Once again, here’s our list of how we currently see the NFL, top to bottom.
We post the order, you post the comments. 
1.  Tennessee Titans (9-0). 
2.  New York Giants (8-1).
3.  Carolina Panthers (7-2).
4.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3).
5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3). 
6.  Washington Redskins (6-3).
7.  New England Patriots (6-3).
8.  Philadelphia Eagles (5-4). 
9.  Atlanta Falcons (6-3).
10.  Arizona Cardinals (6-3). 
11.  Dallas Cowboys (5-4).
12.  Baltimore Ravens (6-3). 
13.  Chicago Bears (5-4).
14.  Indianapolis Colts (5-4). 
15.  New York Jets (6-3).
16.  Miami Dolphins (5-4). 
17.  Buffalo Bills (5-4).
18.  Denver Broncos (5-4).
19.  Minnesota Vikings (5-4).
20.  Green Bay Packers (4-5). 
21.  New Orleans Saints (4-5).
22.  Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5).
23.  San Diego Chargers (4-5).
24.  Houston Texans (3-6).
25.  Cleveland Browns (3-6).
26.  St. Louis Rams (2-7).
27.  Seattle Seahawks (2-7).
28.  San Francisco 49ers (2-7).
29.  Oakland Raiders (2-7).
30.  Kansas City Chiefs  (1-8).
31.  Cincinnati Bengals (1-8).
32.  Detroit Lions (0-9).


  1. Hey Florio, WAKE UP! The Bills suck. How in God’s name do you have the Bills ahead of the Dolphins when they have the same record and Miami has won three in a row while Buffalo has lost three in a row and finally, the Dolphins beat the Bills recently.

  2. When you’re that low it doesn’t really matter, but I’d bump the Chiefs up a few spots. I think they’re better than the Rams or Seahawks. Also Falcons about Pats.

  3. Carloina is the biggest example of an overrated team. Who have they beaten that is any good? (besides maybe Atlanta). Minnesota beat them soundly (with Steve Smith) and they are ranked 18th. And i agree about the RAMS… they have to be near the bottom after that waxing at home.
    I have yet to see a ranking (anywhere on the internet) that isn’t based on records. You might as well just sort by record first, and then alphabetical by team name, and you got as good of a ranking as any that i’ve seen.

  4. How can the Bills possibly be ranked ahead of the Dolphins?
    The Bills lost to Miami.
    The Bills lost 3 straight.
    The Dolphins have won 3 straight.
    Makes no sense to me.

  5. If the Jets beat the Patriots, I bet the Jets will move up one in power rankings and the Pats will go down two. Florio is a Jets Hater.

  6. These are pretty good, although as an Eagles fan even I think the Birds might be about two spots too high.

  7. The Eagles are a team that can’t close. They haven’t won any of their close, important games. I don’t think #8 is accurate.

  8. “Of course panthers at 3, 3rd best record and could beat any team.”
    Yeah they could beat any team… except the 2 teams that beat them! But I agree, Panthers at 3. Panthers are that good.
    Eagles are too high, they just aren’t that good this year. And the Bucs aren’t the best 6-3 team IMO. The Bucs’ last game was that OT win against… the Chiefs. Steelers are definitly #3, Ravens belong in the top 10, Jets are waaaayyy too low. WTF Florio?

  9. I think at this point Dallas should be ranked at the bottom of the 5-4 teams… They have played like crap lately and will likely be 5-5 after this week.

  10. This is the worst ranking I’ve ever seen. Maybe on Thursday when the Jets beat the Patriots you’ll move them up to 14 and the Patriots down to 8.
    The Jets beat the Cardinals who you have ranked way ahead. The Jets beat both the Dolphins and the Bills, who you have ranked 1 spot below.
    The Dallas Cowboys way up there? Puff the Magic Dragon I guess.

  11. Tampa could barely beat Dallas with Brad Johnson and barely beat Denver. (Granted, in Denver)
    How can they be that high?

  12. The Colts have beat your number 12, 7, and 5 teams and are only ranked 14th? The Dallas Cowboys at 11? The Eagles at 8? I think this is a product of you buying into ‘the NFC East is the greatest division since Donald Trumps first divorce’… The ‘boys stink and the eagles beat up on bad teams and lose to the good ones (Falcons game being the exception on two accounts: are they good? And the refs helped that one along).
    I think you probably got the top 3 right… Good job on that.

  13. no way that the ravens should not be in the top 6 teams, theyve been dominant, they are within 2 bogus calls of being 8 and 1 and having beaten the steelers and titans, they completely dominated each of those games.

  14. I am an eagles fan and I like the respect you are showing them. They have lost in a few close games they should have won if it wasn’t for questionable play calling. It will be interesting to see how they bounce back after a big loss with three games left in the division and games against the ravens and cards.

  15. Well, it’s not as bad as your “all star” list. That made me wonder when the last time you had pass a drug test was.

  16. how are the jets the worst 6-3 team in the league if they beat one of the other 6-3 teams(cardinals) by 2 touchdowns. and there are 4 5-4 teams ahead of the jets. damn florio, what did the jets ever do to you?

  17. Cowboys beat the Eagles allready and everyone is coming back from injury so I don’t see them being lower than phili

  18. I really don’t see why the skins are so highly rated everywhere…I think the NFC east is way overhyped…The Giants are the only team in the division that is a legit contender…The eagles play like they are sometimes but not on a weekly basis…I think the ravens definitely belong in the top 10…They are not the same team they were when they lost those three games. took the steelers to OT (in pit) and lost to the titans on a bullshit call and those two games were played way below the level the ravens are playing at right now…I don’t think there’s a team in the league that wants to see a game against B-more coming up on their schedule

  19. The Bears and Ravens are better than the Cowboys, Cardinals, Falcons and Bucs. Let’s be serious for a moment. The Boys are done. The Cards D sucks too badly for them to go anywhere. The Falcons are too young and can be out-coached. The Bucs are just too inconsistent. Defense wins games and if you look at the standings with the exception of the goofy AFC West and NFC West, the teams at the top are the ones with the best D. I think your rankings should reflect that.

  20. Actually Nideak Number 7 beat Number 7 when they played the Colts…
    And those that keep complaining about the Fins being ranked lower than the Bills need to learn how to read the rankings. It’s like golf the lower the number the better.
    I know you Fins fans aren’t used to seeing all of the teams below you, but you are rated higher than the Bills…albeit by one, but still higher.

  21. Not bad, Flo.
    Personally, I think the Eagles, Pats and Cardinals are too high, but I can’t find the teams to replace them.
    Cowboys are a wait and see after Romo returns. Be ready to move them down 5 or 6 after a loss.
    The Raiders at 29? Give us all a break and move them to 31. They’ve only gone down hill since their last win.
    Now, where is that sandwich you were talking about?

  22. Sure is nice to see Atlanta at #9 after last year’s disaster of a season. I must admit that if Carolina and Tampa don’t start losing (we play them both one more time in the dome), then we can kiss the playoffs goodbye. I don’t see us getting a wild card. Next year will much better, but our schedule will obviously be much tougher as well…

  23. Seriously Florio, hilarious stuff.
    Going from the bottom up you have teams ranked exactly by record, then all of a sudden the Jets break that pattern. Then you have the Patriots, who have the same record in the same division, 8 spots ahead of them!?! Did you happen to see the spread from Vegas? Pats only favored by 3 even though they are playing at home.
    At least try to act like an objective analyst if you are going to try and rank NFL teams. Jets at 15 is pretty stupid, but the Patriots at 7 is a complete joke.

  24. J E T S 15? 5 spots behind the Cardinals, a team they dominated and in the process, almost killed their best player.
    I guess Florio’s still pissed at Wall Street for ruining his 401k.

  25. I just want to point out that you have Philly (5-4) ahead of Atlanta (6-3), which demonstrates to me that you don’t solely base these standings on records. You probably take how the offense, defense and special teams have performed the whole way, and possibly who’ve they’ve played and how easy or difficult their schedule has been. So why, Florio, do you consistently rank the Titans ahead of the Giants? They’re only 1 game better, and as you can see with the above example, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a better team. The Titan’s strengths are running the ball and their defense. The Giants are just as good on both fronts, if not arguably better. The Giants have a much better passing game and have played tougher teams (an understatement). Can you seriously look at yourself in the mirror and say the fact that the Titans are undefeated means they’re the best team in football?

  26. The patriots are way to high at #7. Time will tell that they are really not that good. Jets are too low for what they’ve done as well. The dolphins probably are deserving of right where they are, maybe a couple spots higher. 14 perhaps. Bills should be falling fast since they have done nothing recently. Dolphins should win 4 in a row with Oakland coming up, then NE at home so that will definitely shake up the rankings.

  27. God all you giants fans get ahold of yourselfs, every legit team that the giants have played are crap this yearall the projected “playoff contending teams” suck this year, it all comes down to football sunday and who want it more, every team has talent its all about execution. Its all about W-L’s. Preformance shows how good a team is

  28. I love it how people get their panties ruffled because their team isn’t ranked as high as they think they should be.
    This is why we have a playoff system and not some stupid BCS system!!
    To Jets fans, don’t worry about the rankings, when you play the Fins the last week of the seasons, your playoff hopes will die, just like the Mets.
    Mark my words!!

  29. Anti-Vikings Bias continues. The Vikings as the lowest ranked 5-4 team on the list? Lower than Broncos and Bills? No way.

  30. I am a huge Giants fan but I agree with Anthony. Who gives a crap if the Titans are ranked ahead of them in the PFT “power rankings”. They have no bearing on the NFL or the playoffs.
    Also, the Titans might not be as complete a team as the Giants, but they are 9-0 and have won tough games (Indy, at Chicago) so they deserve to be #1 until somebody knocks them off.

  31. How can the Eagles be ranked so high? Why do analysts love drinking their KoolAid? As a Skins fan, and NoVA native, even I believe that the Ravens should be ranked higher than them. The Eagles are not a top 10 team. Maybe top 10 in talent, but not top 10 in performance. The Jets should also be ranked way higher. The Falcons, are a little too high, maybe 11.

  32. I smell a Ravens fan crying lol Get over it . A few calls go our way we could 9-0 lol ….. kidding . Titan_fan is making the steelers 3 so when they beat the steelers it will make them look better lol . Steelers are fine at 5 and im a diehard black and gold fan . Maybe a long snapper and a play away from being 8-1 but it is what it is .

  33. The top 2 teams are clearly the 2 favorites to go to the Super Bowl. The bottom 9 teams are all putrid and are fighting for draft picks 2-9 (Lions have #1 pretty secure). All the teams between 3 and 23 are decent to good teams that can win if they play to there ability. I personally wouldn’t be shocked to see any of the these 21 teams in the middle to make or miss the playoffs. Are the Panthers really the 3rd best team in football? But who is? The Eagles (My true love) could make the playoffs at 11-5 or just as easily as finish 7-9 and neither would be a suprise. Other than the Titans and the G-Men (checks in the mail for copyright Mr. Berman) all of these teams have huge question marks next to them. Funny enough the only other team than the top 2 that is a lock to make the playoffs are the Cardinals! I do not envy the men who need to sort out this pile of mediocre teams and put them on display to be ridiculed. Good effort anyway Mike.

  34. to those questioning why dallas is so high, perhaps because they beat two of the teams ahead of them, one when they were healthy and one when they weren’t. if tony romo were still out another month, then yes, they should be ranked lower if that were the case. but now that they are going to be healthy except rookie felix jones, they should be right where they are at in these rankings. they still have on of the most dominant offenses in the nfl, and without brad johnson or brooks bollinger to throw and interception the first play of the drive or lead them to 3 and outs over 50% of the time, its goint to look alot more like the team that started out the season. good ole naysayers, you’ll see.

  35. YOu dummies defending the Panthers are out of your minds! the Bucs crushed the panthers something like 27-3 and it wasn’t that long ago… does that not count for something in your convoluted minds?

  36. I think that the rankings lookg pretty close overall.
    There was one mention that Chicago was better then Tampa and should be ranked above them…. Chicago has the 17th ranked Def and 16th Ranked Offense Compared to the Bucs 7 and 8. Yes they are top 5 or 6 in turnover ratio. However, their records and head-to-head result out weighs everything.
    Carolina should be #8
    Dallas Should be #17 (this will climb when Romo returns)

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