It’s one thing for fans and members of the media to laugh at the Detroit Lions. But Lions running back Kevin Smith says opposing teams are laughing at them, too.
According to Smith, the Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t just beat the Lions 38-14 on Sunday. The Jaguars also acted like big meanies, making fun of the Lions on the field.
They were cracking jokes,” Smith told the Detroit News. “They thought we were a joke. They said we [weren’t good]. They were saying that to me, that I [wasn’t good]. And I told them they [weren’t good], too. And they said, ‘Well, not as bad as [you].’ And I said, ‘You’re right.’ [Because] we haven’t won one game.”
Smith was one of the few bright spots for the Lions on Sunday, but he said he realizes that he’s not going to get any credit as long as the Lions have a zero under the win column.
“You know how players talk on the field,” Smith said. “But we’re 0-9, so you can’t look for really any teams to respect you. You’ve got to go out there and earn your respect, and you only earn your respect by winning. So therefore, in nine games we haven’t earned any respect.
“We play hard. We get close. But if you look at an 0-9 team — or you look at an 0-8 team when you play us — and say you beat the Detroit Lions by a point, you don’t look at it like, ‘Oh, we respect them because we only beat them by a point.’ No, you might look at it like, ‘Oh, we slipped up. We played to their level.’ I guess that’s how they look at it when they beat us close.”
Looking ahead at the Lions’ schedule, they’re likely to be underdogs in each of their remaining seven games. So 0-16 is a possibility, and as long as the Lions keep losing, the Lions’ opponents can keep right on laughing.


  1. “long as the Lions have a zero under the loss column.”
    I assumethat should have been the Win Column..

  2. Boo Hoo.
    Maybe we should all send the Lions a $1 so they can hold a pitty party for themselves.
    How ’bout getting off your lazy ass and punching the other guy in the mouth?!
    What a bunch of losers. You know, I think you’d have to work pretty hard to lose 16 games in a season. They need a pitty party to help them reinforce the fact that they’re helpless victims. Poor Lions.
    Poor Lions fans.
    Must be someone in the crowd there that could revive the will to win… ?

  3. If Arizona, Tampa, Washington and Atlanta all win this weekend and the Lions lose, they’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs since their max wins would be 6 and at least six other teams in the conference would have 7 wins.
    Sucks to live in Detroit as a football fan. I lived there for over forty years and, except for the decade that Barry was playing, always hoped for a gameday blackout so I’d have better football to watch on TV.

  4. The Jaguars were laughing at the Lions? This from an overly hyped team that looked great on paper preseason, but lost last week to the winless Bengals and are struggling mightly to be at 4-5. Yes, the Lions are bad, but careful whom you mock, you may be the next team to have the bottom drop out on them. And on paper, these Jaguars are giving me that feeling. See you next season (maybe) Jack of the river.

  5. Pretty stupid for a team that was just beat by the Bengals the week before.
    Sounds like the Jag still need to eat a lot more humble pie this year.

  6. Once January 20th hits the Titans will have to give 3 of their wins from the season to the Lions.
    Spread the wealth, right?

  7. They have to do their talking on the field. JDR won’t stand for it in the lockerroom. If this is true, the Jags should know better. Lord knows dumb things get said all the time in the heat of battle. But the Jags haven’t looked all that spectacular until last Sunday. Coincidentally, Daryl Smith held down the MLB spot, Drayton Florence was moved to nickel back and Tutan Reyes was replaced by Dennis Norman. I expect all three to serve these same roles vs. Tennessee this Sunday.

  8. “The Classic” abosolutely correct. The Jags flatter themselves and and are playing and acting like a bunch of Jag-off’s. I would think this type of thing would piss Jack off.

  9. it could be worse, they could be the cleveland browns, the bungles, or the Egirls. i think it is more embarassing to be on one of those team (or be from on of thos cities) than it is to be on the lions team. So hold your head up Smith, it really could be worse.

  10. If this is true…Truly undisciplned and classless from the Jaguars.
    The Lions will win a game…December 28th against the Packers.

  11. Jaguars should be laughing at no one. Titans will shut that shit down this weekend… then they can start planning for next year. SB year for Jags? Haha, it never gets old!

  12. The Lions are a laughingstock, but that some very poor sportsmanship by the Jaguars. Karma is a bitch, and I’ll enjoy when it catches up to them

  13. Why is he talking about close games? The Lions haven’t lost a close game all year. They’ve gotten killed every time.

  14. pretty classless behavior from the jaguars. They are in no place to be making fun of anybody with the shitstain season they are having.

  15. There’s a guy
    from that Dirt Spot on the Map
    called “Pittsburgh”
    talking about
    other peoples’ cities.
    It wasn’t even 20 years ago
    when dirt would drop out of the air
    every day at 6pm
    in Pittsburgh.
    LOL Go Figure!!!!!

  16. How about the NFL take control of the team away from Ford? I always here that said about Al Davis from the mainstream press (which is funny considering he built a team that went to the Super Bowl just 6 years ago), but I hardly ever hear the same said about Ford, Brown, etc…

  17. I agree w/ WheresSeptien–the Jags ought to save their breath and focus on not being on the object of ridicule themselves.
    I do feel bad for Lions fans, though–even as a fan of their division rival, Vikings. (“My” own teams ineptitude w/ special teams and lucky victories in spite of Childress’s monumental stupidity is enough to bring me to grief–I can’t imagine total failure on the scale of the Lions or say Raiders.)

  18. Jaguars: “You guys are bad.”
    Lions: “You’re bad too.”
    Jaguars: “Well, yeah. But you’re worse.”
    Lions: “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”
    Does it surprise anybody that these two teams are struggling this year? This is what they’re doing out on the field? Debating about which team is worse?

  19. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but the Jags aren’t very good either. They just were coming off a loss to Cincy.
    That’s like saying, “haha, my unemployment benefits are better than your welfare check”
    Jaguars, FAIL

  20. The Lions keep firing coaches.
    The new coaches can’t take blame for the old regime and they try to have a new begining
    The fans have heard it many times.
    If they have a competent GM he is looking for players to fit the current coach’s system and get rid of players that fit the old coach’s system.
    Lion’s fans have been more than patient with a coach killing franchise.
    It shouldn’t be that hard to hire a new GM this offseason. Anyone getting the Lions to 6-10 will be praised.
    Ah, the days before Wayne Fontes was fired; those were the good ol’ days…..

  21. Good thing they got rid of Roy Williams, so they can pick Michael Crabtree with the Number 1 pick in the draft.

  22. “Looking ahead at the Lions schedule…”
    There’s 7 games left. that’s almost half the season!!!
    When are people going to learn to stop “looking at the schedule” in this age of parity? If the Lions were 0-13, yeah, we might talk about their going winless. But they’re only 0-9. Don’t get carried away, people. (for that matter, stop talking about the Titans going undefeated too. They’re only 9-0.)
    I see a couple of wins for the Lions and a couple of losses for the Titans.

  23. I guess the Jags had to laugh at something to make themselves feel a little bit better… although it is a bit like a homeless crack addict laughing at an orphan.

  24. Underachievers lose to one winless team last week then beat up on another winless team the next week and start flexing their muscles and showing off?
    That would be like me going to a junior high school, getting the shit kicked out of me by one 8th grader, then beating up a slightly weaker one then making fun of him for getting his ass kicked by me.
    I can’t wait until the Jaguars are dismanteled in a rebuilding process this summer, and these same guys go hat in hand to Detriot looking for work because no one else in the NFL wants them on their team.

  25. How do people in Cleveland, Filthadelphia and Cincinatti talk? They “trash” talk hahahaha.

  26. I think the Jags are a bit justified at laughing, judging by the fact that the Lions just signed a 280 pound quarterback last week and started him on Sunday.

  27. “But the Jags haven’t looked all that spectacular until last Sunday. Coincidentally, Daryl Smith held down the MLB spot, Drayton Florence was moved to nickel back and Tutan Reyes was replaced by Dennis Norman”
    Also, coincidentally, they played the Lions.
    I used to sympathize with the Jags but no more. Go Titans!

  28. @ Fade 2 Black
    yes dirt would fall out of the sky in pittsburgh and we would turn that dirt into Super Bowl rings!!
    so kiss the rings B*tch!!
    FYI tonight
    Pens 4
    Detroit 2

  29. Why are people throwing a hissy fit about players trash talking while on the field? You want them to hurl their bodies at each other at high speeds with bad intentions yet are offended because of a little smack talk. You want silent players concentrating then go watch golf. This is football.

  30. The Jags are a classless team. The fact that they are an up and down team only supports that. I have been watched MJD and what I see is a someone who does what he can to show up the other team every change he gets. I noticed in Denver he not only did the salute he also mouthed some words that are unprofessional. In watching him when they are the visiting team he does something different at each stadium. He has a lot of growing up to do as does the rest of the team. Henderson? Punk who will be suspended before long. Virtually everyone on that team could end up in Detroit via trade or free agency. DeRio will be fired before long. Just a classless team. Watch MJD when you get the chance. Fitzgerald in AZ and long list of professional football players act the same after every big play or touchdown – MJD has to do something insulting every game. I know his grandfather did not raise him that way.

  31. Not to condone trash-talking by the Jags (which every player does, regardless of their record), but how many other NFL teams could lose FOUR offensive linemen in Week 1, and still lose the games thaey have by less than 7 points/game?

  32. stillers got beat by the egirls.
    actually detroit played minnehaha, houston, chicago and wash close… those 4 games, with orlovsky, they lost by 5.5 points per game. the zebras gave minnehaha that game, btw.
    with the vaunted vets kitna and pullpecker they lose by 3 TDs a game.
    forget the pullpecker incentives. play stanton.

  33. How clever, “shuxion,” “Share the wealth, right?” The NFL DOES SHARE THE WEALTH. Literally. As in sharing the $$$. They share revenues. And they spread the talent, too. The best teams draft last.

  34. ClevelandSucks says:
    November 11th, 2008 at 12:51 pm
    How do people in Cleveland, Filthadelphia and Cincinatti talk? They “trash” talk hahahaha.
    That is actually the most intelligent thing said in pittsburgh in over 30 years.

  35. Why do the Stillers (sic) have so many fans across the country? As soon as they get off the welfare they GTFO of town.


  37. Please let this happen.
    On another subject – if Smith’s account of the verbal exchange was accurate, both team’s need to hire a smack talk coordinator.

  38. It seems like Smith’s agreeing with the Jags’ assessment of the Lions. Kevin Smith seems to understand that his club isn’t any good. In order for his club to earn any respect, the club needs to get better.
    If you read Smith’s quotes, he’s not whining. He’s basically complaining that his team is so bad that he has absolutely no leg to stand on if someone trash-talks him. God, you’d think that this alone would make some players on that team step up and win one. After all, trash-talking is all that matters.

  39. Were there any “I know you are, but what am I?”s thrown around? Or possibly any “Im rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks on you”s?

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