to thow 75% of the time against the best pass rush in the league. How about a defense that cannot stop the run and the fumble by Demps. How about all of the money that our GM gave Asante – how has that worked out? Did Asante shut down Amani Toomer? Amani Toomer! How about not having a fullback ont he roster especially considering the returner debacle last year. How about our short yardage package.
    McNabb is the best player on this team. You can argue Westbrook but the only time a game is put on his shoulders is when McNabb is out. Andy should game plan like McNabb is not playing and then play him – maybe then we can have a balanced attack like when Garcia was here.
    This team is in disarray and it is because of mismanagement of Andy the GM, Andy the playcaller, and Andy game manager.
    Let me guess, if McNabb would have run more…. absurd. McNabb had an OK game and should take some blame but blame the guy who puts every game on McNabb’s shoulders and McNabb’s shoulders ALONE.

  10. stevemcguigan,
    It was conclusive on the reply. It was easy to see. They redrew the red line to the front of the football before it snapped. Then is was obvious that he was not completely over the line.
    The part that was conclusive were all the cheap shots the eagles were place on Brandon Jacobs to include a horse collar that wasn’t called. Dawkins also hit in the helmet when he was down. Don’t matter. Giants win another one and Philly is in the basement.

  11. seems the NFC east has reids number, nice of him to use the challange flag for a change, and it was a hard fought game, but if he cant beat any NFC east teams this year……………………..

  12. Jacobs hurt us alot more than coughlin did. That dudes a beast! Without him, all 260 lbs of him, the giants would be a different team. I mean, the man splits time with two other guys and still puts up big time numbers.
    I know people are gonna put this solely on andy reid, and thats fine, but jim johnsons defense couldn’t get off the field either. The offense put up points with 20 less plays than the giants, without a run game period and still had a chance to win at the end. That’s not horrible coaching. Yeah, it was a bad decision to challenge the 1st play, i agree, but thats NOT why we lost.
    We lost a close game to the best “overall” team in the league because we couldn’t convert on “key” short yardage situations(offense and defense). And that falls on everybodies shoulders.

  13. Reid should be fined (check the ‘n’ not the ‘r’) for those two boneheaded running calls on that last drive. McNabb was in a good rhythm and moving the ball well… then on two of the most important calls they go to the running game that hadn’t worked all game (unless it was McNabb or DJax). I am so pissed… stupid, stupid, stupid.

  14. I hate the Giants. I wish someone would knock that smirk off of Manning’s face. I don’t know which brother I dislike the most Eli or Payton.

  15. We won you lost the good news is fewer cars will be set on fire this year since the birds are going no where
    See you in a few weeks to do it again
    But we are not a good team we are over rated and never should have won the big game last year
    Doubt we can repeat but damn we are good
    The most well rounded team in the game

  16. The Eagles lost because Westbrook was held to 26 yards, period. And that just so happened to be the Giants game plan. On the other hand Earth, Wind, and Fire put up another 200+ yard game.

  17. “But we are not a good team we are over rated and never should have won the big game last year”
    I’m terrible at detecting sarcasm… but that is sarcasm, right???
    The Eagles were lucky this game was close…

  18. buddywiser says:
    November 10th, 2008 at 9:49 am
    “Actually that overturned illegal forward pass wasn’t B.S….I agree that it wasn’t conclusive that he was behind the line drawn on the screen. But that line was at least a half yard behind the official’s Yard Marker on the sidelines. The ref got this one right. I can’t believe anyone else didn’t notice this.”
    the point of the instant replay and challenge is that the call has to show CONCLUSIVE evidence that the call was wrong to overturn it…you cant go and say the refs got the call right by reversing it and saying that it wasnt conclusive because thats the rule behind reversal of challenged calls! When will they implement a laser system that works with the sticks to determine where the LOS and first down line is across the field?

  19. It was classic Jim Johnson defense, we can’t stop anybody till they get in the redzone, and we held the Giants the 3 field goals off of some turnovers and incredible field position, so I’m not too upset with Philly’s D.
    But Andy Reid, what are you thinking at the end?!?! Either run the hurry up and catch the defense on their heels, or take the 2:00 minute warning to pick out a play that might actually get us more than 2 yards. A Jumbo I-formation on 4th down?!??! It is WAY to predictable….
    And Donovan, hit the treadmill dude… how are you gonna be winded after a 6 yard scramble? I’m guessing the defensive tackles are in better shape than you…. Donovan, I beg you, please, start completing passes before halftime. You’re killing us man….
    Given how terribly we played in the first half, and all the bad calls/challenges, it’s simply amazing that we still had a chance to win this game in the last 2 minutes….. I just wonder if the Reid/McNabb duo can ever win a game that comes down to wire, cause I can’t tell you the last time it happened.

  20. Smush Rodrigez says: “Moonbeam, where did you see that McNabb was winded?”
    Prior to the two minute warning, the Eagles allowed the clock to run while McNabb was visibly huffing and puffing. Had he not been in obvious physical distress, the Eagles had more than enough time for another play PRIOR to the whistle being blown. Quite a number of Eagle fans were booing and NBC showed a close up of McNabb holding his sides and panting. It DID appear that he was a damn close to blowing chunks. It’s, obviously, not the reason Philly lost, but if I was Philly fan I would be wondering why McNabb was huffing and puffing, too. I can only guess that he has an injury/illness that the Eagles are not reporting. The real reasons Philly lost was they could not run and they could not stop the run. When a division rival hangs 200 plus yards on you on the ground, there are bigger issues than McNabb’s breathing.

  21. Very disappointing play calling and more disappointing loss, but couldn’t McNabb have called a different play than Reid sent in rather
    than running the ball two times?

  22. east96st: I was at the game and did notsee it nor any mention in the paper (as much as I could bear to read).
    The Eagles should bring in Marty Schottenheimer as a consultant to teach the team how to run. Since, I know that the Eagles will not fire Andy, this is the best I can hope for. Strip GM duties, strip play calling and let him focus on coaching.

  23. Syler
    Yeah it was sarcasm I am so tired of hearing how its the luck or the refs or what ever other reason people can use to explain away a great team winning
    I guess it will take a better team then the birds or the steelers to knock off that grin on Eli
    He should be happy he is winning he is the MVP
    I cant wait till we come to DC and whip on the skins again

  24. Smush Rodrigez says:
    east96st: I was at the game and did notsee it nor any mention in the paper.
    Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that they didn’t put it up on the Jumbotron. I AM shocked that no one wrote about it. Your sportswriters are just as vicious as ours here in NYC. He was really breathing heavy. I’m guessing, like I said before, he’s got an injury or was sick and it wasn’t reported. I can’t believe he’s in that poor shape. Has to be something we don’t know about. Maybe his chest injury is a lot more severe than Philly is letting on.

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