Apart from the well-documented confusion regarding the “illegal forward pass” call that gave the Vikings two extra points in a game they won by one, readers continue to raise with us the contention that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson removed his helmet after scoring the decisive touchdown with 2:22 to play, and that the Vikings should have drawn a 15-yard penalty.
So, in an effort to get them to leave us alone fulfill our mission of embracing the issues that PFT Planets wants us to tackle, we decided to give the matter a look-see.
And they’re right.
The rule is clear; per Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(h), the removal of a helmet during or after the play except when in the bench area constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct. 
Even more clear is the fact that Peterson took his helmet off (or, perhaps more accurately given the thing that Peterson was wearing on his head, “took it out“) promptly after scoring.  Here’s the video — forward to 2:35.



Thus, the Vikings should have been kicking off from their own 15, which would have changed the entire dynamic for the Packers’ potential game-winning drive.

Bottom line?  Minnesota’s 28-27 win carries almost as much tarnish as Denver’s Week Two win over San Diego.


  1. It’s an asterisk game. The Packers need to shore up their lines, no doubt about that, but Let’s get real. That FG is easily good from another 15 yards closer.
    Jared Allen should also be suspended. He went after Schaub’s knees TWICE last week and this week went helmet to helmet on Rodgers. This, after publicly threatening to “put his helmet into Rodgers’ spine,” etc. in the preseason.
    Dude’s a dirty player and has no respect for the league.

  2. Or almost as much tarnish as the Vikings win over the Saints, or the Vikings win over the Lions. Weird the Vikings name just keeps popping up doesn’t it. Well I will just take off my helmet and illegally pass to the next commentor.

  3. Oh and Vernon Davis did it last night like 3 times, make an article about that while you’re at it.

  4. Bottom line is that AP outgained the entire Packers offense by himself and the better team one.
    But go ahead, cry and through a fit Packer fans.

  5. I hate the Vikings but It looked like AP might have been shooken up after that play and took his helmet off to get air. Maybe he got the wind knocked out of him? Either way it’s been happening way too much this year. The refs have turned a back to it. They didn’t turn their back to the Dwayne Rudd incident a few years back though, did they?

  6. Technically Peterson was on the sideline when he took off his helmet. He wasn’t in the endzone because he was on a full white surface.

  7. michael robinson’s helmet was ripped off by an az cardinal defender on the last play of the game last night. no flag was thrown

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a lot of guys take their helmets off while on the field, usually just coming off the field for 4th down or something. I realize something like that isn’t very important, but a rule’s a rule. If they’re not gonna enforce it, just get rid of it.

  9. Vernon Davis removed his helmet once while on the field of play and was flagged for it, AP should have been flagged as well, this is no longer a ‘fair’ game.

  10. It carries almost as much tarnish as the denver game?
    A missed penalty is just that, a missed penalty. I bet that if the tape was rewound their was at least one holding penalty, by the specific verbage of the rule, on the packers long pass on their final drive. So should that cast the result in doubt.
    There is zero doubt as to what would have happened in the Denver game had good old Ed aka “Pipes” not missed the call. That is why there is a cloud over the game.
    This was a good game with some calls that where made incorrectly, just like most games. But that does not mean that there should any comparison to Denver/SanDiego.

  11. Technically Peterson was on the sideline when he took off his helmet. He wasn’t in the endzone because he was on a full white surface.
    Technically his feet were in the endzone… not that it would matter since the only place a player may remove his helmet is at the bench.

  12. @Pantherfan105 . . . .
    The player has to be in the bench area before taking his helmet off.
    I think Peterson tried to make it look like the helmet came off as part of the tackle.

  13. Wow, the Packer fans are out in full force. Your team lost, get over it. The Packers have gotten every lucky break and controversial call against the Vikings for the last 5 years. It is about time that the Vikings caught a break. The Packers lost because they don’t have a good offensive or defensive line, not because they got jobbed by the refs. Converting a 3rd down would have helped too.

  14. Change Dynamics, Blah blah blah…I am so sick of teams whining about officiating. First we hear people complain that the penalties are getting outrageous and that we should let people play the game when it’s on them. Then when it’s the other teams, we think that the penalties are not called enough…
    Do you know what would’ve changed the course of the game? GB putting in some offense or Mason hitting a field goal. Game is officially over. Find me one mistake free game in any season. By mistake free I mean, no holding penalties not called, no unsportsmanlike conduct penalties not called, no pass interference not called and if it is then it should be right.
    The fact of the matter is that a penalty can be called on every play. The refs let the players play the game and the only people crying about AP taking off his helmet is either Packers fans or Vikings haters.
    Most of us on this site are fans. We are fans of the game. If AD is out of bounds and takes off his helmet after just running his heart out, to put his team in front, for the win against GB…Oh well.

  15. When Adrian Scored he unhooked his chinstrap then a Viking came up and knocked him over and thats when his helmet fell off. He did not take it off, it fell off. Packer Fans Stop whining. They shouldn’t even been in the game on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers was ineffective. Vikings tried to give them the game.
    Take the loss as a true fan and stop crying about it.

  16. While i am not saying he didnt do it. but it could be the ref saw him undo his helmet straps and then his team mate came up to him and bumped into him jarring the helmet off therefore he didnt throw the flag; then again it just a worldwide conspiracy to further the vikings into the playoffs, and if so florio better watch out cause if they see u catching onto them they might take u out

  17. I am gonna make the assumption that it is Packer fans who are complaining and here is my response to them. Instead of focusing on whether a questionable illegal forward pass/intentional grounding penalty or the fact AP took his helmet off on the game winning TD, how about you guys focus on the problems that actually led to you losing. I.E. your lack of blitz pick up, your lack of pass protection, your lack of production from the overrated Greg Jennings, the lack of composure shown by Aaron Rodgers, your lack of run defense which will be your biggest thorn in the side for the rest of the year, the loss of Nick Barnett which directly led to the mismatch catch and run from Chester Taylor, etc. There are bigger issues that led to the loss.
    Obviously being a Viking fan I am gonna be biased on some of the issues, especially on the illegal forward pass which I do believe was a penalty of intentional ground based upon the rules. However I like to believe that I can point out the major issues that lead to losses(and losing is something I have grown used to over the past five years as a Viking fan). Sorry but I have grown sick and tired of all the Packer fans pissing and moaning about the illegal forward pass and the helmet thing. How about you Packer fans cut back your alcohol consumption to 4-5 beers a day instead of a couple 13-14 and realize the real problems with your team.
    And no offense Florio if you actually believe that the Vike-Pack game carries the same tarnish as the Bronco-Charger game, you are completely delusional/idiotic. You are comparing a blantantly wrong call that can be directly pointed to as the reason for a loss to a couple VERY questionable calls/non-calls that could have had unknown effects on the end of the game.

  18. hey dsorski I don’t know if you watched the game or not but the Packers lost because the game winning field goal missed by a foot. No offensive or defensive lineman kicked that ball I can assure you. If you would like to rephrase by saying that the reason they were in that position and not dominating the game like the potentially could have was because the lines played like garbage then maybe it would sound a little better.

  19. America is full of people that love to bitch and moan about everything (no matter how ticky tack it is), and florio is their king.
    Peterson wasnt even in the field of play when he took off his helmet, hes sitting out of bounds when he takes it off and stays off the field.
    give me a break. if they would have thrown a flag this site would have been bitching about how he wasnt even on the field when he took it off and it was a bad call.
    florio just likes creating controversy where none exists.

  20. -nerdmann
    Allen’s hit on Rodgers was borderline roughing the passer, 5 years ago it wouldn’t have been called. But he did not lead with his helmet or go helmet to helmet, the reason it was roughing was because it was a little late. When a player goes helmet to helmet you rarely see the defender extend his arms after the play. Besides being a little late it looked clean.
    I was worried seeing Adrian with his helmet off, I was waiting to see the flag come in. I thought Frerotte grabbing him by the head to celebrate was maybe him trying to hide the fact that his helmet was off, or telling him to put it back on.
    Either way, the Vikings had no business winning that game. The way the game played out, it may have been destiny for the Packers to lose it, the Vikes (Frerotte, Childress) did everything they could and it wasn’t enough to lose. Just wasn’t the Packers day.

  21. I’m a Packer fan, and I think the Packers deserved to lose that game. The call on Rogers as an “illegal forward pass” was crap. But missing the penalty for taking his helment off….big hairy deal. I am much more concerned about the mugging of Packer receivers in several games (can’t point to any specifics in this one). I mean, did they even try to get the first down before the field goal attempt?
    Despite MM’s statement about calling the game, I am hoping this is an eye opener for them — sloppy sloppy offense. Poor defense. I can only hope they move AJ to middle linebacker, and find some miracle protection scheme so that Rogers doesn’t get crushed.
    At this rate, Brett should be happy he had to leave ‘cuz he may have been killed.

  22. Who the hell is pressing on with this frigging dead horse beating? This the same conspiracy crew that accused the Vikes of tampering with Farve? Yep, it’s not like the Vikes kicked the Cheesers’ collective asses in time of possession, yardage, coaching decisions and line play is it? Couldn’t be that the Pack is the most penalized team in the league could it? No the reason the cheesers lost and are crying in their custard is because AD took off his helmet and their QB happened to blindly throw a desparation heave that happened to come within 10 yeards of a player. Sure, those two plays changed the game. The pack’s season is simply ruined by this vast purple conspiracy. Let’s ignore Longwell’s missed FG, the blocks in the back on the punt return, the lucky bounce off a Vike defender on that 20 yard catch by Driver on the last drive — see, the what if game can go on both sides forever. The Vikes kicked the Pack’s asses clear and simple. The only “tarnish” on this game is that the cheeser fans can’t lose with the same class as their players, and Florio likes to pump up his site hits by egging them on.

  23. i’ve seen lots of player get hurt and rip their helmets off in pain or looking for wind . peterson went down ripped his helmet off then put his head back down . good non call by the refs

  24. VikingAP, if I agree that Vernon Davis deserves to have been penalized will you agree that the Vikes got away with one? I love it when fans get all sassy when their team gets a big break. Look, every team gets a break now and then. It doesn’t mean you have to be real defensive about it.

  25. Hey Nerdmann, No different then the 2 packers that went Helmet to Petersons Knee last year so STFU!! And if you watch the video Peterson was clearly on the sideline when the helmet came off. Quit trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill Florio!

  26. Another of Florio’s ridiculous anti-viking posts.
    Peterson’s socks weren’t pulled up to his knees either, that’s a $15,000 fine right?
    The refs missed the call. It happens. That doesn’t mean we have to go back and award the game to Green Bay.

  27. The refs were so busy looking to see if AP would pull out a glove a la Brandon Marshall that they forgot to look up for helmet removal.

  28. I could care less about the Vikes or the Packers, but this is really trying to make something out of nothing. The spirit of the law is for excessive celebration, etc. This clearly is a reaction to getting bumped by a teammate.
    Your hurting for some controversy these days…

  29. MNPAWN:
    Yeah, I’ve said the Queens were entirely undeserving of the win. They played like crap, but so did the Packers.
    But please. The requisite “phantom PI” on Harris turning a 3 and out into a scoring drive. The “phantom illegal forward pass,” then THREE uncalled helmet removals on that last scoring drive?
    The Queens get by with a little help from their friends. Just as they did against Detroit.

  30. 15yards for taking your helmet off is a BS penalty anyway. Turn to any game and you’ll see many examples of this. For a bunch of “men” you sure do pick some petty crap to complain about.
    Even if Minn was penalized that extra 15yards it dosn’t mean the packers are going to get the same calibur of return. Their could of been a forced fumble and we wouldn’t be talking about this.
    Way to make another story out of nothing…

  31. How about the fact that Cutler fumbled the football affecting the out come of a play, vs. Peterson taking his helmet off to get air after destroying the Packers D for a whole drive? The helmet rule has no barring on a play and should be done away with. But yeah AP gasping for air and Cutler clearly fumbling a football are pretty much the same. NOT.

  32. What about the non-call on the horse collar tackle that shows around the 1:47 mark in the video? Packers fans being, well, typical Packers fans. It sucks they have to be that way and it gets exhausting year after year dealing with them, but you can’t let it get to you. The Vikes won. They’re tied for first in the division. Next game please…

  33. florio, your making a big deal outta nothing, the official
    thought peterson took off his helmet possibly it looked like
    peterson may have injured himself on the play since he fell
    face first into the endzone, also AP was on the sidelines
    anyways when the helmet was off, its a non-issue, stick to
    the taco bill pics, and ripping tiki barber.

  34. Instead of bitching about a non-flag for taking a helmet off after a touchdown, why don’t Packer fans start complaining about their awful coach. 2 running plays in a row with 2 minutes to go from the 40 yard line. Really, that’s the best play-calling you can come up with? There was plenty of time to move another, say, 15 yards downfield on their own to set up alot more makeable kick. Stop blaming the zebras, and start looking at the jack asses on your own sideline.

  35. nothing compares to week 2, that ruling would have changed the outcome of the game entirely, this one ‘may’ have
    GB would have still had to drive to where they did and not choke
    the week 2 miscall was a change of possession, game ender

  36. Seems to be a lot of what ifs involved. Why cry over stupid junk like taking a helmet off (a foot from the endzone). What if the packers got the extra 15 yards, big deal, does not mean they would have scored as they could have easily lost possession at any time. If you can predict the future give me a call, but its clear that this article is predicting the future of a non existent outcome. It is just plain dumb to compare this game to the Denver-San Diego dual. Cutler just got unlucky when the ball slipped from his fingers and was fumbled, as for Rodgers he chose to make a boneheaded call, view the play from whatever angle you want but to say he intended to pass the ball when he was falling to the ground in the endzone is wishful thinking. The Packers blew the game and now its the ref’s fault. They had plenty of chances to put the Vikes away. Mr. Rodgers threw the ball away in the end zone because Allen was about to get yet another sack on the day, this is clear even to novice football viewers. If Rodgers was really passing to someone in his general area (cough,cough) he would have had the sense to throw it like a real man. As for Peterson taking his helmet off beyond the corner outside of the endzone, was this a smart move, of course not, was the penalty enforced, no, was it going to be enforced, no, does it make any difference to cry about it the day after, no! The rule was intended to promote sportsmanship. Peterson is the last person in the league to showboat for the crowd. To give this game to the refs is simply looking for a way to turn back time, because losing hurts, especially when its a Packers-Vikings rival. For Davis of the Niners, yes he removed his helmet but this is also the same guy who got sent to the locker room for being a “thug”. Character shows in their actions, when you compare Davis to Peterson you see a significant difference in character and who is in it for themselves and who is in it for the team. The game is not fair in a lot of aspects but screwing over those who deserve the spotlight is no way to justify losing. The game was lost by a stupid challenge by the Pack, they lost a much needed time out and the kicker blew it. This game would have been called the exact same way if it happened again. The fact of the matter is, its over with and its not going to change. Time to look ahead to Week 11.

  37. Who cares? C’mon. We could go through every single play and find 20 more penalties on both sides of the ball that weren’t call. Let it go.

  38. The funny thing (in a sick way, if you’re a Packer fan) is that the two mentioned officiating decisions weren’t even two of the worst calls in the game. Wade runs into Harris (away from the play) and Harris is called for illegal contact (on a 3rd down), then Driver gets called for a phantom hold on a big run.
    Officiating is just garbage. In a game decided by one point the officials took away about seven from Green Bay.

  39. Oh my goodness. Does anybody known how many times this season the Vikings have been jobbed by poor officiating? Fumbles that were/were not, pass interferences calls totally ignored, pass interference called ON them that should NOT have been.. on and on. For anybody to cry about this or stating it is an “asterisk” game is totally ludicrous. And give me a break on the whole “Jared Allen should have been suspended” crap. You Packer fans should try to recall how your defensive player attempted to END the career of AP last year by diving at the back of his legs. How soon we forget…

  40. the spirit of the rule was trying to stop players from rubbing it in on the oposition , mugging for the cameras and getting there face on tv . Peterson was doing neither . good jobs refs

  41. Whatever, Florio. Let the Packer fans think they deserved to win even though Aaron Rogers had to run for his life every play and Arian Peterson was too much of man for them to tackle. Enjoy your moral victory. Forgive Mike McCarthy for horrible play calling down the stretch.
    You can’t assume that with a 15 yard penalty, the FG is 15 yards closer. First of all the Vikes down squib kick and give the Pack the ball at the 40. Then the play calling is different. A different pattern for Donald Driver and he doesn’t get a fluke deflection to him for 20 yards (the only play the Packers made on their final drive and accounted for more than 10 percent of their offense for the entire game).
    The fact that’s undisputed that remains is the team that played the best football on Sunday won. Cry about the refs if you want, you know your team was outplayed all day long and didn’t deserve to win.

  42. Oh for for Crying out loud (literally). Florio, did someone from the Vikings pee in your wheaties this week? First (absurdly) calling for Allen’s suspension over and over again, and then trying to find every excuse possible for the Packers loss. You are making mountains out of molehills, and it is really cheapening this site, which used to be one of the best…
    As tarnished as the Denver game? Seriously? Give me a break…

  43. Can someone please explain to me the logic behind this rule? What is the big deal about being helmet-less as long as it’s not being used as a weapon?
    I know “a rule is a rule” but what caused this to be one?

  44. Peterson is the next big mouth in the league, he clearly exhibits poor sportsmanship and will eventually cause problems on the Vikqueens. By the way, it looks like he’s wearing a condom on his head with a reservoir tip. Must be to keep whatever little brains are in his head from spilling out.

  45. Forgive me for being naive but I think that AP unsnapped his helmet and then was hit by Dugan which jarred it loose on his head. At that point AP would’ve had a hard time walking back to the bench area with a helmet sitting on his head all cockeyed.
    Disclaimer: While I’m not a Vikings fan, I do own AP on my fantasy football team.

  46. it should have been a facemask too.
    but for what its worth, AP is a freaking beast, and more worrisome than the loss is the next 4 or 5 good years he’s gonna have to have amazing games like that against the packers.
    bottom line is if you have alot more points than the opponent you can overcome bad officiating which is as much a part of the game as a lucky bounce or a david tyree catch.

  47. You know…if Packer fans wish to continue to beat a dead horse (as usual) and make themselves look more like morons than they already do, I say let them.
    There are more glaring issues with the team, and could have easily won the game, but continue to whine about what do you know…a non-call that was correctly, not called.
    Packers are the luckiest team in the NFL, but hey luck does run out.
    Get over it and yourselves.
    Go cry on JimmySmith’s shoulders, dude is probably in his basement cutting himself or something. You guys can’t lose with any dignity, it’s always something.

  48. I think the Refs let the PLAYERS determine the outcome of the game. In the last moments of a very emotional contest, you do not make “questionable” calls, such as a stupid taking off your helmet call when you are on your knees in the endzone. It was a judgement call by the refs, and it was the right call. If he would have gotten to his feet and ran across the field with his helmet in his hand, then yes, but he simply got up and trotted to the sideline, no spike of the ball, no chest bump, no nothing. The refs let the PLAYERS determine the winner and the loser, is that not the point of them being there? Maybe if the Green Bay offense showed up, you would not even be on here making this stupid point. How about we blog about those stats and see where it compares to the helmet taking off!

  49. Can we get over the whole Denver game thing? Seriously. It was months ago, and the Chargers have since proven they aren’t gods sacred gift to football. Yea, it was a bad call. Life goes on. No amount of whining or bitching will ever change it from a Bronco win or a Charger loss. Not to mention that afterward we gave them two, yes, two chances to stop us, running the same play. They didn’t, Royal caught two passes and Denver won the game. Same here. They didn’t call it, the Packers lost. It happens, football is an imperfect game.

  50. I dont know if anyone noticed his facemask digging into the turf and a bunch of crap flying into his face.

  51. Wow, the Queens got handed this game like the Broncos were handed theirs. I guess the Queens need all the help they can get.

  52. Oh…and I thought (Legit) Sports writers were supposed to be unbiased in there material. Clearly Florio lately you’ve made it an agenda to make the Vikings and their players look like they got away with murder.
    If the Packers had won this game NONE of this would have EVER come to attention, but since they didn’t, here it is.

  53. You have to look at the spirit of the rule. There are lots of times a helmet comes off or is taken off and no penalty is called. It’s a penalty when it is taken off in celebration. Peterson’s teammate (I didn’t catch who it was) just hit him in the back of the head in celebration while AP knelt down. Then Peterson took it off. It didn’t look like he had any intention of taking his helmet off until the guy hit him in the head, then he removed it and quickly walked off the field.
    Good non-call, IMO, and I don’t like the Vikings at all.

  54. Can somebody call a WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHmbulence for Mr. Florio, please?
    What a joke.
    Wide right.
    Nothing that anyone here says is going to change it.

  55. Really vikes fans, cmon. Every game, every team, EVERY team gets screwed by the refs. It’s the inconsistency that’s a real biatch. But for anyone (especially Vikes fans) to say they get screwed more than anyone….you’re completely out of line..

  56. Calling for Allen to be suspended was, I thought, perhaps the stupidest thing that could have been suggested. Why don’t we suspend that Chiefs’ player who took out Brady? He hit him below the knees too right? Suspend him, damnit! And every time somebody loses balance and falls into a QB below the knees, suspend them also!
    And then I saw this article. And I am amazed that people are actually serious about this. A fifteen yard penalty because Peterson took off his helmet after scoring the TD? You’ve got to be joking. If you’re seriously arguing that it should have been called, then I hope that there’s a police officer behind you every time you drive one MPH over the speed limit, because that’s the kind of life you want to live.
    Give it a rest, the Packers lost because the Vikings played better all game. The officiating had very little to do with it.

  57. Ok. Take this game away from the Vikings and give it to the Pack. The refs were obviously getting some ‘under the table’ treatment from Chilly.
    The Packers last Super Bowl win should be taken away. Favre, running down the middle of the field with his helmet in his hand, the wind blowing through his beautiful layered haircut, should have been a 15 yard penalty. Which could have completely changed the momentum in favor of the Patriots. And they could have beat the Packers with that 15 yard penalty.
    Get a damn life, you whining people. And Florio.. Man.. I expect so much more from you. And this? This I get in return?
    Poor taste, sir. Poor, poor taste.

  58. I still don’t know why there isn’t any complaining about Woodson’s horse collar at 1:45.

  59. Stupid rule. Let’s say your helmet gets cranked or messed up in some way and you need to take it off as soon as the play ends. Instant penalty. The rule should only apply while the play is active.

  60. Zygmunt Wilf paid the officials before the game. I was there. I saw it. It was a white bag with a black $ on it.
    The Vikings bought that win.
    They also paid the league to not suspend Jared Allen.
    Yup. It’s as shady as can be and I LOVE IT!!
    We are going to keep on cheating, too! There is not ONE THING you can do about it!! How do you like that?!

  61. This is hilarious. First of all…if its a penalty…its a penalty. If they don’t call it…fine….but for ViQueen fans to say anything other than “it was a penalty, but it wasn’t called” is absurd. It was pretty clear on the video…he took his helmet off. From 15 yards closer, Mason’s kick is good.
    2nd of all…biatch all you want about GB’s lack of offense. They didn’t need offense, they had Gus the Mule at QB for them…errrrr….the Queens. Pick 6, and 2 other picks makes a short field, which means you have less offense.
    3rd of all…the call on Rodgers in the end zone was total and absolute crap. It wasn’t intentional grounding…there was a receiver, and the ball fell within 1 yard of the LOS, well within the allowable. I’ve never seen a player (QB or otherwise) called for an illegal forward pass for the motion they used to throw the ball. Underhand, overhand, sideways, behind the back…they’re all allowable.
    To make a short story long, the ViQueens got the (tainted) win. No matter. With Gus the Mule at QB, you’re going no where.

  62. Florio, let it go already. And I say this as a Packers fan. If GB hadn’t played so crappy, they wouldn’t have been in a position where that extra few yards on the kickoff would be the game breaker. Same thing with the illegal forward pass call.
    Plain and simple – if you let a RB run on you for nearly 200 yards, you’re going to lose.

  63. Florio, you are wrong. He unsnapped his helmet and the teammate pushed him down. The helmet fell off. Big deal.

  64. The main thing to keep in mind when reading about anything related to the Minnesota Vikings on PFT is this…
    Florio HATES The Vikings.
    I’ve been reading this blog for years and I can’t remember him ever posting anything positive about the organization.
    On to the issue at hand.
    1: The safety was the right call.
    2: This crying about Adrian Peterson’s helmet is laughable, and not worthy of any discussion.
    3: The Vikings dominated this game and the Packers were VERY lucky to even be in it at the end.
    Please, Packer fans, stop crying like little girls and grow up. This is football, sometimes the ball just doesn’t fall your way.

  65. Come on, guys! This is a RUMOR MILL! Not a news site. Florio knows what he is doing. He drums up drama to get people to visit the site. Nothing more. Some of you guys take this site too seriously. It’s a freakin’ RUMOR SITE!! There is very little on here that is meant to be taken seriously. Florio points out over and over and over that this is not a legitimate news site. Stop expecting it to be. It’s a dude who sits at home and types whatever it takes to get people excited and coming back for more.
    Stop acting like it matters!

  66. This is really pathetic. Peterson wasn’t taunting, so who cares if he took off his helmet? I think it’s clear that you just hate the Vikings, that’s the only explanation I can think of for this post. It’s not even remotely similar to the Denver game. The Packers were gifted 17 pts off Frerotte turnovers and a punt return that had about 5 block in the backs. They didn’t deserve to win, and they didn’t.

  67. It’s the hair net he wears. Maybe it’s spiritual thing – like yamachas, but it only applies to running backs from Oklahoma.
    Now if he took the hair net off, well that’s different. Throw the flag.
    I’m siding with Juicy Melon on this one.

  68. “Bottom line? Minnesota’s 28-27 win carries almost as much tarnish as Denver’s Week Two win over San Diego.”
    That is a terrible argument.
    The vikings out played the packers by a huge amount. The punt return for Td and Pick return for TD kept the pack in this game. Adrian peterson had 220 all purpose yards; The packers entire offense??? 168…………………….. PLEASE.
    No way you can say this game wasn’t a real win for the vikings.
    By the way, peterson unbuckled his helmit then back up TE jeff dugan knocked him over making his helmit cock-eyed. thats why he took his helmit off.
    Adrian knows better than that, and he’s no show boat.

  69. Does anyone remember that the vikes missed a field goal earlier in the that should have been made and we would’ve been ahead even more, so packer fans should quit whining about the missed field goal since we also missed a 48 yard field goal which in my math book is closer then 52 yards

  70. First of all, I will admit I am a die-hard Packer fan. Second, I agree the Packers did not play well. However, the whole idea of one team or another deserving to win, nearly every week the team that ‘deserves’ to win loses.
    Yes, the Packers allowed nearly 200 yards rushing to AP and allowed two safeties. The Vikings, though, allowed a Punt Return TD, an INT return TD, had two more INT’s, plus a turnover on downs. How can you say who is more deserving when both teams did not play well in certain aspects of the game.
    Also, concerning the officiating, yes there are plays that are blown every week. Did the Packers lose because of certain calls, maybe, but other calls could have been made to help the Vikings as well. What bothers me is that the NFL does not seem concerned that more and more games are being determined by obvious officiating mistakes.
    One more thing, then I will stop my rant, is that I am offended by the gross overgeneralization made on this and just about every other site that allows fan comments. I am a Packer fan, I am not whining about the officiating, nor have I ever posted on a site like this about poor officiating. Yet, according to posts here, I am a Packer fan, therefore I am a whiner. Obviously, there are fans from every team who hate all other fans for whatever reason.
    Anyone wishes to have a worthwhile discussion on any of these issues, please respond. Those who want to yell or swear thinking it will change my opinion or make me a ‘smarter’ fan, fire away.

  71. This rule was the anti-U of Miami rule. NFL didn’t want players rippin’ their lids off to say “look at me” the second they crossed the goalline.
    As for this call. I cannot believe that after AP’s effort on that last drive, this is what we are talking about. That was a classic effort by a player that should be revered by true fans of the game. We don’t get that type of effort all the time.

  72. So one of you linguistic giants used the word “shooken.”
    The language changes, I’ve seen wokened up, tooken, and now shooken.
    OK, they need to keep this going so they can print new dictionaries every year. So Congratulations, you’ve helped the editorial staff at Webster’s.

  73. Waah! Peterson owned the Packer defense. The Packers had the chance to win. They just couldn’t.

  74. Well Packer Nation, kharma sucks doesn’t it?
    First, in the Brett Favre days you got the benefit of the doubt in most calls (even the announcers said they wouldn’t have called the safety on Favre). But now that he’s gone, they’ve taken the blinders off and called penalties on your team as they see them.
    Second, your management team went crying to the NFL about Favre wanting to go to a division rival and filed some bogus tampering charges against the Vikings in a preemptive move to keep him from going there if released (him signing would have legitimized the bogus charge). Now after using the league office to clean up your own mess off the field, you’re now complaining their officiating crews are to blame for your mess on the field.
    Third, Al Harris took a direct shot at Adrian Peterson’s knee in the open field last year when he had to dive low to get to the knee (unlike Jared Allen’s hits on Matt Schaub where he Allen was falling to the ground and the knee was the only body part he could get to). That was like throwing rocks at a hornets nest in case you are still wondering where he found that extra motivation to manhandle your D on that final drive.
    Damn karma!
    BTW — when do I get to read the first post by someone stating that Adrian Peterson should be suspended for taking off his helmet.

  75. JJV-
    That was an intelligent, well written post. I will respond by saying that a game is never decided by a bad call. There are countless other moments in a game in which the outcome could have been different. It is one thing to highlight questionable officiating. It is quite another to make it a crusade, and play the victim role for your favorite team. Most Packer fans and Vikings fans I know are above most of the comments made here – including those by Florio himself.
    Personally, I could have seen the safety call go either way, and anyone who can look at the game without purple or gold glasses on would agree. The refs called it a safety, and I am fine with that. Trying to say that AP should have gotten a penalty for taking off his helmet, or Woodson should have had a horse collar, or whatever else is poor sportsmanship. I would be more upset if they threw flags on either of those. Let the players play the game.
    Both teams had a chance to win. Both teams made mistakes. It was a damn good game to watch on TV, regardless of the team you were pulling for.

  76. Hey Mike, buddy! Last I checked, fifteen yards penalized on the kick doesn’t automatically give you fifteen more yards on the return, fifteen more yards gained on every succeeding play, and fifteen yards closer to an important field goal try. The game is played differently on both sides of the ball from that point on! There is no tarnish on the win, that was dumb!

  77. Everything on this site is important and it all matters.
    Please. Keep going. I’m sure it will matter to someone.

  78. @ Tenolein
    “The Packers last Super Bowl win should be taken away. Favre, running down the middle of the field with his helmet in his hand, the wind blowing through his beautiful layered haircut, should have been a 15 yard penalty.”
    FYI – the helmet rule was enacted in 1997 _after_ the Pack’s SB XXXI win.

  79. The sweetest thing is, we won’t have to listen to the cheeseheads after this weekend’s loss to the Bears, which will put the Packers OUT OF HERE!

  80. Nodak Paul,
    Thanks. I agree with you 100%. As a Packer fan, it was such an up and down game that it was exciting. Unfortunately, it ended differently that I would have liked, but it certainly kept me glued to the TV.

  81. aaron rodgers = most overhyped quarterback prospect
    since todd marinovich and dan mcguire, hopefully
    MM & TT are happy they brushed aside a first ballot hall
    of famer in favour of some kid who lead both of them into
    losing their jobs.

  82. I really like this site.But I can’t believe how much crying I’ve heard over the vikings win. I remember many times getting screwed on a call that cost us the game. Would have… Should have Could have… We won… Live with it. Go VIKINGS

  83. Hey Norseman,
    What do you think of this?
    Our friends at Viking Underground have forwarded to us more shots of the still-to-be-unveiled uniform modifications.
    Excuse us for a minute whilst we go barf.
    Yours truly was a rabid Vikings fans in the glory days of the 1970s (and, unfortunately, beyond), so we still feel a certain obligation to safeguard the organization and its tradition. That’s partially why we were so hard on Mike Tice a/k/a Meathead No. 1 — and why we now plan to give similar treatment to Fran Foley a/k/a Meathead No. 2.
    Thus, we always will call it like we see it with the Vikes, and our position on the new getup is that we prefer never to see it.”
    Florio does not hate the Vikings. In fact, it’s the exact opposite…

  84. Come on guys,the Packer-Viking debate will rage on forever yet we all know what happens to the Queens when they make it to the playoffs.Yep,another loss and zero Lombardi trophys.

  85. What a crock.
    He just carried his team on his back to a victory over a bitter rival with a 29 yard scamper on his 30th carry and almost 200 yards in the game.
    It’s not like they were down by 21, or else he’d be playing in Cincinnati or Oakland.
    He took over a huge game, and pulled through. The officials were wise to recognize that.

  86. It’s all very simple, Peterson is a superstar, No penalty. If Favre was still there he wouldn’t have been flagged for an illegal forward pass either.
    I knew letting Favre go would bite them in the ass.

  87. I am sick of packer fans!!!!
    You Lost, You missed at field goal that if you were any good make everyday. Move on and complain about how you were screwed when you lose to the bears.

  88. Roger Goodell just held a press conference to announce that he will be monitoring for opinions on the Vikings/Packers game. Roger was quoted as saying “I will admit that officials do not always get calls right, so I will hereby let the viewers at Pro Football decide if the Packers should be awarded the win and the records changed” He goes on to say that “If enough people piss and moan on a website, I will start changing games that happened in the past, as well”.
    Games that may be changed are the Packers/Raiders AFC Title Game. If enough people bitch around on here, he may have a supplementary SuperBowl this year, played the same weekend as the regular Superbowl. It will be a double header. This time, it will be the Raiders in stead of the Patriots. This all depends on how many of you guys log in and bitch and moan.
    So here is your chance! Keep bawling. The league is listening!

  89. His teammate hit him in the head, it looked like it was coming off, so he took it off.
    Players take it off on their way to the sideline all the time, common practice.
    When they flag you for it is when it is part of your celebration, like Vernon Davis.
    This is non-news, shouldn’t even be written about.

  90. I forget who it was a few years back that got flagged for taking his helmet off because his bandana was covering his eyes. Dont know why i even mentioned that but anyways the rules are the rules and everybody get off Florios Johnson for reporting the rules and noticing another mess up by the officials. The call with the illegal forward pass made no sense as does not flagging someone for taking their helmet off. Watch NFL network when the commisoner of refs comes in. He says he wants his officials to have as many guidelines as possible to keep then from acting arbitrarily. He took his helmet off and thats the end of the story. Whats next, Is the official going to have to ask the doctor if he was winded before he throws the flag?

  91. VikeRube your great! Once again, hit it right on the head! Keep giving it to the Packer rubes. Funny as shit and right on!

  92. IMO, this is one of those rules that Jeff Fisher and the gang should look at when the Comp. Committee meets this offseason. The rule was created when Mark Gastineau was doing his sack dances and taking off his helmet for show, and the rule did its job in stopping that trend, but now’s the time to put in the rule book that the helmet coming off is open to the referee’s discretion. AP was taking his helmet off because he got the wind knocked out of him, Dwayne Rudd on the other hand was being an idiot (and the Browns still made the playoffs that year, while it remains to be seen if the Bolts will, making the two issues very different).

  93. Packer fans can never admit the PACKERS as a team lost the game!!! Its always someone else that makes them lose the game, be it the other team, a ref, or even act of god. Move on so that next week you can pick a reason why you lost to the BEARS!!!!

  94. Really? Can’t anyone give us Vikings fans anything? Should have been a penalty, meaning your win shouldn’t have happen. Screw that. We beat the Packers for the first time in almost 3 years and now we can’t even enjoy it? “The game was tarnished.” That is BS. How in the hell was this game tarnished? You assume that because Peterson took off his helmet there should have been a call that wasn’t called. Thus making the game “tarnished.” What the hell are you smoking. Even if the call went against us, that doesn’t mean the Packers would have won. We were playing great defense the WHOLE game. We might have stopped them.
    ANOTHER THING. Stop complaining about the illegal foward pass. It was suppose to be Intentional Grounding. Result: Safety.

  95. If you watch the replay of Chester Taylor’s 47 yard TD catch, you’ll see the first player on the field (possibly off the bench) to congratulate Taylor was Adrian Peterson and (surprise, surprise, surprise), Peterson wasn’t wearing his helmet. I just saw the replay on NFL Network Replay, I’m not doing the legwork and finding this on youtube, but regardless, AP is out there sans helmet congratulating Taylor on the field immediately after the TD catch.
    What’s the deal with this guy? Why is he allowed to take off the helmet while other players are flagged for 15 yard penalties before they can even get their chin straps unbuttoned?

  96. AP was off the field of play ( kneeling out of bounds) and ‘appeared’ to remove his helmet because he was hurt. After he removed his helmet, he was crouched over and holding his head toward the ground. I do not know if that affected the judgement of the officials, but it certainly did not appear to be a ‘celebretory’ gesture.

  97. @VikeRube
    Your analysis is so biased it’s ridiculous. You think the Vikings deserved the game due to the penalties becaus the Vikings dominated in pass rush and rushing and because the Packers didn’t pass the ball well due to poor offensive line play (ie. no time to throw) and not stopping the run and thus they outplayed the Packers.
    Well….how do you forget that the same Packers forced a fumble and recovered it, the pass defense intercepted Frerotte twice turning one for a TD and blanketed their receivers all day. The special teams were atrocious, even when they weren’t allowing for punt returns back for touchdowns. Teams that win the turnover battle win 70% of the time, so don’t go spouting off about how the Packers got manhandled just because your only weapon on offense carried the entire team while the QB and WR’s got manhandled themselves and their supposed sweet run defense allowed 4.7 yds per carry. The only difference was they didn’t run it 30 times to rack up the rushing yards.
    The Vikings have won 3 games due to poor officiating….maybe 4. Lions, Saints and Packers and I believe the Texans as well, but I can’t remember the specific call, so I won’t say I’m 100% on that one.

  98. I do not know if the rule is a safety rule, or a anti-celebretory rule. I tend to think the latter, because it is an unsportsman penalty. Because there are many reasons why a player’s helmet can come off in a game ( ripped off or fall off among them), it is an official’s judgement why the player’s helmet was removed. In this case, I tend to agree that the official considered that AP’s helmet was knocked off by his teammate.

  99. Hey Tenolein, when Favre took his helmet off during the Superbowl it wasn’t a rule yet. It wasn’t a rule till the next season, if you watched football you would know that. By the way, they made it a rule only after Emmitt Smith took his helmet off for the 100th time.

  100. I will admit right now that the Vikings have benefited this year from a few bad calls by the officials, but i can tell you this… they have been the victim of some bad calls also. There were some terrible calls in the first Green Bay game and in the Indianapolis game also. It all works itself out.

  101. You guys should lay off Florio. I’m a life long Vikes fan; I nearly broke my hand punching the ground in ’98. My favorite two teams most weeks are the Vikes and whoever plays the Packers. I thought the Vikes receivers got mugged the first time around. I think the officials make bad calls against the Vikes every week. -Every- fan thinks their team gets jobbed more than others. You remember the bad calls when they go against your team. None of this should be news to any of you.
    Florio is doing what he does best, and he has made a legit point. Did AP taking off his helmet warrant a flag? It would seem according to the rules as they are laid out, probably. According to the spirit of the rule, probably not. (And anybody calling AP classless needs to watch him more.) Does this make Florio a hack? I don’t think so. Is comparing the call to the Denver game a bit much? I think so, but not enough to conclude that there is some concerted effort by Florio to diss the Vikes. That’s just weird.
    I’m sorry, I was going to go on about the petty name calling that these comments have degraded to (every version of Viqueen and such) but I got distracted by a Family Guy re-run. The season isn’t over for the Pack. The Vikes still need to win some tough games coming up. Either way, I don’t see anybody coming out of the NFC north and beating the Giants. I’ll be happy to be wrong.
    Game’s over. Life goes on. I shot me a 9 point buck. And Family Guy is still on.

  102. It amazes me that suddenly all the Vikings fans have come out of the wood work. I guess it goes to show just how much fear they have when the Packers come to town, eh?
    Anyway, I don’t think it’s so much people bitching about Peterson removing his lid after the play as much as the inconsistency the league has shown in penalty calling. Some folks get penalized for that while others don’t. So the Vikings got away with a few and we got away with a few.
    Fellow Packers fans, it’s time to put this game behind us and move on. Yeah, we got the short end of the stick a couple of times but that happens. We should have simply taken care of business and made those calls irrelevant by playing to the level we’re capable of and putting more points on the board. Let’s also keep in mind that we prevented ourselves from getting a touchdown with a stupid false start penalty. We allowed a 42 yard TD pass to Chester Taylor and we failed to make Peterson irrelevant like we should have. Quite simply, we didn’t play up to expectations but instead played down to the talent level of our competitors. The time for bitching about the loss is over. Lets move on and focus on beating the Bears, which we more or less have to do if we want to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.

  103. I think Florio is failing to realize that the officials made an additional mistake on that play. He was down at the 1.
    1st and goal from the 1. A minute and change to go. The Vikings can bleed about another 30-seconds to a minute off of the clock, score, and Crosby never even sees the field.
    Game over.
    The only thing tarnished about this whole thing is Florio’s judgement.
    And for what it’s worth, I’m a Panthers’ fan. To me, the whole game was sloppy, and both teams made a bunch of mistakes. Still, the Vikings were clearly the superior team on the field. Green Bay couldn’t get out of their own way, and got manhandled on both sides of the ball. Deal with it Cheeseheads.
    (I loved that nonsense pass that got tipped that Driver caught for like 15 yards too. That was a vintage Favre moment.)

  104. Don’t blame Packer fans for being shocked that they might actually not get every single call to break their way. 16 years of the NFL tipping the scales in favor of Favre is a hard habit to shake.

  105. H0w can you even compare that to the Denver & San Diego game. That was a missed call during game play, not after the play. AP taking his helmet off had no impact on the outcome of the game. That is liking calling a foul with 2 seconds left in a basketball game. Give me a break not even close to what happened in the Denver game.

  106. Packers–face it: You’re “one FG away from the Super Bowl” season was a fluke. Your QB is decent, but won’t make it through a season without getting hurt. Your tackles are getting old fast, and your corners are a year away from irrelevance as well. The interior offensive and defensive lines are weak cheese. Hawk is going backwards fast, and Barnett has his fat contract based on six good games last year, and will never be as good again. Collins, Crosby, and Jennings are the only young players who are any good. Rotsa ruck building a franchise around a safety, kicker, and wide receiver.
    Oh, and your punter sucks.

  107. Its sooooo enjoyable to see ViQueen fans on here saying they “deserved the win after getting screwed all those other times”. Reminds me of the announcers for the Wolverines….who make comments like “yeah, that bad call in our favor is in return for that blown call back in 1952 against Cornell”.
    What a crock. Denver fans had the stones to stand up and admit they got away with one against the Chargers. No big surprise that ViQueen fan stands on a stump (they can’t afford a soapbox) saying both calls were correct. Face it. It wasn’t intentional grounding. There was a receiver in the area (less than 6 yards away), the ball was thrown in the vicinity of the line of scrimmage (less then 2 yards away), and Peterson took off his helmet of his own accord. Bad calls, or missed calls? Sure. Enough to change the outcome of the game. Who knows. The fact remains, just reading the comments of the average ViQueen fan on here….you still think pro football’s history began in 1960, and you’re pissed the Packers have 12 titles on the mantle, and yet, you STILL have none….you won’t have one after this year….you ALL said “just wait until Brett Favre is gone” (nothing like pinning your hopes on a player on a different team retiring, instead of worrying about your own purple clad idiots)…and at the end of the year, the Pack will still have the better record.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  108. Peterson’s “cranial condom” is more protection than Shawn Hill had on Monday Night, and judging by all the paternity suits, its more protection than a lot of pro athletes use.

  109. Yes, I am a Packers fan, but I am also a football fan. and i hate it when people say a certain team deserved to win. great teams make special plays to win games when they are struggling in certain aspects (offensive and defensive line trouble). The Packers had 3 INT’s, one of which was returned for a TD on an insane return by a top 5 safety in the league. Then we got a punt return for a touchdown where will blackmon defied all physics rules when it comes to keeping your balance and changing direction. These 2 plays alone “deserve” a Packers win. You shouldnt “deserve” to win a HOME football game when your QB throws 3 Picks, the best RB in the league fumbles on a critical 4th down after bitching on the sidelines, and your best WR has 0, thats right ZERO, catches. The safety and helmet issues are calls that can go either way, i could care less. And all the people here ripping on TT and MM are idiots, they are both top 10 for their respective positions, and I’d dare say TT is top 5, but those 2 subjects are an argument for another forum. So overall, I’m not saying that the Packers SHOULD have won the game, I’m pointing out that they DESERVED to win the game. The Queens, other than AP and Chester Taylor sucked balls on offense, and their defensive pressure was due more to a terrible showing by the packers o-line than anything else. Bottom line. The Queens play 4 of the next 5 games on the road, and will start that out with a loss, GUARANTEED, this weekend at TB, and then proceed to go 2-2. The Pack meanwhile will beat the Bears by double digits this week, then pull a tight one out on MNF against the Saints before falling to the Panthers at home that will spring them to a 4-0 finish, a 10-6 record, and the NFC North. Queens will be left deciding how to spend that top 15 pick in the draft.

  110. LOL almost as tarnish as week 2’s Broncos win … NOT
    Nice try Mike, but no one thinks that, and rightfully so.

  111. Al Harris is flagged for illegal contact on Bobby Wade. Al Harris touches an official with his right hand in protest.
    Randy Moss was ejected for that once, but Al Harris gets away with it.
    Al Harris needs to be suspended for being a dirty player and this game now has an asterisk on it.
    This should be a 10 point win for the Vikings for the non-call on Harris.
    Harris is getting suspended.
    Because I said so.

  112. For once I agree with the Viking fans. I would never complain about a ref’s call because it happens all the time and generally speaking, the bad calls tend to even out over a season so if this was the Packers turn to bend over, so be it.
    I personally prefer to look at the bright side. The Vikings are a deeply flawed football that simply will not make the playoffs. If this win and a hopefully a couple more, insure that Brad Childress survives this season and into the next, I would be thrilled.
    The guy is not only an idiot, he is classless to boot. In other words, the perfect coach for the Viking fans to get behind because most of them share the same attributes.

  113. Why is it every time I post a comment critical of Florio, it never appears? Let’s see if this one makes it up….
    Bottom line – Florio, LET IT GO. And I say this as a Packers fan. I don’t care about the intentional grounding/illegal forward pass and this non-call on excessive celebration. The fact is this – the Packers should have played better. A good team overcomes the occasional bad call. This team didn’t.
    And to the idiot who posted that AP was down at the 1 – did you even watch the whole clip? Did you watch the game? The Packers challenged (and it was a stupid thing to challenge), and the call on the field was upheld. Of all the things in that clip that could have been called and weren’t, that was actually the right call.

  114. The funny thing about this is that if you watched the Vikings/Saints game or Vikings/Lions game it’s obvious Minnesota benefitted from some calls (or non-calls) in those games as well. The fact that GB had a number of calls go against them is just icing on the cake because whaddya know? They were playing the Vikings.
    You can whine all you want about officiating in the GB/MN game but if you watch enough NFL games you will see it’s equally bad in just about every game. These guys never admit any fault nor do they change a call if it’s obvious they blew it during a game. The “illegal forward pass” was the perfect example. They had a chance to huddle up and actually think the play through and they still couldn’t get it right because it’s better to appease the home crowd and/or not admit fault than to change it to the correct call.
    As for the Vikings, enjoy the win. Outside of the numerous turnovers and non-calls on them they “deserved” the win but it was a win so I’d enjoy it while you can. Typically the lucky breaks and bad calls will even out over the course of a season and they’ve gotten their share already.

  115. Posted by VikeRetard:
    Obviously being a Viking fan I am gonna be biased on some of the issues, especially on the illegal forward pass which I do believe was a penalty of intentional ground based upon the rules. However I like to believe that I can point out the major issues that lead to losses(and losing is something I have grown used to over the past five years as a Viking fan). Sorry but I have grown sick and tired of all the Packer fans pissing and moaning about the illegal forward pass and the helmet thing. How about you Packer fans cut back your alcohol consumption to 4-5 beers a day instead of a couple 13-14 and realize the real problems with your team.
    The intentional grounding rules is outlined by a few things. First, that the pass is thrown from within the pocket, clearly not the case in the Rodgers incident. Second, there is no realistic chance of completetion, an intended receiver was within 2 yards of where that pass landed. So based on the rule enlighten me as to how this was intentional grounding?
    Im not going to argue about the game because your right, its over. But for Viking fans to be so ignorant to say that it was a well deserved win? gag me.
    Its hard to win 6 in a Row though, so good luck with Gus Frerotte though, Im sure he will take you places.

  116. Terrible article. Everyone is trying to invent controversy post Hocculi. The safety call was a borderline one but it happened in the 2nd quarter. The Peterson helmet was the correct no-call because players are allowed to remove their helmet if they are in pain. He was doubled over on the sideline gasping for air.
    Either way, this is nothing like the Broncos game. In the Broncos game, it was a horrific call, not a borderline one, and if made correctly the game is over right then. These were borderline calls that could have been easily overcome with good play. I bet if you look at the replays there were missed calls the other way as well. On Blackmond’s return, there was a very blatant block in the back on a Vikes player with a chance at the tackle. That is 7 points. Missed calls happen.
    The moral is that we need to move on from Hocculi’s boner and get on with our lives. It seems like every game people are trying to go crazy over little things.

  117. Dude, from what orifice are you pulling the rule that a player is allowed to remove his helmet if he is in pain?

  118. The funny thing is this video wasn’t even the worst one. On the 4th down where AP fumbled, after the play he can be seen standing around the ball with his helmet off. AP was doing it all day and they never called it. Either eliminate the role or enforce it.

  119. If the Vikings would have lost this game, due to a 15 yard penalty for something an innocuous as what Peterson did, then the game would have gone into Denver-SD territory.
    I understand the rules are the rules, but the rule is stupid when enforced after scoring a TD.
    On the otherhand, if you want to call a legitimate one, he s/could have been called after he got stopped on 4th and one and took his helmet off while arguing with the official. I wouldn’t have argued with a penalty there, and I kept waiting for it actually.

  120. Florio, players commonly take off their helmet while they are on the ground in some type of pain and not get called. It happens all the time, every game. The refs called it in this particular situation the way they typically do. So the orifice I pulled in out of is every nfl game?

  121. Maybe a penalty, but he wasn’t doing it in a taunting way or anything. Bottom line – I’d rather win outright then have to be given a game by officiating.

  122. PackerBacker – Here are the key game stats:
    Total yards – 361 to 184 for Minnesota
    Rushing yards – 220 to 74 for Minnesota
    3rd down efficency – 40% to 9% for Minnesota
    Time of Possession – 36:05 to 23:55 Minnesota
    Yes, the Vikings had some bone headed plays (thanks Gus), but the Vikings totally dominated this game.
    The league has come out and said it was intential grounding, so you are flat out wrong there. I also find it humorous how the distance the ball was to the receiver keeps shrinking. On TV, it looks like it was 4-5 yards, Peter King in his MMQB column called it 3 yards, and now you’re calling it 2. By friday the ball will have hit the reciever on the knee.
    Also, if you watch the replay, you can see clifton tackling Allen to keep him from going after Rodgers and the ball, so had the play been called ultra correctly, Rodgers would have gotten intentional grounding and Clifton would have been called for holding.

  123. PackerBacker3 says:
    “The intentional grounding rules is outlined by a few things. First, that the pass is thrown from within the pocket, clearly not the case in the Rodgers incident. Second, there is no realistic chance of completetion, an intended receiver was within 2 yards of where that pass landed. So based on the rule enlighten me as to how this was intentional grounding?”
    Unfortunately, I’m going to have to disagree with you. It is not, in fact, clear that he was outside of the pocket. The pocket is defined as the area within the hash-marks. When Rodgers tossed it, he was virtually even with the right hash-mark. Next, the ball has to be thrown near and/or beyond the line of scrimmage. The ball was bounced at the 7 yard-line, about 3 yards away from the nearest receiver. There was absolutely no realistic chance for completion. It wasn’t an illegal forward pass…it was intentional grounding, plain and simple.

  124. JimmySmith Said:
    “The guy is not only an idiot, he is classless to boot. In other words, the perfect coach for the Viking fans to get behind because most of them share the same attributes.”
    Yep – and when images of PackersFans, all decked up in their camo, styrofoam cheese hats and their 40% body fat pop into my mind, “class” is the adjective which pops into my mind.
    Sophisticates one and all.

  125. VikingsFan23:
    You forgot to post Interception Return Yardage and Punt Return Yardage in your little stats comparison. Are these not part of the game anymore?
    Gotta love leading in all these wonderful statistical categories and depending on a missed FG to win. What does that tell you about your team’s chances this year?

  126. GigantoGillicus:
    What does that tell you about your team’s chances this year?
    That at 5-4, our team’s chances are better than your 4-5 team.

  127. definitely looked like his head hit the ground and he took it off to check himself out. stupid rule anyway. the good ole days of emmit ripping his helmet off and SMILING after a touchdown.

  128. VikingsFan23 says:
    That at 5-4, our team’s chances are better than your 4-5 team
    With your QB, Col Klink the head coaching genius, the upcoming schedule, and the Vikings history for choking in the big game (remember last year’s loss to the Redskins, at home, when for all intents and purposes, it was a playoff game to see who got into the playoffs), I don’t know if I would describe it as better. Better for the moment but that’s about it.
    I only hope it is close enough to have Ziggy keep Col Klink for a couple more years. That would be fitting justice for all the Packer fans.

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