In the wake of images of Saints quarterback Drew Brees giving the verbal business to tight end Jeremy Shockey during Sunday’s season-killing loss to the Falcons, we’re hearing that multiple players and coaches have privately been making it known that Shockey is not Mr. Popularity in the locker room.
As one source told us, Shockey already is “hated” by more than a few members of the organization.
The reasons relate to both on-field and off-field conduct.  “Things in London, things in practice, things in games,” the source said.
Though we thought this eventually would happen in New Orleans, we didn’t think it would unfold so soon.  Instead, we thought that Shockey would be on his best behavior for his first year with the team, in an effort to prove to the folks in New York that he wasn’t a problem.
Our guess is that Shockey might not get a chance to extend his stay in New Orleans by a second season.  His salary is due to spike from $1.925 million to $3.025 million next year.  Absent a steep reduction in his salary, Shockey might join DeAngelo Hall as players on whom second-round and fifth-round picks were wasted
Meanwhile, the Giants are soaring at 8-1, and they’ll have a chance to get even better next year with two of the the Saints’ draft picks. 
In fact, there’s still a chance that, in the end, the Giants instead will have New Orleans’ first-round pick, which currently is on track to be much higher in the round than anyone expected.
Thanks in no small part to Shockey.


  1. The Giants’ fans must love Shockey now. Getting rid of a tumour like him and you get to better your team. Sounds good to me.

  2. Giants really saw the Saints coming with that deal. Shockey is a cancer and quite what the Saints thought they’d get other than trouble is a mystery.

  3. Shockey is a great player when healthy so it really doesn’t matter how he is as a person. The field his the workplace for nfl players and anything that happens off the field shouldn’t be brought over to the workplace.

  4. The Giants front office is absolutely, undeniably first-rate. I thought maybe they should’ve offered Strahan a bit more $$$ to come back, but at this point I’m willing to give those guys the benefit of the doubt.
    The Giants have a legitimate shot at repeating their championship run, and even though I’m a Cowboys homer I can’t help but secretly cheer them on. Go Eli!

  5. i am SHOCKED (get it?) (fart) im glad brees screamed on him yest. if eli did that, it would have been 1000 times. he doesnt know how to run routes, he bad mouths his teammates and coaches, he FUMBLES all the time. Time and time again, i had to watch eli take the blame for incomplete passes and picks due to bad route running and shockey drops. what a nuisance. i love that espn article and not even 6 mos later he looks like the biggest putz. everyone got at reese for getting rid of him for only a second rounder, this is the same scout who grabbed osi from troy and bradshaw from marshall and 8 rookies on a sb team last yr as a GM…giants get the last laugh as usual..sorry NY didnt party enough for you and were too white collar (is he nuts?) we made you here..have fun w mr ibm as you say drew beauty mark brees

  6. It’s time the NFL weeds out these malcontents. Sure they will most likely get a chance or two elsewhere if the talent is there, but in cases like Shockey or Hall, they can just as easily be replaced by guys who abide by team rules and keep their mouths shut, and at a fraction of the cost.

  7. Shockey reminds me of Adam “PacMan” Jones–all ego, with little endowment between the ears, and proud of it.

  8. Whiskusandfriends-
    Adam jones has never gotten into legal trouble ON the field (the workplace) all the trouble he got into in tennessee was his own personal business and had nothing to do with teammates or the nfl. The nfl either needs a new commisioner or a new nflpa head that will force the front office to stop snooping around in everyones life. People are entitled to privacy and should be punished by the people they work with over stuff that has nothing to do with their work. They should let the judicial system do what needs to be done and if they goto jail(which would affect their job) then that’s when they should be punished. Its absolute bullshit that roger goodell and his douchebagginess is allowed to suspend players for what they do in their private lives without being found guilty of anything!

  9. “rick,i’m shocked,shocked that gambling is going on
    when the giants tagged reese as gm i was wary because
    he got rid of a couple of players that seemed to be
    productive.then the draft took place,what a draft.
    everybody drafted made the team and played in the
    superbowl.this year’s draft is performing also,unreal.
    reese has turned into a phenominal gm.

  10. As a former TE myself, and a Giant fan, I was originally so impressed with Shockey his rookie year. I said to friends, “he’s the TE I always wanted to be”. Now some years later, he has shown that he doesn’t get it. Football is a team sport. Yes, you work out hard in “Miami”, but Team, baby.. Hindsight is 20/20, but how could a team (Saints) want a player who upset the Team won without him. Instead, he should have been pysched for his TEAMMATES (there’s that T Word again), and still have been proud that he was a member of the team. I know people that have met Shockey and they all said he was cockey Redneck. With the emphasis on Redneck. Funny, the Rednecks I played with, were intense players and great teammates with a passion for Football.
    In any event, Shockey forced our hand in trading him. And now of course it looks great. The comments above this are spot on. There is NO way the NYG are getting a first rounder. The Saints will not let that happen. Especially since they are not making the Playoffs. I am now thrilled that Jerry Reese obtained a 2nd and 5th. He seemed to have learned a lot from the late great George Young. Kudos for Reese.
    GO Big Blue. And Kevin Boss is doing just fine, thank you…

  11. Hey Florio, where can I find out if Vilma is indeed on pace to play 85% of the snaps? Or maybe you can fill me in on that one?

  12. Hey Florio, where can I find out if Vilma is indeed on pace to play 85% of the defensive snaps? Or can you feel me in on this one yourself?

  13. The Giants will not get a first round pick. It was misreported that the Saints could give up a second round pick for Vilma; in actuality it’s a conditional third/fourth round pick.

  14. The Giants did a great thing by getting rid of this douchebag.
    I’ll be real impressed if they somehow get rid of Relaxico and still move on without missing a step.

  15. You might want to re-check on that 1st round theory. Mickey Loomis has made statements that contradict the possibility of the Giants getting a first router.

  16. I always hated this deal for Shockey, but I did agree that the Saints needed an upgrade at TE. I was hoping they would have made a run at Bo Scaife as he was a free agent (restricted I think) this offseason and I saw how good he was with an inconsistent non-QB throwing him balls (and perhaps topless winks), so I knew he would have been amazing in an offense with an actual skilled QB. He would have also cost less. And we all know the Saints need those draft picks to improve our horrible defense that features 2 overrated DEs and no good safeties. I won’t diss the CBs so much because McKenzie is solid, Porter looks like he will be a good one and Gay is decent (although we don’t have anyone that will really scare a QB). I think the main issue is safety help and no pass rush from our DEs. That being said, Vilma has made a huge impact in the run defense.

  17. How can that guy bash godell? and stick up for a lowlife like pacman jones. let the judicial system decide? give me a break. you make it like the nfl is invading on pacmans life. here are a few examples. im in advertising. thats like me going to the all star game, getting into a brawl, telling one of my boys to shoot someone and getting away with it. mind you, my job finds out etc and theyre ok with this? id be fired the next day. case two, as im suspended from work i decide to punch a few strippers and the strip clubs female lawyer. My job decides to hire me back, and they even “splurge” and hire someone to escort me around the office so i dont act out while i have a job, (PAYING ME MILLIONS!) then afterwork one night i decide to fight my body guard my office hired eventhough ive been arrested 3 times already, then i trash the bar and skip the ball. Mind you, the cops let pacman jones go bc hes famous. if i pulled that at an upscale hotel bar id be locked up and awaiting trial..give me an effin break, let the law decide…go pull that bullish at your job and see if you have a job..Ever again, let alone in the nfl
    youre an idiot

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