Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Jason Shirley has been found guilty of drunken driving and hit and run.
Shirley, a rookie who is on the Bengals’ 53-man roster but has not yet played in a game, was sentenced to 30 days in an adult offender work program.
On October 8, 2007, Shirley (at the time a player for Fresno State) backed his car into an apartment building and drove off. Although he admitted to drinking a 40-ounce beer, he said he wasn’t drunk and drove away because he thought he hit a curb, not a building.
A breath test indicated otherwise; Shirley took a breathalyzer twice and registered over the legal blood alcohol limit both times.
Shirley’s lawyer, Charles Magill, told the Fresno Bee he was disappointed that “The jury believed a machine over people.”
The judge told Shirley he doesn’t have to serve the 30 days in the work program until after the season.


  1. A really sharp attorney would know that breathalizers have been around for a long time. I would bet the plea bargain that was offered was better than what they ended up with.
    Do the bengals even think about doing a background check before they offer a contract to someone?

  2. Haha, how do you hit a building and think you hit a curb? I think it would feel a tad different…
    And it’s so nice that the judges commonly let the offenders of the NFL off until the off season. Who cares they broke the law and they’re a danger to society? There’s more important things to worry about than your punishment. Go play your game guys.

  3. Cop: Surely you havent been drinking and driving?
    Shirley: I have been drinking and dont call me Shirley *burp*

  4. Surely it wasn’t a 40 oz beer. Anyone drinking a 40 is surely drinking a 40 oz malt liquor. Surely.
    And don’t call me Shirley.

  5. I wonder if the bengals re-enacted the scene from ‘good fellas’ when a young henry hill (ray liotta’s character) exits the courtroom.
    chris henry, cedric benson, jonathon joesph, etc. standing together:
    “hey…you popped your cherry.”

  6. For everyone who can’t let the 2006 offseason go how many problems have had the bengals had since then? Compared to the Buccaneers,Jaguars or even the Steelers.Guy made one mistake in college big freaking deal.

  7. This is a classic support group item.
    If the Lions and Bengals are part of the group, then you realize that your team isn’t so bad and you feel better about yourself.

  8. Actually Jason Shirley had what I thought was a very good excuse.
    An aspiring actor as well as aspiring football player, he was simply researching the lead role in a proposed movie focusing on the trials and tribulations of a young athlete with substance abuse problems.
    The movie, now being pitched in Hollywood is tentatively titled “The Jason Shirley Story”

  9. You Chicken Littles around here have become programed to make the same tired responses to just about any story regarding the Bengals. Just cut and paste the same jokes.
    Shirley is a low risk 5th round project not expected to even be active for a game this season, so what exactly is at stake here? Shirley hasn’t gotten into any trouble since joining the Bengals, and if he does, the Bengals have the option of ending the experiment early. On the other hand, the guy has a huge up side. Brilliant when Bill Bellichek does it, but this is the Bengals, so the assumption is their scouting department didn’t know about Shirley’s pending legal issue from college. M’kay.

  10. The Bungels need to change their uniforms. The tiger stripes should be replaced with prison stripes and they should have handcuffs on the sides of their helmets. There’s no denying that’s identity of this team over the last several years. It’s a shame to see a good coach like Marvin Lewis get pulled down like this when it’s very likely the ownership’s fault.

  11. Redneck,How so? What bengals player outside of chris henry has done a major offense? We’ve had our share of pot heads and DUI’s but WHICH TEAM DOESN”T …Chris Henry is our worst seed but he’s just stupid he’s nothing compared to Mike Vick,Tank Johnson or Pacman….
    So Keep being sheeps and lacking any original thought.

  12. re:kazkal.
    You can get upset all you want regarding the impression, perceived or real, that the bengals are a bunch of criminals. it’s gonna happen until they show otherwise. and then, when someone screws up, no matter how minor, this will come back to the forefront…again.
    it’s like philly fans. it always comes back to “we threw snowballs at santa claus.” nevermind it happened in the early ’70s, or that it was a fan dressed up like santa and not a performer, or that it was a horrible costume. it always comes back to that. for the most part, philly fans are knowledgable and passionate about their teams. are there some idiots, sure, but those morons are in every stadium in the country.
    you’re a bengals fan, right? just get used to it. mainstream writers and the general public have no imagination. this is gonna come up forever.

  13. Kazkal,
    You’re right. I apologize. They’re uniforms should be changed from Tiger stripes to straight lines which they can’t walk when drinking and driving and the helmet emblem should be changed to a cocktail glass. Thanks for pointing out my glaring error.

  14. Mbehavin2 says: “Do the bengals even think about doing a background check before they offer a contract to someone?”
    Yes, Marvin Lewis discussed Shirley’s impending legal issues the day he was drafted and responded to a reporter’s question about whether it was a bit of a risk to draft a guy in Shirley’s situation by saying “Yes, it is a risk.”
    Other teams all draft players like Shirley, they’re just way more hypocritical about it than the Bengals. I don’t know why more teams can’t ‘fess up to taking risks on talented but troubled players. The evidence shows that most teams aren’t a long way behind the Bengals in terms of arrests, and some teams (Titans, Vikings, Jags) are even ahead, depending on what time frame you’re talking about.
    I assume there’ll be no discipline from the league, since this incident happened when Shirley was in college, and we know from Ahmad Bradshaw’s troubles this offseason that the league doesn’t take action on incidents which happened before a player was drafted…. assuming the league applies its standards evenly.

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