Any general managers out there shopping for a veteran backup quarterback, Jeff George would like to speak with you.
George, the 40-year-old who last threw an NFL pass in 2001, has reiterated that he still believes he can contribute to an NFL team.
“I find it hard to believe there isn’t a place in the game for me. My arm feels like I’m 25,” George said on Sirius NFL Radio, per Peter King of “I’m not asking to be a starter, I just want a spot on a team. I still hold out hope I can play in this league. I’m working out three or four days a week, staying ready. Some people might laugh about it. I’ve been hearing the excuse, ‘You’re too old,’ but I look at guys now playing near 40, and if you can throw it like I can throw it … Why wouldn’t you take a look at me?”
George made similar comments on Michael Irvin’s radio show, and he sounds like he’s sincere about his desire to return. But he’s sounded sincere about returning for years now, and so far, he’s been met with silence from NFL general managers.
On the other hand, in an NFL world where Daunte Culpepper can go from unemployed on Monday to a starting quarterback on Sunday, stranger things have happened. And really, for the teams that have suffered quarterback injuries this season, what would it hurt to bring George in for a look?


  1. For heavens sake Mike, knock off the Jeff George boosting will you? There are a number of reasons why nobody in the NFL will touch Jeff George. He’s a vain, egotistical freelancer who thinks that it is all about the arm. There’s a reason he was run out of just about every NFL team he played for…

  2. Poor Jeff wants one more opportunity to piss off a head coach and embarrass a franchise. That said, I’m surprised Detroit wasn’t all over him.

  3. His arm may still be 25, but his football brain is still 14. As is, apparently, his ego.

  4. Interesting. I’d pick him up in my fantasy leagues but I would need to open a roster spot for him by dropping Stan Humphries. I don’t think it would be worth the risk at this point.

  5. Well the Bears signed him about halfway through the ’04 season and he was supposedly a model #3. Even though he’s old, he’s gotta be an upgrade over a lot of #3 guys, like maybe Brad Johnson?

  6. Wow, in a league with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Wrecks Grossman, and Tyler Thigpen (and whoever the Bucs use on any given Sunday) as QB’s – for Jeff George to not even a sniff, means he must have been a real tool when he was an NFL QB.

  7. This guy was blessed with a rocket arm, but that has never been enough to overcome his piss poor attitude towards coaches and players. That is why nobody wants him.

  8. Dear Mr. George: The arm, YOUR arm, was never the problem. People in
    pro football talked for years about the strength and accuracy of your arm. But
    where’s you ego these days? Because the image of you screaming at June Jones
    is tatooed in my brain…and ruined your career.
    I’m not saying mistakes aren’t made; Terrell Davis and Tom Brady in the sixth
    round is proof of that. But, dude, at 40? With a bad attitude? Not one try-out
    in all this time? Give it up. And by the way, I WOULD like fries with my order.

  9. The QB with two first names wants back in huh? Don’t bother Mr. George. My lasting memory of George from his fabulous Skins career was a game he played in down in Crackboys Country. George was sacked and dragged by a Crackboys player I cannot remember and the Skins O-Line watched it happen and didn’t bother to help old George up off the turf. Summed up things for me right there.
    It has been said Jeff George had one of the best arms in the NFL in his prime, but he has been out of work since 2001. Arm strength can’t make up for a —— personality.

  10. Dan McGwire and Browning Nagle could throw it far too. Doesn’t make you a field general and someone a team can rely on to run a huddle. It’s not about throwing the ball far…

  11. “And really, for the teams that have suffered quarterback injuries this season, what would it hurt to bring George in for a look?”
    Well, for starters, because most teams have a backup who at least doesn’t totally suck (with apologies to Houston, apparently). Jeff George, however… well, sucks.
    So yeah, I guess Houston makes sense, and thats about it. Especially now that Detroit has picked up such a solid, useful QB themselves and no longer need an answer to their QB issues… *snicker*


  13. That’s what happens when you get a reputation as a pain in the ass to work with. Once your skills slip, nobody wants you around.
    George would be what, a #3? Guy whose main job is to hold the clipboard and mentor younger QBs? You don’t want a locker room cancer in that role.

  14. hilarious. I’ll never understand the Florio/King/Whitlock Jeff George ass-kissing club, but then again I don’t want to.
    He was never great, and now he wouldn’t even be good.

  15. I agreed on Daunte and I agree on Jeff George as well should get a chance. When Oakland and San Fran strut out their excuses for a QB each week it is embarassing.

  16. His arm was never the problem….opening the playbook and remembering plays was his problem. Ask Marty…Hail!

  17. The NFL would be wise to force him onto a team, and then try to pick up sponsors for he and Kurt Warner. I am think Geritol, Depends, and Viagra.
    Gotta market to your audience.

  18. I saw Bart Starr on the sidelines the other day. He looked in pretty good shape.
    All kidding aside would Geroge have done worse than Brad Johnson? I would love to see him get on a team. He won me a Fantasy Football title in his run and shoot days.

  19. Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce you to Mr. Florio’s newest Client, Jeff George. Through Florio’s hard work and dedication he has signed his top two clients Byron Leftwitch and Daunte Cullpepper.
    Lawyer, Blogger, and now Agent. Sounds like he must be working up to that dream job of head of the NFLPA.

  20. The problem with George is that he was consistently underprepared. I still remember in Washington when the Danny fell in love with his arm (at the urging of Sonny Jurgensen – another great arm that never won a damn thing). The moment of truth was a MNF game against the Packers when George looked like a deer in the headlights as the Packers rush sacked his sorry ass again and again, as he held onto the ball way too long because he had no idea what the defense was or where his receivers would be. Jeff George should go find a long-ball contest or something, but there’s a reason he’s not in the NFL, and it’s not because he’s blackballed. It’s because he sucks.

  21. Said it before about George and I’ll say it again. Quarterbacks don’t get any better the longer they’re out of football. Quite the opposite.

  22. “I’m not asking to be a starter, I just want a spot on a team.”
    In other words, “I just want a free paycheck.”

  23. Why is it that people who are tall , know they are tall? People who are smart , know they are smart but people who are a@@holes never know they are a@@holes?

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