Last month, Saints guard Jamar Nesbit sued the manufacturer of StarCaps. 
Today, Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jackson has done the same.  And he’s done so on his own behalf and on behalf of a nationwide class of all similarly-situated individuals.
The suit has been filed in California against Balanced Health Products, the manufacturer of StarCaps.  It seeks an order barring the company from selling the product, and compensation for false advertising and unfair business practices.
“Although touted as an All Natural Diet pill,” a press release announcing the lawsuit states, “StarCaps actually contain Bumetanide, a powerful loop diuretic available only by prescription.”
Jackson is represented by the Pinnacle Law Group.  If the proposed nationwide class action is certified, all purchasers of the substance will be included in the class, along with other NFL players who have tested positive for Bumetanide after ingesting StarCaps, including Saints running back Deuce McAllister, Saints defensive ends Charles Grant and Will Smith, and Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams.  They would, however, be entitled to opt out of the class and pursue their rights separately.
The web site for StarCaps continues to display a message that shipment of the product has been suspended pending an investigation.


  1. still
    were they taking the pill to lose weight or were they taking it because it had the masking agent in it.
    either way they should be suspended.

  2. Grady, who weights, at least 2,500 lbs, was using it as a weight loss product.
    And if this was a product that was OK’d by the league, and included a substance not listed on the bottle, how can you suspend players for doing everything necessary to prevent suspension short of sending every food/liquid/supplement they enter into their body to a scientist?

  3. Hey Grady rather than Starcaps lay off the Golden Corral big boy! Hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

  4. Also, Big Gravy has been in the league since 1997 and has never been suspended for anything like this.

  5. Grady, Will Smith, Charles Grant, and Deuce have ALL had weight problems in their careers. It’s pretty clear to me that they were all using it as a weight-loss supplement (however misguided that was).

  6. Of all the things they could have taken… it just so happens that they all took the same off-the-wall pill that just so happened to contain a substance that mask anabolics.
    Someone knew it contained this stuff. Starcaps?!?! Come on. Take some d-bol/winny/deca/’put in any anabolic’ with starcaps. You get caught with starcaps and you can blame the company with no trace or hint of any anabolic substance.
    These guys are smart enough to know better and I bet they knew.

  7. Vinny……How would they take it for the masking agent IF IT WASN’T PRINTED ON THE BOTTLE? (or anywhere else for that matter)
    Florio, did the owners and officers of starcaps receive their free toasters for opening their new offshore bank accounts?

  8. Something is fishy here. It just so happens that all these players take the same off-the-wall pill that just so happens to mask anabolics.
    Who ever was telling people to take these were doing so to mask drugs. Take D-bol/winny/deca/’insert any drug here’ knowing full well they could take it with starcaps and the anabolic would be untraceable. When starcaps secret ingredient shows up… blame the manufacture.
    These guys knew exactly what they were doing.

  9. still the contents are a banned substance in the nfl cause they are also a masking agent…they should have had this product tested if they did not know what was in it…plain and simple you cannot have bumetanide in your system and they did…so anyone can use it and claim it was for weight loss,NO, i don’t think so…plus you have one player who has already served his suspension so how can’t you not suspend the rest of these guys …hey,i have a great idea for these guys,try actually working out to lose weight…these guys can sue and win but they will never see a penny cause this company can just file bankruptcy and that will end that

  10. @ bouch24
    Anybody who wants to play dumb, or better yet, remain ignorant of this problem is really going a long way for their trouble. These sauce-balls know how competitive this league is.
    When you make the 53-man roster and break camp, you think you’ve got a job for the year, at the least. But then you get dropped for a guy who was released by a different team. Then you sign on with a new team. But you sprain your knee, making you a liability for the rest of the year, so you get dropped. Then you make another team’s practice squad, but an important player on that team is injured, and a player at his position is called up, making that position a need at the practice squad level, so in turn, you are given your release, again.
    In this era of the NFL, players will do anything to stay on top of their games. From the 53rd man on the roster, to the star QB or LB. Everyone has to do everything they possibly can to keep their job; to maintain their longevity in this brutal sport. Sometimes they go to these lengths to bend the rules, and beat out the next guy on the depth chart (who likely will resort to these ‘shortcuts’ when they don’t make the squad).

  11. previous was my first post… guess it takes sometime for comments to post so it’s there twice.
    Hey Dan C…
    I agree with you completely. If one of us could take some substance that would make us write better, sell better, or help some attribute in one of our jobs, or make more money… 80% would take it. Especially if the side effects of said drug are greatly over stated in the media.

  12. Not saying these guys don’t have a case, but do a Google search and you can see that Bumetanide content in StarCaps was public knowledge at least a year ago. Maybe these pills were on the “okay” list at one point, but in 2008? Has anyone confirmed that? I would be surprised.

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